Texas Court To Test Juveniles For Synthetic Marijuana

K2 Spice Bust

K2 Spice BustA court in Hidalgo County, Texas, has decided to start testing it’s juveniles for the drug called synthetic marijuana.

Judge Jesse Contreras wants to know whether or not the kids he sees in his courtroom are using spice.

“There are a lot of issues going on with these kids,” Contreras said.

But these numbers do not include all of the people who are using synthetic marijuana. Since synthetic cannabinoids do not show up on a standard drug test, people using them are trying to fly under the radar. A specific drug test for spice is needed to detect the drug.

The Texas Government started really trying to control the use of synthetic marijuana around two years ago. Texas banned synthetic cannabis in 2011.

Immediately after the ban, the number of synthetic marijuana users dropped significantly but have recently started to rise again.

This could be attributed to new chemicals being developed and used in the manufacture of spice after the government bans the chemicals currently being used.

Once they government finds out about a particular chemical, they can start acting. Unfortunately, this is a long, drawn out process in most cases. Many times, a year or two can pass before a chemical is actually banned.

Judge Contreras is trying to close some of the loopholes in this system.

By testing the juveniles in his court, Contreras can find the kids who are “trying to beat the system”. These kids are smoking spice instead of other drugs which are on the standardized drug test so they don’t get caught.

They appear as though they are completely sober.

The reality is, people who smoke spice are far from sober and probably need to get some help. They could be damaging their organs and can become very addicted to the drug.

Definitely, not something that should happen to someone in their teens.

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  • joe

    I wish they could really in force this law cops here in mission tx say they can’t do anything about it and my brother is Jst hurting himself overdosing every 1 to 3 days a week thank god he went to rehab for 45 days hopefully it helps he kept smoking in the restroom every day not caring my 3 yr old daughter would use the same restroom this is what would frightening me more