How To Quit Using Spice & K2 (Safely)

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Need to Stop Using Spice or K2?

You’ve come to the right place.

This site is dedicated to helping people learn more about spice, the street name for synthetic marijuana, and how to quit using it – for good.

You Are Not Alone

Spice is a real, growing drug problem in the US today. Synthetic marijuana is the second most commonly used drug in high schools in the US. 1 out of 9 students admit trying it at some point during high school.

Very often, spice is used because it’s seen as a legal, safe, more powerful and less expensive alternative to marijuana. Spice merchants will usually tell you it’s non-addictive, like weed and has few side effects.

Problem is, they were either lying to you or just plain ignorant about the dangerous side effects caused by the chemicals they sell.

In fact, the active ingredients in synthetic weed include over 200 man-made chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids. These chemicals are poorly understood by medical professionals, especially hospital emergency room staff. The chemicals are sprayed over cheap plant material and sold using cool-sounding brand names like Spice, K2, Scooby Snax, Mojo, Cloud9 and Diablo.

Today, a more potent liquid form of K2 and spice is being used in e-cigs and hookah pipes to avoid the stigma of looking like a pot head.

The real problem with synthetic cannabinoids is that they are often highly addictive, a problem not normally associated with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Use of synthetic cannabinoids also carries side effects that can be dangerous or even deadly to new users.

The two main reasons most people want to end an addiction to spice are the nasty side effects and the big changes in personality that come with using this drug on a regular basis.

Side Effects From Using Synthetic Cannabinoids

heart issues due to using synthetic marijuana spice k2
Use of spice carries life-damaging side effects for many users, including the following:

  • hallucinations
  • suicidal and homicidal thoughts
  • intense fear and paranoia
  • aggressive changes in personality
  • psychotic breaks
  • violent behavior.

It’s easy to understand why anyone would want to stop using Spice.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been using spice or K2 for weeks or months, then you may have a nasty surprise waiting for you when you try to quit.

Withdrawal Symptoms

withdrawal symptom nausea

If you’ve been using spice regularly and you try to quit, harsh withdrawal symptoms may appear that can make it difficult for you to function in the real world.

Many spice addicts report losing work for days or weeks due to the extreme, hangover-like effects of withdrawing from spice.

Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms shared on this site recently:

“Withdrawal left us unable to eat or drink without vomiting, cold sweats and insomnia”

“This is the worst feeling I have ever felt…Heroin withdrawal ten fold!!!

The most common spice and K2 withdrawal symptoms include:

  • nightmares
  • paranoia
  • extreme nausea and diarrhea
  • cold sweats
  • insomnia that can last for days
  • tremors, anxiety and restlessness.

Heart attacks are another, more dangerous, risk to users going through withdrawals.

The first withdrawal symptoms usually occur within the first few hours of ending drug use and typically persist for days or weeks.

The intensity and duration of withdrawal symptoms depend on how long the person has been using, what specific cannabinoid they were using and the person’s own body chemistry. The medical reasons for these symptoms are not well-understood.

The primary way to relieve withdrawal symptoms is to use more spice. This is what causes the vicious cycle of addiction that ruins families, loses careers – and worse.

Due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, It is important for the user to have a strong support system during this time and to remain as physically strong as possible to reduce damage to his/her health.

Good hydration is also critical, due to the nausea and diarrhea that often accompany withdrawal.

Getting help from family and friends isn’t always a realistic option for a spice / K2 addict. For these patients, there are two main treatment options.

Option1: Local Support Groups

Joining a local Marijuana Anonymous (M.A.) support group in your area is a great first step to getting clean.

Some people in M.A. are addicted to spice in addition to having issues w/ marijuana. Marijuana Anonymous meetings are free to attend, and patients can visit meetings anytime they choose.

For family members trying to understand the harmful effects of synthetic marijuana, Marijuana Anonymous is a great place to start, too.

Newly recovering addicts may want to attend professional private therapy or rehab plus Marijuana Anonymous together, to improve the chances for success.

Option 2: Residential Treatment Centers

Synthetic Marijuana Rehab Facility

If you have insurance, checking in to a residential treatment center for spice or K2 addiction can be ideal. Many residential treatment centers today accept insurance for spice addiction recovery, and nearly all offer payment plans for patients.

At a residential treatment center, the counselors and staff are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help a person kick synthetic weed addiction for good. The patient needs to be ready for a drastic lifestyle change, but with constant monitoring, supervision and support, the journey becomes easier.

3 Steps To Permanent Recovery

5 Types Of Rehab For Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

There are three actions required by the user to achieve permanent recovery from spice addiction:

  1. detox
  2. counseling, and
  3. self-help.

When all three are done together, a patient has a much greater chance of successful recovery.

The detox process requires a strong support system who understands how to treat the symptoms of withdrawal.

Counseling helps the patient see how they were damaging their lives and the relationships around them when using spice.

Lastly, self-help is the key way to stay off drugs and continue a sober lifestyle well after treatment is over.

After you’ve detoxed and quit using the drug, in-person support groups like Marijuana Anonymous and online groups like this website can serve as a great sounding board that can help you stay on a clean and sober path, for the long term.

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    87 thoughts on “How To Quit Using Spice & K2 (Safely)

    1. clara says:

      my step son and husband are both using spice i feel so helpless with my step son even my husband. they both refuse to quit smoking spice and its ruining my husband and i’s relationship of course they both deny they’re using and i am so fed up with the both of them and their crappy behavior t words me my three children and our home they both refuse to get help and actually admit that they both really need help..I feel like my marriage is at its wits ends because of this stuff

      • richard pedley says:

        Hi I just started smockeing k2 over 2months ago but iv bin hooked on metherdone for over 26years I’d just like to wish every body all the very best of luck

    2. Patrick Peters says:

      I need help I’m on spice I’ve been on it for years now and feel like I’m going to die everytime I try and quit I really need help I just don’t know what to do I’m so lost right now I need help bad I’m in a hole I feel like I’m hitting rock bottom I just don’t know what to do anymore I feel like posting my cell for help and for support texts but I’m honestly scared to. To many bad people out there please respond to this anyone I need help I can’t afford rehab I have no choice but to go at it alone and I don’t know how well thays going to end up for me i need some guidance bad very bad PLEASE HELP

      • Sherrie says:

        Hi Patrick. My name is sherrie.1st of all. I hope your alright. I am also addicted to spice. I didnt think I was.but after being on this site I realize I AM!!! I have been using now for about 2 yrs. I have stop several times. I quit for about 6 months. I started again about 2 weeks ago. Im loosing everything and everyone around me. I have again been off for 3 days and am withdrawing really bad. But I know that if I dont stop this crap im either going to loose everything or dye. And I dont want either.
        Im going to include my email if you would like to chat. I also could you some support right now…
        [email protected]
        again hope your doin ok

        • Patrick Peters says:

          I hope your.doing ok im.still struggling really bad ill email you sorry.I didnt.respond.sooner.

      • Michael Luv says:

        Dude i just smoked spice 2 days ago and this is the longest I’ve been sober since i was 16 and im 22 now so i spent years on it, And thousands of dollars like seriously probably at least $50,000. I bought $2,000 worth and it lasted a while but its not worth it dude just smoke regular weed if you have to that stuff’s not bad it puts me to sleep

      • dummy says:

        I’m in the boat with ya withdrawals are tuff iv been told its mental? But I get sick stayed clean three weeks felt great then slipped I’m told lots of water vitamans insure for old folks good luck to ya

    3. Patrick Peters says:

      When you about at rock bottom whats needed is.a.great crap negativity.does.very bad for.recovery

    4. Aaron Sanders says:

      I’m on probation till 2029 I been on since 2008 I started smoking in 2011 and can’t quit I just failed a spice test at probation. I can’t stop either. Even with a baby in the way.

    5. santos says:

      i need help im trying to quit smoking fake weed but im withoutdrawing bad help me plz

      • Frank says:

        Same here its going to get worse before it gets better drink lots of water and Pedialyte helps for the fatigue although its not comftorble to drink im in day 5 and bearly. Yeasterday i was getting strength but still fighting

    6. chrissy says:

      I am also addicted to spice. I am 35 years old. I dont know what to do i am a mother of two amazing children and i need help. I am smoking about every hr. It is bad. I try to stop but the feeling is horrible. I ran out last night and have been vomiting since. I try to talk to my husband about it and he just tells me to stop but unfortunately its not that easy. I have no one to talk to about this cause i am embarrassed of my habit. Please someone tell me something good. Help me quit my habit

      • Jo Walton-Wiedenfeld says:

        God bless you love. My heart is so felt for you. I have a dear one on it and that’s why I found this place. Ask God to help you to overcome. Ask Him, believe Him. I will also pray for you. I do not have answers as I’m seeking them as well. But I do know that you can get help. Don’t be embarrassed and ask everyone to help you! It’s ok, you will be ok. Just get everyone involved that is able to support and help you. Ask a local church! Go to the Pentecostals. They have great prayer!

      • Andrew says:

        Don’t be alarmed I know it’s hard my name is Andrew I’m 19 yrs old I was using k2 back wen I was 13 and on and off it with no withdrawal effects and rite now I’m 3 days sober and the symptoms hit me. I was in denial for a while then when I got into trouble I just stopped and started noticing I couldn’t sleep started sweating was throwing up in the night when my body try’s to relax. I now know that I was killing myself every time I took a hit. I’m doing this on my own I admit I think about going and buying a bag everynight but I also pray everynight that God will heal me when I wake up. During the day I’m pretty fine but at night is when it hits me the most. The appetite is upsetting I love to eat but I can barely eat unless I smoke but that’s why I was considering smoking real weed after I get this new job an see if the effect go awa

      • Andrew says:

        The only thing is everyone is going to have a different experience of withdrawal and the level of which the withdrawal is depending on usage and I can tell you if it helps to smoke weed in the process so be it it’s much safer then falling back into spice. I had to have a reality check before I finally realized I’m not going to live a good life while messing with spice . I hope your doing ok and I want you to know you are not alone I’m in the fight and it’s hard but with god and jesus by my side ik I can get threw any obstacle. I will pray for you and everyone on here trying to quit spice! If you all go to The Lord ask for forgiveness and believe that he will get you threw this and we will all make it! I promise you if you think you are alone you are not Jesus is with you just cry out his name ask for his help. If you have never been saved I prefer going to church it’s helped me a bit but that’s just part of the fight!

      • munrra says:

        give away all your access to money so you cant buy it. do this if you really want to quit

    7. bgmatherne says:

      I just found out yesterday that my 34 year old daughter has been smoking spice. I was told that she has been having seizures. Her boyfriend is helping her to stop. She is going through withdrawals. Do yall think regular weed would help with the withdrawals?

      • Chris Weyandt-Herrold says:

        I would say that weed may help with some of the withdraw but the problem is the addiction. My daughter is 23 and has been addicted to spice for the last year. The problem is they are using the spice to get a high and weed is only going to let them continue getting that high. Detox from spice is very hard. My daughter was just stopped in last night and she was shaking, anxious, sweating, crying and just wanted to know we still love her. I know it is hard but I would recommend your daughter go into a detox program, but like I told my daughter following the detox she needs to enter a drug rehab program to keep her from using again. Good Luck and I will keep your daughter and family in my prayers.

      • Choqui says:

        Yes it may help if she was smoking real weed because it may help her eat as she goes throw her withdrawals I had a friend that was smoking spice and I told him yo just smoke regular weed and he did he said it helped him to eat and he stopped smoking spice

      • Trace says:

        Regular weed will help the withdrawal a little bit but it is very hard for an everyday spice user to feel anything from it. You shouldn’t stop spice right off the bat if you are highly addictive cause that’s what causes seizures or even death so the best way to stop is portion yourself out then once you get down to the very minimum you can quit and not have nearly as bad withdrowls. But I tried to quit and I haven’t ate in 5 days and I can’t hold anything down. If I have anything better to say is to not touch this stuff at all!!!!

    8. completelylost says:

      My husband uses spice. It has come to the point where I can’t deal with it anymore. For several years he has been struggling with this addiction and I have tried to be supportive, faught about it, cried about it. I lost my mom when i was 15 to addiction and when I see him and he’s high all i can think of is her when she would get drunk and the fact that she is not here anymore. I’m aftaid that i’m going to lose my husband to this and I have no idea how to help him anymore. Last night i caught him using and told him i was going to move out and we needed to seperate for awhile. He begged me not to leave and i decided to give him one last chance, but i’m so scared that he will use again and i’m going to lose the love of my life. I’m willing to do anything to help him, if you have any advise.

      • Chris Weyandt-Herrold says:

        Well first thing is first and that is sticking to your guns. If you told him before that you would leave if you caught him using again than you need to do it. The bottom line is he wont quick until he is ready. Part of reality is by the time he chooses to quick he may have already lost you. On another note I would recommend counseling for you. You grew up in a drug environment and you are following a pattern. This is also a pattern your children could follow if you don’t break the pattern. Find your inner strength and do what is best for you. If your husband is really wants you a part of his life he will fight to get clean and stay clean but if he doesn’t at leased you know that you got out without reliving another nightmare. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

    9. Lexi says:

      My boyfriend is highly addicted to spice. He’s been on it for 4 years. I’ve tried to be there for him and support him as much as I can but it doesn’t seem like enough. I feel like I’m going to loose the love of my life ???? We have a baby girl coming in a week and I want him to be here for her and he won’t if he doesn’t stop, but he can’t. I don’t know what else I can do for him. I need any advice/help on what’s best.

    10. Olive says:

      My boyfriend won’t really admit that he’s addicted to smoking k2. He smokes it all day everyday for the past 9 months. He says that he can quit anytime because he’s quit 3 different times in the past. I don’t know what to do or how to help him. Hes always high, he is always in the bathroom either going #2 or vomiting, he gets very angry very quickly. Hes not violent but he just raises his voice and its scary sometimes. He falls asleep while driving, swerves in and out of lanes, almost hitting other cars- i try to drive but he will never let me. One time he pulled into a vacant parking lot and though he was at home. It scares me alot because we have a baby on the way and i don’t want my child around that. I don’t want to take away my childs father either!! He won’t stop and i don’t know what to do! His brother just quit smoking it and keeps telling him to stop but he still won’t listen. He thinks it won’t hurt him because he’s been smoking it for years, but it will. And im scared for his life!! Does ANYBODY know how to get through to him? I can’t seem to. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

      • Nicole says:

        I have a similar story, my boyfriend of 6 years is also addicted and doesn’t want to admit that he is. He smokes it all day everyday for the past 9 months also, he smokes that spice/k2 crap every 30 minutes and he rolls it up in cigars (blunts). He is high all the time, which makes it impossible for him to function as a normal adult, he is 30 with no job, no goals other than getting high all day. I am on the verge of just leaving him for good, we have a son together and I hate when he does it in the house because of the lingering horrible smell. I am at my wits end here and I am not sure what to do to help him.

    11. ryan says:

      hi i realise that you guys are based in the usa. here in england we dont seem to have the help and support arround this stuff that you guys seem to have. herbal insence is what im going to call it for this post. i have been mentally and psycally hooked on this shite for lil over a year now it is completely ruining just about all aspects of my life and im pretty sure this stuff is (for chaper than the price of weed ) giving out a good buzz but at what cost?? ive come close to dieing myself aswell as knowing people who have gone way before their time with this stuff. i cant go for mor than an hor or so without my shotty (bong) as it gives ya the best hit.before i start shakeing sweating and some of the wierd stress posisions my body has locked into for sometimes upto ten minutes but if ya asked me clean i would struggle to achieve a push up !! it has basicly bottom line got to the point that i need whatever dodgy cannabiniods these guys are cooking up to feel weel and function.(just want to clear up i am talking about herbal insence/spice/k2 and not heroin)

    12. Kendrick says:

      Shit is hard to quit never thought a drug could get you that physically and mentally addicted.i been addicted for 4 years im 20 right now. it is the crack of this generations all kids are using it. i only tried stopping twice. The first time lasted 3 months and the second time lasted 8 months which recently i relapsed this pass august i started smoking it again. Ive been on it for months now i would smoke it 24/7 every 30min i would pack a bowl. Im glad i could saying this is the final time im stopping its my 2nd day. Ive been through withdrawals so i know what to expect it sucks. You can’t eat, sleep, be happy, think right your head is going crazy but if you past the 5th day you will start feeling normal again. i will keep you guys posted. ive done everything from smoking and selling this stuff i know how bad this stuff is dont let your children touch this stuff one hit could ruin their life forever.

      • kendrick says:

        2nd time quitting first time i lasted around 8 months this is the 2nd time and last time I have not relapsed if anyone needs help quitting ask me i have done everything with spice from smoking to selling it and getting arrested for it

        • Sassy says:

          Hello Kendrick, my withdraws is so intens. I am on my third day I am back to eating and drinking water and pedialite. Thanks to the pedialite. But my heart, chest and brain it is so crazy. It feels like I am going crazy. My balance is really bad my skin is dry and it is very hard to swallow thing please help with any advice. I quite twice and I don’t want to smoke ever again

          • kendrick says:

            its all in the head!!! your halfway the first couple days are the hardest but once you could start eating again just keep eating and stay active . Don’t look back

        • Jordan h says:

          Please help me I can’t stop smoking spice I no it’s physically hurt ING me me stomach never stops hurting shooting pains in my flight side but any time I come into contact with it I just can’t say no I have a few drags on a spliff and I’m seriously fucked up I’m losing m!y family friend and my lover she when I’m round her is the only time I don’t do it but she can’t be there all the time I don’t want to do this shit it’s killing me I see really scary stuff devil’s faces vioces in my head I have outer body experiences it’s really worrying me can someone help me ??? How long before mepain stops????

          • munrra says:

            dont have money is the only way i was able to quit… be broke for a few moths do it man for your life..

          • kendrick says:

            it will take maybe a week for the pain to go away but a few weeks for a couple months til you feel normal just keep fighting it. Take some immodium to help with the pain and drink plenty of fluids and be active. Once your not wanting the spice anymore you’ll realize why did i even start smoking this stuff.

          • kendrick says:

            Has he tried stopping before? how often does he smoke and how does he have access to spice?

    13. munrra says:

      PLEASE READ: i know its hard everyone but if you really want to quit you need to not have any money on you, give away all debit credit and cash money to a loved one you can trust quit your job for a few month trust me is drastic but you will get your life together again something you will never be able to do while on this drug

    14. 202 says:

      I just recently quite 3 days ago and I have been smoking it for about 5 yrs and it’s all in ur head but have to completly separate yourself for it and drink plenty of fluids and have a strong support system I will keep ya updated on my mission …..just be strong u can get over it.

    15. harriet says:

      I have been smoking this for nearly four years and it’s ruined my life. I can’t think straight it has messed with my looks my head my life.. please someone give me a little help on how to get my life back. I’m 23

      • kendrick says:

        You need to want to stop smoking and slowly but surely you will recover. Think about how life is not depending on the drug .

      • Deanna Folk Mattice says:

        harriet , If you want help as you say it is out there . Stop at nothing go to every single medical place and beg for help . There is help for those begging for it //Only if you want it. What State are you in ? I so so hope you seek help to help you get past this wicked drug .

    16. John Foytek says:

      GET SOME CBD OIL FROM THE INTERNET! it is completely legal and it actually helps you withdrawal off of anything synthetic as well as regular cannabis! Not only does it kill pain but it helps with any other type of ailments. just look it up and purchase it, I guarantee you it will help. Take some tylenol until it gets to your house in the mail! I Hope I helped someone out there, because CBD oil really helped me!! There is other stuff you can buy that will purify your blood and make you feel better to compliment the CBD oil like spirulina, goji berries, Vitamin C, chlorella, etc. but CBD oil is the main one, so get it and safe your ass!

    17. Lonely92 says:

      My boyfriend has been on it just over a year.. says before he knew me he was on it too but I didn’t know that until now.. we used to live where you really can’t get it but since its around him now our life is fucked over it.. sometimes he says he wants to stop but every day changes his mind.. don’t know what to do or how to help him anymore and it’s ruining my life too.. what made you stop it or what did it take to change? Thanks

      • indyjoneschick1780 says:

        if your still having a problem, take a camping trip or just get him away from all the stores & people who do it with him. Usually you can get an addict to agree to go & once they are stuck, keep the car keys hid & make them ride it out. just be ready for a rough time but thats the only whey I know to get someone clean without a hospital. Its to hard to do if they know they can go down the street & re-up

    18. Robby Smith says:

      I just blocked someone I knew who I’ve told time and time again not to smoke synthetic gas station drugs. It seems like they’re getting dumber with each bag of Spice. I said to start getting wise or start dying. I hope that was enough. Probably not. The truth is, with all addiction, you have to want to quit. You have to want to live. If you don’t want these things. You wont quit and eventually you’ll die because of it. I’d wish all you addicts the best of luck but only your own will power will save you. If you’ve got none left. You might want to consider how you can get thrown in jail for a few months. You may end up a felon but if you’re out of options… Maybe punch a cop in the face… He’ll surely fuck you up for it but they’ll get you unhooked.

      Just my two bits.

      • philip mitchell says:

        Hi Robby I’m Phil. I live in the UK. Back in 1993 my wife punched me out of the house. At 39, my sick diabetic mother took me in again and cried at the door ” What are you going to do Philip, I cant take this anymore”. My “pissed off with me Doctor” refused to see me so, broken and ashamed i broke down in the surgery and sobbed can anyone help me i don’t know what to do” The receptionist gave me a scrap of paper and said if i call this number, there’s a good chance, if I’m serious, some folks with a possible solution to my problem will agree to meet with me. I called and agreed to meet with these guys who came to the house that evening. They told me how they’re addictions broke them so much they prayed not to wake up in the morning. They told me how all the Self Will Power in the world cant help. Myself i am powerless over this illness. I cannot beet it on my own. We have to have help from outside of ourselves. Guidance has to come from a POWER GREATER THAN ME They told me about they’re anguish, guilt, remorse, broken promises, lost jobs, homes, wives and families, crime to feed the habit, stolen kiddies piggy banks, jail time, hospitals, shrinks and how with the best Will in the world they couldn’t stop..I was so amazed i said “Yeh that’s me, i did that, i felt that way ++++ They asked if i was willing to go to any lengths to quit and change my life? and like i was,, yeh yes ill do anything. OK then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        They said ” we do this ONE DAY AT A TIME. Get up in the morning and do some stuff we’ll show you and make a plan for the day. Then we’ll call and pick you up and take you to meet a bunch of us who are clean and sober and, ONE DAY AT A TIME you’ll learn how to get well. All we ask is, as soon as it stats working for you,, You give it away to the next guy. That way we get well together and stick together to stay that way. All these addiction help groups NA, CA, SA OEA all use the AA program.
        Al anon is our sister fellowship who help family and friends of Alcoholics and addicts. For me its 22 years on this New Years Eve. There is a power. I call mine the maker of all that is good and true in the universe,,,,,G rand O rderly D esign simple yes?? My prayers are with you.
        God Bless. Phil.

    19. Joy says:

      My boyfriend has been using K2 for about 2mo that I know about and its tearing us apart I’m at a loss I don’t know what to do he is really bad on this crap I love him to deaths from I won’t give up on him I just don’t know exactly what to do he says he wants to quit smoking this stuff but can’t go more then 2 or 3 days and he goes and finds it behind my back . I seen on here where someone said try CDB oil to help with withdrawal off K2 I’m going to try it .

    20. dckuz says:

      I’ll share my story here, which will be the first time I do so. I started using spice junior year in high-school as a drug I could use as appose to weed, because I was on the football team. The effects were great and I passed all my drug tests for football. Things were all good I would smoke about a gram a day. At that time, I was working at a golf course so 20$ a day was bearable. Things were going great, and really I did not notice any symptoms of withdraw when I did decide to stop,because I was smoking weed because I was out of football, but that was in 2010. Fast forward 2016, the strands of this have gotten at least 3x stronger than I remember.I relapsed twice. Most recently, I relapsed July, my friend brought some to my house we smoked 2 grams nonstop in an hour. So disappointed we smoked it all that fast we decided to get more. Another 2 grams another 2 hours. He left that night, and I got 2 more the next day. From that day forward, I have gotten AT LEAST 2 grams a day till this date. Upon trying to stop, I do not sleep, I do not eat, vomiting, diarrhea and sweat in a 64 degree room. All things I expected after dealing with drug so long. It is now day 2 of sobriety, and I am man enough to admit the symptoms of my withdraw are as follows psychologically; depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, anxiety, complete loss of motivation. These are things people are not meant to go through alone, but I am also extremely anti-social and do not have any friends, so going through things alone is nothing new for me. It is actually where I think I am the most comfortable. Which is best for withdrawing, Ill tell you some of things I did to kick said habit twice before and how I plan to kick it again this time. GATOR AIDE, soup, fruit and Saltines, this is probably all you will be able to manage to get down, and even when you do it might come back up. Either way keep trying and STAY HYDRATED. To sleep, me personally, I MUST have a sedative, this is not recommended though because sedatives just like spice are highly addictive. As for the sweating and diarrhea, these could not be avoided or manged so I suffer through these both come and leave as they please. The detox for me takes about 4 days, and if are able to fight cravings, you WILL notice a change in your perception and feelings. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to put as much information as I could for you guys. The main things people need to understand, in closing, is if you aren’t like me, you are going to need some friends. Some really good ones at that you need some kind of support system, someone to build you up when you are low. That is the biggest factor. Surround yourself with people who understand you and your situation, and care about your well being. Because a fiend, addict, and current user only care about one thing, the drug.
      I’m open to chat to anyone about any questions or anything i might have missed again sorry this is so long

    21. Selfish? Or Smart? says:

      My boyfriend has been smoking k2 for quite sometime. As far as I know 4-6 years with detoxing twice prior to meeting him. When I first understood his need to smoke was for coping with past military stressors. Prior and present personal circumstances. I as a civilian am not in a place of experience to give him first hand support with his military trauma so at the time understood his need to cope. He at first showed no signs of instability with using. Thus didn’t mistrust his ability to misuse. Now, with his continual use I find him smoking 10-30 minutes per session. Followed by intense urge to awake out of his sleep to smoke. He has become self secluded hours at a time. Followed by a zombie like state. The stressors associated with his job complicates his ability to quit. Due to kicking the habit before he feels he has the same control this time around. His behavior is met with anger and consecutive negative thoughts. I have a 9 year old son and a baby we have conceived together on the way. From gaining better understanding with sites such as this has broadened my awareness about this drug and its detrimental affects/effects. I believe we both agree he is needing to seek professional help. We have gotten into several heated arguments due to his choice to smoke in the house in which for everyone’s health infuriates me. He isn’t the man I met. And his behavior isn’t of a man I fell to love. I want to give him support but in the same breath have the responsibility to care and support myself more for my children. More so I feel at a lost because I don’t know how to help him for he must first want to help himself. I am at the point of leaving him. And has discussed with him if he doesn’t seek the help he needs prior to the baby’s birth he will not like the methods I will excecute for the sake and betterment of our child (he will be supervised during visits, he will not be allowed to take the baby to his personal home, nor will he be allowed to visit if he is high). I feel stuck because I do love him. I do want to help him. I do want to support him through such a difficult trial. But how can you protect yourself from someone struggling to find a means to quit when his relationship and child should be the determining factor to quit? Yet because I am not struggling with the addiction how do I support someone in this position? If anyone has advice for me please share for I am at a total lost. He admits to needing help. He says that he just has to slow down and find a way on his own. Can you self treat this addiction? Or should I just leave him to his own vices?

      • S. says:

        He’s going to need professional help. My boyfriend also is facing the same and he also said he would help himself he tried it but admitted to needing more help. I say check him into a rehab

      • Jen says:

        I am in a similar situation. I gave him all the same stipulations but our child was born and he just hid it better for a while. Come to find out he even went and smoked while I was in the hospital having her. Finally he got clean but only after leaving him. And once we started trying to work things out he got comfortable and has now went back to getting high. He says he is going to fight for custody and visitation but he stays high so much he forgets all about it. He isnt working because he is a disabled vet so he spends all his time and all his money on spice. He has no genuine interest in his kids. I’ve tried to help and put myself through hell trying to get him clean. I’ve finally stopped. With the exception of some motivational Facebook messages I’ve cut the cord. I have left the line of communication open for him to see his daughter at any time, but he has yet to try.

      • indyjoneschick1780 says:

        it changed how my brain works & changed my personality. Hes probably never going to be the same. If he stops, he will get a little better to be around but I cant keep my dopamine levels right anymore even though I quit a few years back. I still have to self medicate with pills & weed to keep from feeling sick.

    22. why says:

      I am going through this with mus husband as we speak. I have been with this man for 7 yrs now and he has kicked the spice addiction b4 and he SAYS he will stop after he is off of probation. I just do not know what do do anymore. I have wanted to leave him time and time agin but i just cant. I have Tried to help but really there is no point in helping when he dose not even want to stop his self! He says his sorry time and time agin. He says he dose not remember the things that he has said or the thins that he has done when he is out of spice. He uses all of our money (i am the only one with a job) we have to go at all hours of the day/night to “go pick up” when he is running low or is out he gets so negative and so violent and says some really ream, hateful and hurtful things. i know its not him talk. I know its the drug but the words still cut deep. He wants to brake thing throughout or home if he is out for even 20 mins. He can/has smoke up to 10 grams a day. He has put us so far into debt with this addiction is unbelievable. I have to find out from other that my husband owes this person and that person money, not including the money he has took from me. I dont know if its time to let go or still try n stay in help. I want to be there for him but at the same time we have went down this rode so many times b4. Will he ever change? 🙁

      • S. says:

        I think you should leave him, yeah it will hurt cause you’ve been with him so alone but you have to ask yourself what’s more important?. I pray that you make a wise choice and leave him and maybe one day he’ll get the help he needs.

      • Mike jr says:

        He is sick, Im going through it. Don’t leave your husband he needs help. I decided we could go to kick it cold turkey, I’m going to the worst withdrawals. It is not easy. Support support support family is very important. If it gets too bad do what you gotta do. He needs support.

    23. Cynthia Levin says:

      Quote: “didn’t go through withdrawals because my mind wasn’t on it.” That is nonsensical. You can not defeat withdrawl by simply not thinking about. It’s a physical withdrawl

        • Cynthia Levin says:

          It’s kind of hard not to think about it when you are awake for three days straight, having constant diarrhea, having dry heaves, walking on legs that feel like rubber and being dizzy 24/7 .

          • Monica Allen-Producer says:

            Hi Cynthia, I work for the Dr. Oz Show in NYC and we are looking to do a show on drugs like spice/k2 and I was wondering if you would be interested in talking with Dr. OZ about your addiction and current recovery. If you are available and interested on Wednesday January 11, please email me your contact information so we can further discuss at [email protected]. Thank you for your time.

            • Sean Dawson says:

              Hi I’m Sean Dawson I just stop smoking k2 spice it was taken control over my life my wife and kids I like to tell my story.

            • Conchetta Grech says:

              I would I’ve been smoking spice for 5 years soid it’s has ruined my life n family n Freund’s life’s I knew I trying to get clean now for 3 mouth do 2’to hafe weeks then I give in cuz I need sleep with out spice I’ve been up for 7 nights

            • Chris hagan says:

              I have a nephew in the hospital right now who has been smoking this K2 he 16 years old he’s threatened suicide he’s attempted to run away he’s a lost soul if you could help us we would be greatly appreciated

            • indyjoneschick1780 says:

              my sister worked for a popular store and she was selling it. we had unlimited access to it. i ended up watching the owners house & the place got robbed. i had to pull a gun on 3 young guys that were looking for spice. we did so many bad things for the owner of the store. our county was out of control with the stuff. we got in really deep. my sister is a felon now because of it and i quit but still cant get back into society. it sure is one like destroying drug. i wish i could see this episode of the show but i probably missed it. i just want to know why i quit so long ago and cant get better. i still feel sick everyday. maybe its because i would get low and pick flecks of it off the floor & it was mixed with all kinds of nasty things. i was probably smoking cat hair & paint chips with it but didn’t care at the time because i was so hooked.

            • Mantirig 41 says:

              Ma’am I was wondering if anyone was doing anything like this. I have been smoking it for years because of the freaking drug test at work but it’s been changed so much over the years to say ahead of the law that it is really getting bad now. When I first tried it back in 2011 it was pretty good, at least as far as I thought. I am on day three now and it sucks, lol. but seems to be easing up a little now, the first day WHEW!!!

    24. Zack says:

      If you are going through withdrawals and are just trying to sleep it away it’s not that easy. When you find yourself laying in bed at night can’t sleep don’t just lay there. Find a movie that you can get into.(romance,drama,even animated) try to stay away from the action movies you don’t want to get your body worked up. Turn your air down get a sheet not a big cover like ur body might tell you to grab. And take it one step at a time. You might find yourself up all night or even a couple nights But its less stressful on the mind to watch a movie then to stay in your own head about all the wrong you have done or all the good you want to do it will drive you crazy trust me.

    25. Jennifer says:

      Someone please help me, I don’t know what else to do. I’m losing my husband to this. He is not the same person anymore. He is mean. I’m getting to the point where I don’t know how much longer I can stand to see him do this to himself. I’m losing him and I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. I need advice…someone please help.

      • indyjoneschick1780 says:

        take him far away where he has no friends or access to it until he detoxes. I’m a girl & I got very violent. I cut myself up, put my fist through the walls, burn myself, broke all my things & beat my head on a shelf. You need to get away for your safety if hes not going to try and get better. My supply went away so I had to stop. I was not going to stop & I would be dead if they didn’t shut the shops in our county down.

    26. lucas says:

      the effects of drugs on our children and youths in the family and in our community as a whole is getting out of hand, as a single father with two kids, struggling for daily bread, my hope on larry my son,who happened to be an addict to drugs was elapsing.He’s been an addict for 10 years, which has caused him a lot of troubles,he gets to move with bad peers,steal from me and sometimes from other people to get drugs.he gets into fight and misbehave whenever he’s done taking them .he’s been arrested several times and rehabilitated twice .this got me worried and scared.Now he’s doing fine after some couple of days of contact with diviner peterson,who helped pray for him and got him free from addiction .i got to contact him after i saw a testimony of a woman on a blog who also faced similar issue with her husband. i’m so happy and greatful. i’d urge anyone who’s lost hope already not to,but to contact him via his email adress: [email protected]

    27. Jessica says:

      I don’t know what to do anymore, my partner well when I first met him I didn’t know he smoked spiced till we started and it was all okay but I never payed attention to it till it was too late that drug has consumed everything from him I wanna give up so many times it’s a daily thing now he’s grown to be addicted and I have ran out of options I really wanna just let go because I should know my worth I myself have never even done drug in my whole life so I don’t understand a addiction/withdraws I need help on how I can help him stop using it. When it’s out in the open I throw it all away he gets mad but I do it for his own good but not even that helps he still manages to get more and all his money goes to that drug as well I just need help.

      • indyjoneschick1780 says:

        i quit 3 years ago. I still cant function in society. I had access to an unlimited supply though so I did more than the average user. My brain is messed up, I don’t sleep, I still twitch & get the shakes. I wish I could tell you something positive but I didn’t get better after I stopped.

        • Jessica says:

          I just don’t know if I should give up on my partenr or not I mean at times I have noticed it stops me from doing what’s good for me, I just don’t wanna leave a loved one lost in spice but everything I do doesn’t seem to help, what made you stop?

          • indyjoneschick1780 says:

            I could not stop. My supply ran out and the local shops got shut down & I got to sick to go looking far for it. After a few weeks I stopped throwing up. The stuff had made me loose 100 lbs in 3 months from just throwing up. That alone destroyed my stomach throat. After using everyday for a few years, I dont see how the damage can be undone. I went to doctors & tried to get help but they just wanted to lock me up. It took a long time for my family to forgive me for how crazy I acted. I was so out of control & dangerous. Sometimes you have to walk away. My family did because they could not help. We can talk about it openly now but I know my life is changed forever because of the stuff. I love my family a lot but addiction is so bad. You hurt the ones you love the most. They have to be willing to at least try and get help or you are going to be miserable. Im sorry your dealing with this but your doing the right thing by talking about it. Your just gong to ask yourself how much you really love this person & how much you are wiling to loose. I feel terrible about it but Im honest and will say when a person is really hooked and having withdraw, they will sell their souls to feel better. I stole quite a lot of stuff from people I care about just because I didnt want to get so dopesick.

            • Jessica says:

              I have a cousin is has gotten to that point where you say, my partner hasn’t gotten that bad but that’s what I want to avoid

    28. indyjoneschick1780 says:

      if its spice, your going to be. that’s how it starts. its a drug that your body gets really tolerant to fast. i smoke mad bud but this is a totally different thing. just kick it and stick to bud. it will end up making it hard for weed to even get you buzzed after you do spice for a while. i miss being able to smoke bud and enjoy it. now it just keeps me from getting dope sick.

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