2 thoughts on ““The Way Spice Changes You As A Person Is By Far The Worst” – Richard

  1. PursuitOfSoberness says:

    i know the feeling man about doing WHATEVER it takes to get that sac everyday.. Im from Mississippi, 19, and just started college.. i smoked Spice everyday, and i mean everyday for the past two years… from the door i was hooked!, i quit yesterday and things arent going so smooth. i dont have any of the psychotic and suicidal symtoms some report but. i cant sleep at night for more than 2 hours at a time then im up for 2 hours.. and repeat the process. i have to say tho the throwing up is the worst of it all.. even when i was still smoking it if i woke up without spice i was guaranteed to throw up whatever was on my stomach, if anything. i sweat, profusely and ive never been one to do that,. it can be complete cold in my house and even though my skin is cool i feel hot and still sweat.. idk.. its really hard. Thanks

  2. death says:

    I know what you’re talking about the last time i tried quitting my body reacted exactlly the way your’s is, threwing up for no apparent reason (even if the stomach is empty) and a constant feeling in it that something is wrong that wont go away until you get a whiff of spice in your lungs. The insomnia is enough to make you go insane, but keep fighting you will survive to live ‘n fight another better day!

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