Washington D.C. Deptartment Of Health: ‘Fake Weed’ Will Turn You Into A Zombie

Washington DC Zombies when you smoke spice

(K2 Zombie DC/D.C. Department of Health) A new D.C. government education campaign is telling city youth that using “synthetic marijuana” products will turn them into zombies, “Night of the Living Dead”-style. The campaign, sponsored by the D.C. Department of Health, includes print and broadcast ads, billboards, transit ads, social media accounts and a Web site  aimed at reducing use of substances often known as “spice” or “K2.” In a statement, city health director Saul Levin said the substances, which have been sold in convenience and tobacco stores as well as on the Web, have “proven to cause serious and […]

Fake Weed Will Turn You Into A Zombie

No one wants to take a zombie to the prom pass on the fake weed

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