“Withdrawal left us unable to eat or drink without vomiting, cold sweats and insomnia” – Katie

I and my ex both smoked spice for about six months.

At first when we ran out, we never went into withdrawals; but when we started buying from a different source, I began to notice I always felt ill when we ran out.

We tried to detox over a weekend but we both broke and bought more that monday because if we missed work there would be no way to pay our bills. And with withdrawal that left us unable to eat or drink without vomiting and cold sweats and insomnia – there was no way we could straight quit.

We still wanted to quit, so we began to wean ourselves off by only taking a hit when we started to feel sick.

Slowly it got the point where we only needed a hit once every 8 hours or so to keep the symptoms at bay and the next weekend we quit completely.

That weekend we couldn’t keep food down and had trouble sleeping but that was it thank god.

I haven’t touched that shit since and I never will again.

Unfortunately my ex and I ended up breaking up when I caught him smoking again several times through the last few months of our relationship, and he lost his job because they started to notice something was up with the way he was acting.

He started smoking pot after he lost his job and we separated and that seems to have enabled him to stop from what I hear from mutual friends.

Please, if your thinking of smoking this because the similarities to Marijuana. It is NOT the same thing. This stuff is incredibly dangerous and from what I’ve heard from others who have been addicted to this substance I was lucky.

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