2 thoughts on ““The Loving, Handsome, Strong Brother I Had Has Turned Into A Stuttering Addict” – Sarah

  1. A friend says:

    I know you said he can’t smoke weed but it will HELP HIM. Marijuana is much much more safer than synthetic marijuana and the withdraws are much easier to overcome. I was enlisted in the Army and during my time i smoked and abused synthetic marijuana or spice. After smoking constantly for one year, day and night, every hour on the hour non stop. I stopped cold turkey. I WENT THROUGH HELL. I thought the withdraws were gong to kill me but it didn’t and i came out a new man. Ill never touch the stuff again.

    • Daniel says:

      how long does it take on average to get over spice? I went cold turkey a week ago and still seems like I have it in my body/in my system

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