Tips For Finding A Treatment Facility For Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Synthetic Marijuana Rehab Facility

The way that drugs like Spice and K2 (also known as synthetic marijuana and herbal incense) are being marketed has lead many people to believe that they’re some sort of safer alternative to street drugs, but that’s not the case.

The companies making these drugs can put anything they want in them, just like street drugs that people buy from a dealer. You never truly know what you’re getting because the production isn’t regulated.

People assume Spice & K2 are safer because it’s sold in stores, but rat poison and cigarettes are sold in stores too, and that doesn’t make them safe. The DEA is hard at work to keep all the new variations of Spice illegal because these drugs pose a very real and very dangerous threat to the people who use them, especially with so many misconceptions about how dangerous they really are.

Negative Consequences For Habitual Spice / K2 Users

The negative effects of spice can be separated into two categories.

First of all, there are the direct negative consequences that harm your mind and your body, right away.

The secondary negative side effects of using synthetic cannabis are the consequences that it can have on other areas of your life in a residual way.

Direct Negative Side Effects Of Using Spice & K2

Heart Damage: Smoking synthetic marijuana is bad for your heart. You only have one, so you’ve got to take good care of it. Using Spice or K2 can cause your pulse to go crazy, making heart attacks a real possibility.

Brain Damage: Smoking synthetic marijuana can (and most likely will) cause you to suffer paranoid thoughts, along with severe anxiety, even if you aren’t typically an anxious person or prone to these sort of thoughts and feelings.

Serious Stomach Problems: Uncontrollable nausea and excessive vomiting and diarrhea are common side effects of K2. They can lead to serious dehydration and weight loss.

Kidney Issues: The CDC in America has cited Spice as a possible cause of kidney disease.

Secondary Negative Side Effects Of Using Spice

Professional: Being addicted to spice can seriously reduce your desire to succeed – at anything. If you’re already kind of a lazy person sometimes, all bets are off when you’re using Spice.

Personal: When you use Spice, you may find yourself drifting away from your friends and family. You may act erratically and not be very nice to be around, leading to loneliness which you’ll instinctually try to fill by using more Spice.

You’ve got to break that cycle. Luckily, help is available.

Take a look at the laundry list above. It’s pretty obvious that you’re taking some serious risks when you use Spice, so why do so many people use it?

Can You Get Addicted To K2 / Spice?

Users of spice and K2 absolutely show all of the tell-tale signs of addiction.

Some will argue that it’s not addictive, but rather than justify that ignorance with more of a response than it deserves, it’s better to simply answer: YES, you CAN get addicted to Spice and it’s happening all around the world, every single day.

Chances are that somebody got addicted to Spice since you began reading this paragraph.

Making The Decision To Get Help

There are varying degrees of addiction. Making sure you always have some Spice or K2 for the weekend is not as bad as going straight to the pipe every morning, first thing when you wake up.

If you think that Spice or K2 is having a negative impact on your life, then it’s time to seriously consider getting some help.

There are several options for spice addiction recovery, and it may take trying more than one for you to finally get the help you need, but it’s never hopeless.

The less far down the rabbit hole you are when you stop, the easier recovery will be.

Here are a few options for finding that help:

  1. Find a Support Group. Marijuana Anonymous is much like Alcoholics Anonymous, except it’s for people dealing with an addiction to Marijuana rather than alcohol. Now, K2 and Spice are synthetic types of marijuana, but a lot of the messages from these meetings also apply to synthetic marijuana. Another alternative would be Narcotics Anonymous, which is more broad, however MA is probably a much better fit for the typical Spice user.
  2. Consult your family or friends. Do you have someone you can turn to? Sometimes just talking about your problem, and knowing someone that loves you is there for you, can give you the boost you need to stay clean. Confide in somebody who is not a drug user.
  3. Talk to your family doctor. Your family doctor may not be very familiar with addictions and mental health, but they can more than likely refer you to somebody more specialized to speak with. Many doctors haven’t even heard of Spice or K2, so this may not be the best route. It’s best to deal with somebody who actually understands what you’re dealing with.
  4. Call a Spice Addiction helpline. You will be able to talk about your options with somebody that helps people who are addicted to Spice all day. Seeking help from people familiar with Spice addiction and recovery makes things a lot easier, since you won’t have to explain to them what Spice is.

Advice For Choosing A Spice Addiction Treatment Center

No two recovery centers are the same. Each has a unique combination of location, treatment regimen, staff experience and atmosphere. In fact, there are at least 5 types of spice addiction rehab programs available today.

The “vibe” of the treatment center will depend on who runs it, what their principles and philosophies are towards recovery, and what their experiences are in the field. Also, the way they handle patients and what types of behaviorism are accepted (And which types aren’t) will have a huge impact on the feeling of the center.

Some treatment centers focus not only on your mental health, but physical health as well. They’ll encourage exercise and other life improvements so that you can leave the center much better than when you entered, not just without an addiction but also with more confidence and pride in yourself and your accomplishments.

Whether or not your drug use has gotten out of control yet, whether or not you’ve experienced all of the negative side effects or just the mild ones so far, whether or not you plan on actually going to rehab…

Please make the call to a loved one, or to a Spice / K2 rehab facility so that you can learn more. It’s better to be informed now than to wait another moment.

Finding Spice Rehab For Somebody You Care About

You may not have a drug problem yourself, but instead are looking for help for a loved one – don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

You can make the call to learn more about Spice treatment centers and learn valuable insights on finding the right one.

Chances are, your addiction recovery program will be covered by your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, the center will help you find a place where your loved one can get the help they need.

But the only way to find out what your options are is to make the call.


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