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    160 thoughts on “Tell Us About Your Experience With Synthetic Marijuana

    1. Lil says:

      Hi I’m wondering if anyone knows of older people who smoke spice. I just broke up with my fiance because he’s so addicted to this stuff. He’s 50

    2. Dawn says:

      I’ve been off spice now for 8days the worst 8days of my life the withdrawal symptoms were so bad I didn’t function I’m still not there yet I was size 10 now I’m not even a 6 Im 41 and only smoked weed

      • the overcommer says:

        I understand what your feeling, and your situations I am going that exact same we can do this.

      • William Ruby says:

        Yea. Definitely sticking to weed only from now on lol. Idk about you but right after I quite k2 and after with drawl was over it took 2-3 months for weed to do any. How about you?

    3. Faith says:

      All who use:

      Take a leap of faith and stop. My body shutdown on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Those who are on withdrawals, believe me it gets better as days go on. I know it’s hard but drink soothing teas, keep yourself busy like painting or doing something positive and creative.

      • D can says:

        Hi i yesterday belive i smoked sytedic mariguana how does it go away never in my life i smokked that i just smoked two hits and fell like i wana cry and i fell like im goin to die i really scared can u help how long does it take to go away

        • jewlz says:

          About a month if you stick it out.. Maybe less if you’re mentally strong.. Eat rice soup with lots of coriander.. Fell in love with the flavor cause its the only thing that stayed down.. Practice control in all side effects.. Even if you cant.. Like an arm you never used dont stop cause it does move.. Keep sending brain signals to it and sooner or later you can make a grip.. This kind of mentality works with every aspect of withdraw.. Day by day you notice.. The drug itself messes with the receptor agonist and antagonist in the brains.. In lamens term where the neurons receive info.. So your thoughts intercept with the quemical reaction.. Practice exercising the brain and the fact you become mentally stronger as you conquer confirms it..

    4. Faith says:

      You can do it guys day 15 for me. My mood swings are crazy but be conquerors!!!

    5. Victoria Delhagen says:

      I had a 4 year addiction to this shit and i can proudly say i am now 6 months clean…I feel so alive

        • Beth says:

          stopping is literally from experiance somthing u just have to do and want 100%

        • Victoria Delhagen says:

          i got sick for a week, my ex came over after i felt better, i took one hit and it felt like i was dying, it scared me so much i just stopped..still clean and still strong

      • William Ruby says:

        Hell yea. Thats amazing 🙂 I’m proud of you 🙂 I can only imagine 4 years as I was only addicted for 2. And it was like living with satan himself. I just love stories like this 🙂

    6. Mary says:

      I was wondering if anyone has had a grand mal seizure with this. My son had one and ended up on ventilator. since then when stress happens he has another seizure even though he says he is off of it. are there long lasting medical effect because of Spice? (K2)

      • Adam Lucas says:

        I have grand mal seizures because of this. They happen at random times. Medication isn’t working that well

      • William Ruby says:

        Long lasting effects? Yes. I dont know about being off k2 and still having seizures but before k2 I used to have epilepsy 5-7 a week and after I smoked it for 2 years straight. ( been sober 2+ years now ) I have been seizure free. When k2 was killing parts of my brain, it indirectly “cured” my epilepsy. So yes. It is possible to have long lasting ( maybe permanent ) effects… like it did for me. And also I stutter everyday and I’m am slow at everything I do when before I sharp and quick witted. I’m sorry mary. I hope I didnt sound heartless or mean.

    7. Some Guy says:

      I smoked spice for 2 years with my friends when i was in the navy because it cant be detected in drug tests. We had a plan in place not to get cought and it worked. I wasn vever addicted because i was fine not smoking on deployments. After the first year i started to become antisocial. After a year and a half i became paranoid and felt deoressed and useless, i just sat in my barracks room and smoked by myself. Eventually i got sloppy and got kicked out from the navy.

      Now over a year has passed since i smoked spice And the mental effects are still there. I cant get a girlfriend and have no friends Because i cant hold a conversation. I hate myself for being this way but i dont know how to be social again.

      • William Ruby says:

        Damn. Talk about a life changer. If you ever want to talk. Let me know. Dont be shy. Lol

    8. Meh Meh says:

      My brother died from this at age 18. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! You are more important than drugs! I pray for everyone of you to overcome your addiction. I believe in you.

      • William Ruby says:

        We need more people like you. Read this and instantly smiled. I’m sorry your brother isnt with us anymore. :'( I truly am. I’ll be there right with you praying for those who are lost in the darkness wanting to be set free.

    9. torrance T says:

      i have used this substance a handful of times since late 2009 when i was being tested a lot…it seemed attractive at first, its original chemical first sold as spice felt similar to cannnnabis sativa and when i later began using it again in 2011 it was a newer chemical that did not feel like the same product i tried in 2009 because it was now banned but they made similar newer chemicals to lace with potpourri…I was also very aware that all these chemicals fall into the “research chemical” category meaning they are chemicals not promoted for recreational use because of there unknown side effects because these chemicals have only been produced anywhere from less then 5 years to 10 years, there is no physical research on what long term recreation use(1-10 years) can do to a human being, pretty much u are the guinea pig for using the drug and a lot of bad side effects are now surfacing such as many of the stories you read here…i am glad i feel as if i saw the light on spice early in my life, i knew as easy as it was to get away with taking a untestable drug and get one over the people responsible for testing me, that i did not want to be a guinea pig to any side effects for these drugs, and you know what the same can be said about even prescriptions as well, many people use spice because they get tested regularly for a number of reasons(military/army, probation/parole, employment etc) and it sounds attracting because during those times it was not testable…moreover this stuff is poison for your brain primarily psychologically and mentally, you will eventually lose your mind on this substance and it is highly recommended you stop right away, another great reason is they CAN test for it now, so being tempted to use spice to beat drug testing won’t be fooling anyone much longer. moral of the story, just don’t do it! and don’t think about starting to out of curiosity either!

      • William Ruby says:

        I’m glad ive been sober 2+ years now. My life hasnt been the same since and it never will be. K2 did irreversible damage to my brain. Before I used to be quick witted and quite the thinker. Now I’m feel slow and I stutter everyday. I’m still debating on this one… I can’t tell if I should think positive or not about it… I used to have epilepsy till I smoked k2. Yea I had seizures on the drug but since being clean. I havent had a single one. Cant tell if I should be happy not that while on k2 it was killing parts of my brain but in return ” cured ” my epilepsy. Oh well. At least I’m alive lol.

    10. kez says:

      I got spicked by spice n it was horrible I lost movement I ny legs couldant talkit felt like I was haveing flash bks this lasted over an hour I was paranoid my partner callapsed couldant breath talk he evenfitted my friend put himin recovery postion he thought he was going to die an so did I neef taken off the streets I s worse thing happened to us inour lifes

    11. Adam Lucas says:

      This drug ruined my whole life. I thought it couldn’t happen to me, that it wouldn’t happen to me. It did happen to me and only took about 2 years. I tried the drug and instantly became addicted. I spent 50$ a day on this at the smoke shop. I could not afford 50$ a day so I maxed out all my credit cards and even my credit cards like Best Buy and Kohls. I would buy electronics and sell them at a pawn shop and buy spice with the money. I maxed out abut 5 or 6 credit cards in total. I took out loans against my car so I could buy the stuff. I did other things that I am not proud of as well. I put myself in about 30,000 worth of debt in about a 1.5 years. I stopped eating and lost about 30 pounds and looked super skinny. I did not want to eat. I also developed EPILEPSY from this drug. I have random seizures that happen at any random point. When I stopped smoking, which was when it became Illegal I went crazy. I felt like I had to have this stuff, like I would do anything to get it!!! I couldn’t get it though. I had a psychotic episode where I was running around my apartment complex trying to kill myself because I didn’t have it. My husband found me in my car writing a suicide letter. I wanted to just kill myself. Thankfully I had a very supportive husband. The drug made me not care about my family and I lost connection with them just because I would rather smoke the drug than hang out with them. It is not the same anymore. My family does not know the struggle I have gone through. I had to file Bankruptcy to fix my life. I had great credit before this drug. I never understood addiction before. I thought how can addiction exist? Just don’t do the drug and you will be fine. I now understand addiction is real and it is a sad thing to go through. I hope this story helps someone

      • William Ruby says:

        I love/hate reading these stories. I hate seeing so many people get addicted and there lifes just crumbles away into nothinfness and darkness like it also did for me. But what I love and what makes me smile is how you had the power to stop doing it. Makes me smile knowing that theres others like me who are also a survivor. I was addicted for 2 years and it nearly took my life more than I can count on one hand but its claws were in deep and I still went back to smoking it. Stopped breathing and went into seizure waking up with bloody sheets… still went back to it. I used to have epilepsy before k2 ever since I touched the drugged… ive been seizure free for 2+ years nows. Idk if I’m happy I’m seizure free or sad because the drug killed parts of my brain ” curing ” epilepsy. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your story and I too also hope with your story it could save a life some day…

      • Dude says:

        I haven’t seen my family n probably a year,I didn’t even call them on Christmas….

    12. shellybee says:

      ell I guess my story starts back 7years ago,to when I was a 17yrold girl with no clue of the world out there.I met a guy who was on probation and couldn’t smoke pot.when spice came up and found u could pass a drug test.it was a spiraling whirlwind down. For the next 7years I would be a slave to this drug,I lived an over 40 different places,slept at bus stops,under interstates, panhandled,stole,lied,and cheated for it. We were even makin spice and sellin to stores all over florida so the supply became endless, and at 23 now looking back on the relationships,long nights wanting it so badly,I cant believe I even thought it was any form of love.I had become toxic and didn’t even see it. That happy little blonde country girl had been gone. As of this year I’m happy to say I’ve been clean three months its not much and the detox was horrible,I thought I’d die from no having it,but I’m alive and breathing.I notice colors,smells,I haven’t seen in years. I met a man not boy,who showed me what I was doing to myself and he loved me enough to encourage me to find help and god again,I do believe Angel’s appear in human fresh at times and he just happen to grab my hand and wipe my tears. I’m still got a long journey to get where I wanna be now in life but I can smile with comfort knowing I’m not where I use to be. Please know addiction is something you can overcome, with willpower,and faith.i hope to one day help Addicts such as myself overcome there battles and let them no they are not alone.

      • William Ruby says:

        Amen. Your story is really inspiring. Made me smile real big knowing theres someone else out there who is also a surviver from that horrible horrible stuff. 🙂 I’m happy that you turned your life completely around 🙂

    13. Beth says:

      ive had the same experiances and felt like na would be a good start but scared i wont fit in either :/

      • William Ruby says:

        Itll be alright. K2 is a drug just like the rest. Ive been told from heroin addicts that they prefer k2 over heroin because of how powerful it is. I was addicted for years. Battled with death many many times until one day I “woke up” and realized ” what happened to me/my life” and I quite cold turkey with no help. It took a lot of strength and a helluva lot of willpower but I did it. Won’t be easy after you quit. It took me 1 1/2 years for the urges and cravings to stop. Its a long tough battle but I believe in you. You dont have to go through it alone. 🙂

    14. William Ruby says:

      Wow. Sounds rough. You have my prayers ryan. Some heart felt advice from me… no matter what happens. Never give up on him. Keep trying and trying to get him off of it. Be mean or cruel if you have too. Do whatever you gotta do to get him off k2. I was hooked for 2 years and also had seizures where I woke up to blood everywhere that came out of my nose. :/ it won’t be easy. But then again when is anything in life easy. He needs you now more than ever. I have faith in you.

    15. Clues says:

      Story of my life. I started smoking k2 2 years ago because I switched careers and couldn’t smoke weed anymore. I needed something that wouldn’t show in my drug test and k2 is what I found. Now I’m trying to quit because of my body the signs I’m seeing aren’t good. I’m going through the sweats, I can’t eat I waste food, all I wanna do is smoke that shit smh. every night I can’t sleep it’s only been day 1 for me and it’s stressful I’ve been up 24 hrs went to work an had a nervous breakdown couldn’t stay smh. Please get off it. It’s worse then trying to quit weed. Listen to your body. Your mind is going to play tricks with you. I have to get help its that serious when it’s interfering with your bread and Butter! I’ll tell anyone who asks about it. It’s no good for you!

      • Bitchasstrick says:

        I totally agree, and its just hard to quit you keep saying tomorrow and u never do!

    16. CIRCUSGIRL says:

      I was NEVER addicted to anything… I had always wanted to try weed since I was 13 because people talked about it and because of rap songs (stupid I know) … but I did not know how to go about it….At 20 I finally tried Marijuana and Cocaine…. I didn’t get addicted, nor did I care for weed….3 years ago I got introduced to k2 by my fiancée who was on probation at the time….. I began buying “pink kush” and smoking it with friends as a social thing…I am 32 years old now and I am ashamed to say I have lied to my mom to get money for k2… I have stolen from her purse… I have even sold my phone for dirt cheap to get a bag. …..Weed does not get me high…… & now the k2 that I am buying is not making me as high as it used to….I REALLY want to stop this, I am wasting over 100$ per week on this crap….. I have trouble sleeping sometimes and get the sweats if I do not smoke it…. EVERYTHING tastes disgusting if I do not smoke before I eat…. I am trying to get on this site more often to seek support….

      • Jamie says:

        I was blowing $600 a month on the stuff. I was stealing from my mom, roommates, and selling any belonging I didn’t “REALLY” need in order to get bags. I tried to quit and substitute it with real weed but I couldn’t get high from it either. I couldn’t eat for 4 days without vomiting immediately afterwards, but after suffering from a seizure alone in my room and remembering a few seconds of it when I was vomiting all over myself and choking, I knew I had to quit and put up with the withdrawal. It did not last more than a week and a half total, and I was able to eat and sleep again after 4 days. I took melatonin and valerian root at night to help me sleep after the first two nights of sleeplessness, and I kept myself somewhat nourished by sipping on protein smoothies throughout the day – literally the only thing that didn’t make me throw up. I didn’t WANT them and I didn’t enjoy them, but I knew I needed to put something into my body or I would feel even worse. The awful symptoms went away in less than a week, and everything except my anxiety gradually went away in the following weeks/months. I feel SO MUCH BETTER now. You can do this, it’s worth it. You are going to end up in jail or dead if you don’t quit. Those are the only possible end points. I work in a Neuro ICU and one particular patient was a 60 year old grandfather in great physical shape who enjoyed playing outside with his grandkids every day. One day he tried spice because he had just gotten a new job that drug tested. He had a stroke that caused brain death. I watched his family and grandkids begging him to get better, and then taking him off life support. I still get a slight temptation to try the stuff again every now and then, but that man is who I think of and who prevents me from going back. Between him and my near death seizure experience, it became clear to me that you literally NEVER know what’s in each batch you buy. You’re playing Russian roulette every single time. Please quit. You can do this. And if you quit for a couple of months and are still tempted to start again, I was able to get high off of regular weed again 2 months after quitting, so there’s that!!! YOU CAN DO THIS. you have to do this before you die.

    17. anl says:

      Okay so I accidentally smoked a hit off “the fuck ” legal has a pic of a zombie.and my friend asked me if I had lotion and I went to the bathroom and started freaking out I got dizzy and everything was different I was having seizures and just not there and I was in this place I never want be again I couldn’t get out it was scary it’s so hard to explain. It felt like I was falling over and over again and I couldn’t go anywhere at some point I got myself to walk back to my friend and I wasn’t really there either I sat down and started puking and I was back in a different place in my mind or something it was crazy it sound dumb but the reason why I don’t smoke stuff like that like OMG it seriously felt like it was days or weeks and I couldn’t come back I couldnt get out it was horrible I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t tell if the whole time I was having a seizure or if I was just really high

      • Rmn says:

        True !!!! Anl , I don’t do drugs or weed , weed i tried 2-3 times in my life , may me just 1 or 2 puff each time . Only bad habit i have is I am smoker ,
        I tried this once just one week ago . Man I could not explain how bad it is. I just took only 1puff and after in 30sec to 50sec First i felt like Someone throwing up down left and right (this is just starting) . Then I lost my whole body control my hand was acting like faulty robot movement ( sorry can’t get a batter explanation ) . Then everything I remember is just repeating same moment again and again (for example my friend was asking me ” are you alright ” I was seeing the same moment again and again, like actually seeing not dreaming !!! ) , i moved 1 room to another and keep seeing same moment again and again) . Al together 3 or 4 moment was repeating again and again. In one moment I took razor to hart myself). I was trying to get out that moments , trying so hard god, but could not. In one moment I was forgot I am human , I was thinking like what is human . The way I saw other people its like the same we saw a bugs or cockroach ( forgive me could not explain what is that feeling). One moment I was thinking may be I am dying and this is the real dying moment, on the other moment i was thinking may be i already died and The real god put me in hell and punishing me. Whatever I was thinking my moment repeating never stopped. I was lucky I was with my friends and they saw me the controlled me in that time . They said after continuos 1 hour or a bit more I was doing that things , I was never stopped moving my body including robotic uncontrolled movement .I was fall a sleep after that (around 11:40pm). And woke up after 3hour and 20min at 3am. And luckily I was alright and got second chance to live my life.

        I will never try any kind of drug in my whole life ever.
        I Got only one life .

        Guys please don’t take it . I might be dead if my friends ware not there might hurt myself coz no control of my body all acting strange I was not doing anything it was doing by itself or may be heart attach brain damage stroke , brain dead or brain damage anything can be happens that time .

        • deshay says:

          The faulty robot movement I’ve experienced and i literally freaked out and yelled for my husband …. I literally thought my hand was possessed like the movie “Idle Hand”. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I smoke from the time I wake up from the time I sleep. Literally every 20-30 minutes. I haven’t had it in 2 days….my dealer got busted so withdrawals have set in and hopefully will persist tomorrow. The more I read the more I don’t feel alone in this spiraling abyss of cold sweats,vomit,and diarrhea.

      • Jamie says:

        Oh my god, I know this exact feeling!!!! It happened to me twice during my year and a half long addiction. I can’t think of a way to explain it either other than I remember my vision would go, everything was black, and I felt like I was floating or falling or flying but all I knew was that I was aware that I could not make it stop and I have never felt that much terror in my entire life. The fear was so far beyond just regular fear. The only thoughts I could form were “help me” and “I’m stuck here” and “I’m dying”. I have no idea how long the episodes actually lasted but it felt at the time like years and years. I think I mentally blocked out the experiences because I completely forgot about them for the past year or so til I just read your post. So crazy.

    18. Emma says:

      I was using spice daily for 2 years. Starting at the age of 14. While I was high I used to hear things I would think the people around me were talking to me but they weren’t. I would see things. I would go into like a daze of delusions seeing things in my head weather it be things I never saw before or things I’ve seen. It was weird. But now I am experiencing really bad effects from it and I have been off it for almost a year. My biggest one is paranoia. I feel like people are plotting against me, talking about me, laughing at me. I have really bad social anxiety, I can’t hold a conversation. When I feel like someone is looking at me I have uncontrollable body movements. I walk weird when I’m in public. It’s been almost a year and I still am having these effects. Every day is a battle for me. I’m a teenage girl, just trying to finish high school and fit in. But I just simply can’t, does anyone have these side effects? Does anyone have advice for me? I hope it stops. I don’t know if I can take it much longer.

      • Fawn says:

        Maybe because you did it for so long it’ll take longer than usually for your body to recover. Try some anti- anxiety medication to help take the edge off. High school sucks and so does being a teenage girl, I’m 21 and in college and it still sucks. You’ll need to try re-train your brain to realize other people aren’t a threat and their judgment doesn’t matter. Take deep breaths and stay focused.
        That’s the best advice I have right now. Good luck and hang in there.

          • Rob says:

            I done it for 2 years, the effects have pretty much vanished and its been a year and a half. If a big event such as witnessing something bad, i still tend to be slightly psychotic for 3-4 days whereas before i would move on after half a day. Memory of the past 3 years is also but im sure mines improved everyday. Only happened to be on here as my friend has just relapsed, dont go back on it, hes trying to quit again after smoking it for 2 months. Last time he quit was the same time as me, he hasnt eaten in 5 days and seems to have bipolar, was just looking to see if anyone else was suffering from this? e.g. He walked in and didnt stop talking (we thought he was high) he went to the toilet and when he came back he was miserable and went crazy trying to attack me because i hadnt flushed the toilet… Hopefully youll get better and so will my mate.

          • Jordan says:

            Fawn is completely right! I agree with every single thing. Hang in there, Emma. It WILL get better and there are anti anxiety medications and therapies for you!

      • Ryan says:

        Very weird… i was using spice for not even a year, but i consumed a very large amount of it. And i find myself experiencing the same long term effects that you have! I have bad social anxiety, can never think of things to say. My memory is very hazy. When im waking in public or with someone behind me, i feel like im walking awkwardly but i can’t tell. I have also experienced short-term apathy. Im usually anxiety free except in the early morning, and late at night when i go to sleep. I have absolutely no desire to return to this wicked drug, but i feel like it has affected my life greatly and i hope that these symptoms we are experiencing will not be permanent.

        • Emma says:

          Sorry Ryan I’m just seeing this now! I really can’t believe you are going through the same effects, I thought I was completely alone. I realy am hoping and praying these are not permanent. If they are I might just literally go insane. How long have you been off it?

      • wofai says:

        Emma, I felt shedding tears when I heard your story. We all had engaged in such habits triggered by that wicked crafty devil called Satan who will go miles to render useless men and women, boys and girls with brighter future so that they might not see the light of God. But the good news is in Matthew 11:28. Jesus is calling you to come to him and he said he will give you rest.Jesus will polish you, cast away those fears and you will never be the same. 2corinthians 5:17. What the devil does is 2corinthians 4:4. For you to experience this you must admit that you are a sinner,Romans 3:23, 1John 1:8. Confess to him 1John1:9. Accept that Jesus came, shed his blood on the cross to redeem you from sin and death, died and rose up on the
        third day for your justification, Romans4:25. When you accept this thing and telling him to come into your life and be your Lord and savior, you, I said you can never remain the same. John 1:12

      • Mav says:

        It’s all in ur head, a year is along time. I felt like that the day after I stopped consuming just let me go ur healthy already or smoke a cigarettes for the nerves

      • Sara says:

        I started smoking this stuff when I was 16 and I’ll be 21 March 2016. My health is SOO poor. I’ve been to multiple gastrointestinal doctors, ER visits, primary doctors, etc. I have had two surgeries on my stomach due to this drug. I smoke and have smoked it every day all day and throughout the night. I don’t hallucinate but I get extremely sick. Projectile vomiting, sweats, chills, insomnia, and a few other symptoms. This occurs every month and will last 5-7 days. It gets so extreme I drink water and not even minutes later I’m throwing it right back up. I want to stop but my body feels like it needs it because it’s so used to it. I wake up in the middle of the night to the top of my stomach burning me. Im constantly having a burning sensation in my upper stomach area. I was just diagnosed with a kidney infection that 2 antibiotics couldn’t clear up. I don’t know if I’m going through kidney failure now because it’s gotten so bad. I go to see a new specialist soon at Loyola Medical Center to see where to go from here because I can feel my body shutting down. I feel weak, tingling sometimes, tired, ANXITEY, STRESS, and depression. You’ve got to quit to save yourself. The key is you have to WANT to be clean more than you want that feeling of being high. I want to be clean but the stomach,back, and kidney pain I experience pushes me to just pack another bowl to relieve the pain. Sure Ive tried pain pills to help me but I just end up throwing them up. And most of the time they are still fully formed, not even a little dissolved. So just know eventually it WILL lead to other health problems. I don’t even have my gallbladder anymore because they thought removing it would help my health but Im still severely sick from this. Just get it in your thoughts, if you don’t quit you will just die. And if it’s not the spice that kills you it’s the health conditions the spice has caused. It’s damaging you in ways you don’t even know yet. Any recommendations of stopping would help. To tell someone “just quit it” isn’t enough. Obviously ot isn’t going to be easy, I understand that but I know it will be worth it.

        • Jamie says:

          Let your doctors know about your issues keeping pain pills down! There are different forms, such as lollipops (not sure if you could handle that) and PATCHES that are extremely effective/can be very, very strong. I know you know this, but spice is slowly killing you. I know it’s horrible to go through the withdrawals and pain, but the longer you wait to quit the worse the symptoms will be, so try to just convince yourself to get it over with! I was alone one night smoking in bed on my back when I suffered a violent seizure during which I vomited all over myself. By the grace of God, I didn’t aspirate and die. Get yourself help please!!! Doctors can work with you and help you with the loss of appetite, insomnia, and pain. There is melatonin and valerian root that are natural and help you sleep. You CAN do this!!! I know you can! I’ll be praying for you. Best of luck and please don’t let spice kill you – you have your entire life to live for and you could be doing great things if you weren’t wasting all your money, time and health on this terrible stuff! Believe me, although my health was not as bad as yours (I never had to go to the hospital) I had milder versions of all of your issues and IT WILL ALL GO AWAY/can be effectively treated if you just quit smoking!!

      • Yuna says:

        Perhaps you should see a doctor. There were so many body altering chemicals in the spice you smoked that there could be something very wrong with you.
        You should definitely try to detox your body the best you can. I recommend kava, green tea, yerba mate, kratom and blue rose tea. It will do your body wonders and hopefully get your health on track.
        I wish you, your health and your future good luck. Look up the teas I mentioned. Kava is my favorite body detox relaxer. Tastes terrible but it’s amazing.

      • Jamie says:

        Hi Emma! I hope you see this. I completely understand what you’re going through. I used to smoke 10 grams a day for months at a time, quit when I went home from college during summers, and start right back up when I came back to school. Ever since I quit two years ago, I have developed debilitating anxiety. I was already an anxious person before I started smoking spice, but quitting magnified the effects 100x. At its worst, I couldn’t complete the simplest tasks like opening a jar if someone was watching me. I would shake uncontrollably and my vision would blur. My voice would shake so bad when talking to more than two or three people at once that I literally couldn’t form words. I also feel like my face twitches when people are looking at/talking to me, and I’m very self conscious about the way I walk and about my appearance where I walk into a room and everyone looks at me. I used to be VERY paranoid and moody. I told my mom what was happening, although I never told her why I thought it started – she never knew I smoked spice. I told her I thought pressure at school was getting to me. She took me to a psychologist who tested and diagnosed me with anxiety. She put me on Zoloft which is an antidepressant used to also treat anxiety. It helped me so much but made me so sleepy that I was unfortunately sleeping through classes, so I had to get off of it. I was also diagnosed with ADD (also a result of the spice I believe), so I chose to try the stimulant route and now take Concerta every day. It helps me focus and interact with people, but it does nothing for my physical symptoms (sweating, panic attacks, shaky voice, blurred vision, shaky hands, heart palpitations). My advise to you is: GET HELP FOR ANXIETY. There are MANY medications and therapies that can help you!!! I have worked hard on my self confidence and breathing control this past year or so, and I am improving by leaps and bounds. My voice only slightly shakes now and only when I’m presenting in front of a large group of people. My hands only shake when I am not familiar with the skill I’m trying to perform while someone’s watching me (I’m in nursing school so for me my major problem was shaking while inserting IVs, but I’ve practiced them so many times that I don’t shake at all anymore!). My point is, there are so many things you can do to help yourself and you are NOT the only one who has these crazy feelings so just reach out and ask for help!!! A counselor could also really help you. Someone to bounce your ideas off of who can tell you when you’re being irrational and help you learn how to identify those times on your own in the future. YOU CAN DO THIS! Just take control and reach out and find the treatments that work for you! Good luck!!!

      • nick powers says:

        Ok Dearie. Get right to the head shrinker cause smoking aint your problem. Your freakin a nutybudy.

      • Nicky borg says:

        I’ve seen my friends go through all of these… The replies you’re getting are mostly right, you are basically very anxious and paranoid.. But i wouldn’t recommend anti-anxiety medication. Anti-anxiety medication is basically another non-natural drug that will have their own side-effects that you will have to deal with. I’d recommend speaking to rehab councilors who actually know a lot more than most people about drugs and who are actually friendly, nice and very helpful. Also most of them have first hand experience with some type of drug or other. Also apart from this try some meditating, yoga, physical exercise (like a walk in a park) and to satisfy your smoking habit and your want to be high, I’d recommend weed. Try to find a strain that actually helps anxiety. Hope this helps and please please please don’t go back to synthetic. I know it’s been 4 months since you posted this and I hope you found the help you need.

    19. torrance T says:

      I recently went to a cannabis cup because im in california and i am a registered medicinal patient, i smoke marijuana and concentrates on some occasions but primarily take properly dosed edibles…..obviously medicinal marijuana is heading in the right direction but should be taken with the proper precautions!!! what causes you to be addicted to k2 which is supposed to mimic marijuana, are you perhaps tested now? or live in a state where marijuana is still a crime? i will admit i i am not sober to any degree but have kept recreational use of primarily cannabis and other recreational material(not k2 or research chemicals) to a functional state i keep a job and stay in college…i am not saying switch to marijuana or promoting it but why is k2 and spice such sought under the counter smoke shop drugs???i have heard horror stories of homeless people out of state smoking absurd amounts of this crap because its easily obtainable and would be delusional and homeless for days!!!

    20. dvs says:

      thank you for this guys. You don’t know how much this has helped me and I’m sure a lot of other people as well. so for that I and very grateful. keep doing what you’re doing because it is working.

    21. Julie says:

      My brother is on this and claims he’s being bullied in prison for phones and things and making up pay for everything and even people knock on our door it’s unbelievable

    22. George says:

      Anyone quitting suffered any psychotic reactions? Sudden changes in emotions for no reason, being happy and suddenly being so angry you break stuff? I quit a while back and suffered a lot of things for a few weeks, not eating, not sleeping, vomiting, sweats, crying, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, teachers even stopped me going school for 3 weeks. My friend has just relapased and is attempting to quit again, we went to visit him as he moved to another part of the country and hes loopy not even the same person i knew, from a very uneducated guess he almost appeared to have bi-polar. (I think? Just seems to switch between this excited guy to suddenly a mass killer who hates everyone and everything!) (Even me and my mate who spent half the time during are visit, scared.. Of our bestest friend for the past 5 years. Really eating away at me more worried for him than anything, all that goes through my mind 24/7

      • spacecadet says:

        i have ExTREME mood swings when i tried to get off the stuff, thats exactly how my mother described it to me was bi-polar.

      • Lee Adam Wilshier says:

        Yep, I did. I just posted my story here, it explains what happened to me. I had a panic attack, got angry and was screaming and broke the glass in a picture on the wall and that is just not me. It came out of nowhere too.

    23. Chrimbo Murphy says:

      Everyone report this store there is a site you can report online distribution of spice to , i have myself reported them but they are now selling this life ruining shit as a “Collectors Item” so pls report them as so we can get them removed from the internet or even better arrested for willingly ruining ppls life http://aromasurplus.com/?mc_cid=648c3ea4bf&mc_eid=9001ed4e19 the site to report them is as follows https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/sdrs/spring/main?execution=e1s1

      • nick powers says:

        Don’t try to ruin a good time cause your a freaking idiot. I take solace in knowing all you fools will never make it in life. Weed aint your problem. Mental disease and bad grammar is. Get help n leave the fun to responsible adults.

    24. yayema says:

      Hi I been doing synthetic for about 3 months now my choice was dead man walking herbal. Something happened to me only my husband can explain but I didn’t have to go to the hospital luckily I come out of it. Well it will be one day for me since I quit yesterday .I know this is only for people who quit for long period of time well not this time I’m doing it now and I need all the help I can get. Please pray for me. I can’t eat not all my food. Up in the middle of night. But my question. I like to ask is can I turn this around in 2 weeks. I’m asking will I get my appetite.sleep. back gradually.

      • Jamie says:

        YES!!! My withdrawal was horrible but the terrible symptoms (not being able to eat without vomiting, not being able to sleep at all for 3 days straight) ended after the first 5 days and my appetite was completely normal in under two weeks. You posted 8 days ago so hopefully you are through the worst of it by now and didn’t relapse, but something that really helped me was sipping on protein smoothies to keep myself somewhat nourished during the worst days. They made me feel nauseous but if I sipped on them I could keep them down. Best of luck!!! I’m thinking of you. If I quit, you definitely can too! You will feel SO MUCH BETTER it is honestly unbelievable.

      • lolana says:

        I smoked dead man walking for a long time and didn’t have any problems…but they may be putting something in it that’s different. Really amazing how different people can be affected by different things. The first spice I smoked was called Zohai and it came from Bali. That was around 2004. I smoked different kinds of spice on and off for years but didn’t have trouble until I encountered the Bonzai spice. That stuff was very strong and it made my ankles swell. My thyroid also failed. I don’t know if that’s connected, thyroid issues run in my family, but I quit the spice then. The thing is, I didn’t have any withdrawals. Reading these testimonials, I’m really glad I didn’t; either I’m lucky or I got better product. I do think they are putting things in this stuff now that aren’t the same as what they used to….Anyway, good luck to you. I hope things worked out and that you are clean and feeling healthy. I’ll bet you are. Thanks for sharing.

        • yayema says:

          Sadly to say I failed I’m back smoking again. I need help I need rehab for a couple of weeks

          • lolana says:

            Lots of health insurance will cover or help with that, if you have it. But 12 step groups can be amazing…depending on the area and the people in them. They say go to 30 meetings in 30 days, there are Narcotics Anonymous and AA of course. If you’re really committed you can do it. Having a sponsor will help, someone to keep you on the straight and narrow. I know some people hate 12 stepping but, the price is right, and you meet people in your own community and their support is what pulls a person through….it’s too hard to do alone. Do sign on here and keep me posted if you want. It sounds terrible what you’ve gone through along with everyone else here.

    25. sasha bleything says:

      Wow this site
      i cant tell you how i just cry seeing my man smoking this k2 i love him so much but its ruin us all he wants to do is smoke and tge stuff stinks it is horrible he got off herione and now is on suboxen and smoking k2 sometimes i still think he is on herione he will wake up 2 and 3 in the morning to smoke he is just gone i need some advice i know nothing about this but i only know here in downtown stl in the streets everyone is addicted its just messed up????

      • Jamie says:

        Please show him these stories! Tell him how much you care about him and do whatever you can to get him to stop. Tell him you will help him however you can. When I finally quit for good (after having a seizure and vomiting on myself alone in the middle of the night!) it was very hard because the withdrawal caused me to not be able to sleep at all for 3 nights in a row, I couldn’t eat anything without throwing it back up, BUT THE WITHDRAWAL ONLY LASTS A FEW DAYS!!! LESS THAN A WEEK and I started to regain control of my life. If I could quit cold turkey all by myself, he can do it with your support! Tell him that! Also, a tip for if you do convince him – forcing myself to drink protein smoothies was a great way to keep myself somewhat nourished for the 5 days that I couldn’t eat without vomiting. Best of luck to you!!! It’s clear how much you care about him and I hope he will see that, because spice WILL one day kill him if he continues down this path!!!!

      • Terrence says:

        :Hi I just got out of the hospital 3days ago I smoke it for 3months tried to shake it my self drink water cranberry juice for 2weeks my thought I was doing something my body shut down I was in ICU (intensive care unit)for 3 days vidals so off the charts messed with my kidneys potassium it was scary I cried 3days up 3 days please please please please please please please bring him to the hospital it’s in his blood IV is going to help it SAVED ME …BE STRONG STOP NOW FACE IT I PROMISE IT WILL BE FINE I DIDN’T HAVE KNOW ONE BY MY SIDE U LOVE HIM STICK WITH HIM ….The Withdrawal last about 2days an he’s going to feel funny for about 2weeks he’s going to KNOW when his body is right Weed helps if he smoke a ounce and don’t get high don’t get scared Itz just so much of the mojo in his system you guys are in my prayers P.S. I was scared to even get back on this site had to FACE it glad I did hope this helps BY the way I feel 100% myself he can do it main thing Stay Positive 1Luv

      • drew dawg says:

        Try to help him he needs Xanax to stop completely this comes fr

        om a four year spice user who lost his girl and doughter and I have not had a relationship seince I would give any thing for a woman and a decent relationship I herd ur story and wonderers what my Girl don’t let him make. My mistake but know with elevate heart rats will. kill. You without Xanax let him know. He has a girl that cares. He don’t want to loose her my biggest. Mistake it not listening and loosing them wish u best of luck

      • Big V says:

        Just remember you can’t force him to quit using drugs and for my own personal experience spice is a horrible addictive drug that only leaves the pain and suffering. Whatever you do please don’t destroy yourself trying to help him

      • Keisha says:

        I understand, my husband also does it, I dnt knw what to do?? Scared for him, he already been in the hospital…

        • Ahmed says:

          Leave for him a letter and escape right away , enjoy your life with drugs free

      • smokedmyself2stupid says:

        This may seem like a horrible thing to do and you may disagree with me but i know from experience first hand and it scary.. I was using again and my fiance was concerned she was simply trying to talk to me and plead with me to stop smoking. i was so high i pulled a butcher knife out of the drawer and told her stay away from me.. she was so afraid she took my dog and moved out. I was in a zombie like state for about two weeks i felt helpless. I ended up having 3 seizures and almost died. thank god she was here that night visiting me. she saved my life by calling 911. i was in critical care for a little over a week. now that i am clean, and have done extensive research on this drug. my suggestion to you is 302 him. you may feel bad for doing it. fact is he will thank you after being stuck in the hospital for those days it will help to detox him. i know people are going to say thats a messed up thing to do but if he has a bad trip he could harm you or somebody else and that would be way worse than just sending him to the hospital for a few days. I now suffer from high blood pressure and kidney failure from that garbage. I wish someone would have 302’d me before i hurt myself and ruined my kidneys. wait until he is zombied out on the couch and have the police take him to the hospital. if you sign him in then he cannot sign himself out. he will be stuck there until the doctors feel he is better. There is only two ways out, quitting or dying. if you love someone sometimes you must do things you do not want to do but you know its the best option.. please help him. inside he is begging for someone to help him but the drug is so powerful it makes you just not care anymore about the things in life that really matter to you.. I hope this helps your situation

        • Marlene says:

          You must be in Pennsylvania. 302 is their term for a non-voluntary psychiatric commitment. What you suggest is a very good idea. The hospital is a safe place to detox and there are medications to help through the withdrawals.

    26. nick powers says:

      You are all f—ed up little kidies. You can’t spell and you have no clue what bi polar is. Drink your juice boxes and leave adult entertainment alone.

    27. Fantasia1 says:

      Obviously, my name isn’t Fantasia. A few good friends of mine gave this name to me and it’s the reason I never ever go by my real name anymore, but back on topic. I know what this shit is like. K-2. You probably heard of it, you’re probably doing it right now for all I know. Well quit immediately. This Evil shit will ruin your life for awhile, if not Forever. I know what it’s like, it’ll force you to do things that no normal person would ever do. I was a normal guy, just like all of you, and then I began K-2… On the first dose of smoke that entered my lung, I homicidally hallucinated an ex-friend of mine’s death by a decent sized red wrench and a behead hallucination of his friend beside him. I sought out no help for this issue. I felt sick, I felt twisted in the mind – mentally and physically. My symptoms from 2011, are still there. I can literally – mentally and physically feel their presence still lingering underneath all of this flesh that makes up my physical form. In my blood stream, in my bones and even the muscles and tissue of my entire body. A little after the Hallucinations of the first two people who could’ve became victims, I asked Dom, Mike’s friend to drive me home because I wouldn’t be able too on my own. When I got there, I exited the vehicle in which I was in during the ride and began to strangely walk to my front door. Like I was a Zombie, or rather, like I was already a dead man walking. I got inside, and tried to make my way upstairs to my mother’s room to lay down, (Mind you I’m 21 right now and will be 22 on April 30th. Back in 2011, I was 16, if not 17. I don’t remember because K-2 has literally fucked up my brain to where over half, if not almost my entire life that I lived has disappeared from my memories.) and fainted into a deep sleep in a heart beat. Or was it..? I gasped for air, like I had been in cardiac arrest for awhile not even realizing that I had already Died. My mother wasn’t there when I first got into the room, she must’ve not noticed that I was experiencing all of these issues in a full day when she got in. Days and Days had gone by, I was experiencing the same issues, heart problems, hallucinations, other organ problems. Even now, from that day and only day that I had took one inhale from Mike’s Pipe, I still experience these problems, along side the conditions/issues I already have before I ended up doing K-2; Epilepsy, Emotional Disturbance, ect. But there was one Hallucination that I didn’t mind sticking around, that hallucination kept me out of trouble and even now, that hallucination is still there and I’m grateful as hell that it won’t leave. Because of K-2, even after it’s gone away, it’s still ruining my life with it’s side effects. I’ve chronically lied to my friends on a daily basis back then, but that symptom is no longer here, everything else still is. For the sake of your humanity, don’t or stop smoking this drug. It will ruin your life, just like it did mine… But after doing it, it gave me perks. I can tell when someone’s lying, I can tell when someone’s telling the truth, and I can tell just by someone’s physical appearance, body language, ect when they’re a threat to me or themselves. Anyways, don’t or stop doing this drug. It WILL ruin your life like it did my own… I’m just grateful to whatever higher power that’s out there that continued to allow me to live, because I know for a fact that it wasn’t me.

      • Marlene says:

        If you are still having hallucinations, you might want to check out if you have a form of schizophrenia.

    28. jamal says:

      well first off i smoke k2 or spice as you call it for about 2 years. i thought it was cool and made me feel good i smoked with everyone. but then it got to the point where i would scrape up every penny i had just to get some. i could quit smoking for a day even a week if i didnt have no money. then i smoked some real good shit from cleveland ohio and i had about 10 grams of it and i smoked it all in about 2 or 3 days.when the spice was gone i wanted more like i couldnt get enough. i couldnt sleep, eat,i was sweating uncontrollably for about 7 days straight. i mean i couldnt even get 10 minutes of sleep and i couldnt eat a thing. after about 7 days of not eating or sleeping i finally crashed and when i woke up symptoms was gone but i felt super weird and sketched out by everything. i litterly had to teach myself how to eat again like i couldnt even chew my food. i have been off it for about a year now and i feel as good as ever. please please please if you smoking spice stop. id rather see someone smoke crack or heroin or anything except for spice. that shit will kill instantly. i use to smoke with all my friends and cousins and we would all smoke till we passed out then wake up a hour later and smoke more. one day i went to the mall to get some shit for my kids and when i came back in the house my cousin was standing in my kitchen with his pants around his ankles and his belt around his neck passed out. so please if your smoking spice then stop and if you havent tried it then dont.

    29. Quin Loyd says:

      Yea this stuff is bad. I’m on day 3 but I don’t think I have it as bad as y’all. I’ve got insomnia, I can’t eat, I’m shaking constantly and using up so much energy. And the worst part of all…. The cold sweats. Your too hot and too cold at the same time. Your soaked. It’s unbearable. I’m gunna be fine though because my dads been addicted to alcohol and cigerettes for 30 years and I literally going to prove a point to him. It’s not that hard. Of course I’m lying off my ass when I tell him that but I SWEAR TO GOD IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO I will quit this first try. As of right now I still want it and I’d been doing it for 3 weeks straight. It’s cool in moderation like maybe at a party but cut it down to 1 a week at least guys. Funny thing is I’ve never done the herb. I used a concentrated version of e liquid from someone marketing it as a bizarro liquid incense. 5ml $23.99 for 1 bottle or 15.99 for buying 11 or more. Zencense/Zenbio doesn’t make a liquid version so I honestly can’t tell you what I’ve been vaping but I can tell you these are the exact symptoms I’m getting. I’m gunna be a back up here for people who relapse and just say this. If you absolutely HAVE to get back on it and your just gunna give in…. Please be smart with it okay? We all know what this stuff can do. If you take a hit don’t hold it and wait 10min I would say 15 but my high actually runs out in 15 so I actually hold it for like a good minute. I can’t say it’s weak but I can say it doesn’t last long. This also isn’t my first rodeo. I use to get way way way stronger stuff. My first time my friends tricked my into doing it while I thought I was just trying a flavor. They didn’t even think it worked because they all tried hitting it before they got to my house so I was the first one fucked up out of all my friends and it was also my worst trip ever but now all of my friends have had bad trips. All 19 of them. I’m just thankful nobody was hospitalized. Best of luck to y’all hope you enjoys my long ass story.

      • Marlene says:

        I’m not recommending to cut down or trying to use it periodically. Stop completely, and don’t go back to it. There is no controlled use of this stuff.

    30. frankiet2000 says:

      Hi Patrick. I just felt the need to comment on your story. I hear you, as agree with a lot of what you say. I also disagree with a couple of points. I really believe that a lot of people, maybe not you, or myself even, NEED that help. Through counseling, rehab, or just taking to a close, open-minded friend. Too many people on here have locked themselves away, getting high, being anti-social, as slowly

      • Marlene says:

        For me Narcotics Anonymous works. I have gone there for other drugs before and it works very well for me.

    31. frankiet2000 says:

      Oh my God, Joe. Your story really hit home! I’m crying as I read it, because I see so much of me in your story. I’m in pain a lot, too. I thought it was age, or even early arthritis. I know now that it’s the fake weed. And when I got to the part about the picture of your family, well, that really hit home! I love my family and friends with all my heart and soul. Without them, I wouldn’t be here right now. I can’t sleep, either. Sit in my bed at night, trying to sleep. I’m depressed most of the time, as I just feel like I’ve lost my direction. A lot of people don’t want to be around me anymore, as I’m fucked up most of the time. And when I’m not, I’m angry, moody, and even bitter. I just want my life back! Please take care of yourself, and thanks for sharing your eye-opening story. Hopefully, it will make a difference in SOMEONE’S life. It already has…in mine.

      • Joe says:

        Hank, You’ll be alright, It’s been almost a month now and I feel fine both physically and mentally – I have to admit I thought this was going to make me always depressed because during the first week, I didn’t even want to get out of bed and I felt like there’s no use in living anymore, This will pass but I’ll advice you to start drinking Green tea everyday from now on, It will balance your body chemistry and help you eat and stool. I will be honest with you that spice will change your life for a long time, Someone I contacted on here tells me he still feels numbness in his face sometimes even though he hasn’t smoked in a long time. Some could be mentally but you will notice something happening in your body occasionally but I really do its not permanent -for me, I’m not able to sit down in front of the computer for long orelse I’m resting, I get back and neck pains if I do, Others developed worse but just be glad you’re not dead or had stroke.

    32. Lowne Wolfe says:

      This stuff is killing kidneys, wish I hadn’t ignored the NUMEROUS and VARIED reports from ALL OVER THE NATION…but I did and I nearly died…well I technically did die. On the vent for a week, dialysis for a month and a half…just now starting to begin to get my body going. Sore, aches, weakness…stop using this stuff immediately! Sometimes it’s cumulative, sometimes ONE hit will kill your kidneys…STOP USING NOW and save your life!

      • Marlene says:

        Wow! I was in a coma on a vent for a week and had pneumonia at the same time from this crap. I saw the lab reports and it did cause elevated kidney enzymes. Fortunately, it didn’t harm my kidneys. But it did affect a lot of lab values that the ICU doctor was able to normalize before my discharge. You really have to wonder what they are putting in this stuff.

    33. Kay says:

      Patrick, you say nobody can help you but you. You may have just help somebody who felt the same way! When you do get sober you’ll realize this! I’ve been sober for over a year and I continue to log on because I want to help someone the way this website helped to me.

      • alice says:

        Please help me…i am quitting today.. What has helped keep u off of this for a year…i need some advise..i am spending too much money and going thru psychosis or something…ugh its awful..ty ????

    34. stan says:

      I originally started smoking spice when I live in Maryland. I moved into a duplex and the person below me gave me some to try. Not realizing how powerful this stuff is I loaded my bong and took a huge puff. I instantly began to freak out no knowing where I was and pretty close to calling 911. However, I eventually came down and didnt use the rest of the night but continued to use spice here and there in MD we had stuff called “BIzzaro” and “Zero Gravity”. I continued to smoke spice mixed with weed. Then I moved down to Tampa florida in 2013 and found that Tampa was in the middle of a spice epidemic with smoke shops and sketchy gas stations selling it everywhere. I continued to smoke spice on daily basis. I figured that it was very cheap ($10 bags) and also undetectable on urine tests. The spice in florida compared to maryland was alot stronger, but it wasn’t consistent. What I mean is some bags were powerful and others didn’t even get me high. After much experience I realized the psychotic side effects where just in my head and I literally would have to tell myself I was ok. However, the withdraws are very really comparable to those of heroin or other hard drugs. Every morning I had to vomit upon waking up. I also had very nasty and unpleasant bowl movement while smoking the drug. If I didn’t have anything to smoke I would literally be searching for change to come up with 10 dollars even resorted to pawning stuff just to get a bag. Up to that point I knew I had a problem but figured everyone has their way of taking off the edge an this was mine. Recently all of the sources I had got raided or busted so I had to find a new connection. This new spice I found was by far the strongest most dangerous substance I ever have put in my body. Not only did they sell the regular spice in bags but they also sold the pure chemical that is used to make the spice. It was a white powdery substance and I dipped cigarettes tips in it and smoke about as much that could fit into the letter O on the screen. Immediately I felt my body heatup and my eyes felt on fire. The next thing I know I wake up on the floor screaming at my friend to shoot me in the head, I felt that my world was literally over and I needed to die. Im am not exaggerating one bit. To be totally honest if I wouldve been alone and had access to a weapon I honestly dont believe I would be writing this story. I kept screaming to shoot me in the head for about 10 minutes begging my friend just to do it, Before that my friend said I stood up and literally fell out and started to look like I was having a seizure with uncontrollable body movements. Never again I told myself….. Until today, I decided to smoke some regular spice but it was from the same place that has the chemical. The next thing I know Im screaming at the top of my lungs for my friend to shoot me in the head saying im ready im ready. I have a concussion on the back of my head and a huge black and blue bruise on my back from where I fell out onto the ground after standing up. Both of these psychotic episodes occurred with me having no control or even a memory of what happened. But the thing that freaks me out is that I basically had the same exact terrifying experiences involving me being totally ready to completely end my life. I have never seriously even though about suicide. Yea dont get me wrong I have had my good and bad days but nothing like this. My advice to ppl is to smoke weed and stay away from this garage bag. Obviously whoever is making this stuff has no care for human life. Also if anyone has had an experience like this and would like to talk about it you can email me at [email protected],com

    35. Lee Adam Wilshier says:

      I have been an occasional Cannabis smoker for many years, I have never had a problem with it, it has never caused any physical or mental issues and I have never become addicted to it. I enjoy smoking very much when I do get to. The only problem is that here in Australia it is illegal and supply can come and go and dealers are also hard to come by as those who smoke and do have a constant source are very protective and don’t like to spread it around, so it is not always easy to get any. I used to be in a live-in relationship with my same-sex partner, we both liked a smoke from time to time, but the only place we were able to find it regularly was through a friend a few hours away up in the country. So every few months he or I would go up and get some, visit our friends, then come home again. One time my partner went up there for a long weekend, he came back and told me he had tried ‘synthetic weed’ and it was pretty cool. A girl up there had told him about it and her and her partner were smoking it almost exclusively because it was readily available and it was cheaper than the real thing. My partner told me they bought it from adult shops where they stocked it ‘under the counter’, that it wasn’t really legal, but it was easy to get and sold constantly. My partner decided to hunt around adult stores local to us to see if they sold it too, we found that an adult store only a few minutes away from us did in fact sell it. Interested to try it because it was far easier for us to get than driving hours into the country and seeing it as a viable alternative, we bought some and gave it a go. The first time I experienced it I felt very strange, at first I felt panicked and thought I was going to die, my whole body felt like it was dissolving and that my soul was separating from my body. It also made me cough like you would not believe. But after the first few minutes this feeling of panic and unease passed which was good because I truly felt I had done the wrong thing and was freaking out. The rest of the evening I was totally out of it, we both were, but it was extremely euphoric and we both enjoyed it a lot in the end. We made the decision that it was a good alternative to normal pot and it wasn’t too long before we were back at the adult store buying more. A few weeks followed where we were buying a couple of bags for $35 each a couple of times a week, but this soon increased without us even realizing it and after a month we were smoking the stuff almost every day. It turned from something we just wanted to do once or twice a week, to an uncontrollable urge that we had to have it that night, every night. Almost every night we would sit like zombies smoking the stuff, it is not like normal Cannabis which enhances your senses and mind, it was more like heroin, we felt numb and lost time, hour after hour, night after night. This increase to daily use happened without us even realizing it was happening, it just stripped away our sense of reality and time. Whole evenings would go by and we wouldn’t remember any of it. Many months went past, I think it was about 6 or 7. We were spending pretty-much all of our free cash on it. My partner started zoning out more than I was, he would light a pipe, smoke it then just zone out doing nothing and saying nothing, it was like he wasn’t even there, he would light a cigarette and it would fall lit from his fingers and I would have to keep watch over him to make sure he didn’t burn the house down. It put a strain on our relationship, we tried to stop having it several times with no success and would always go back to getting more by justifying that we would just have it a couple of times a week like at the start, but no matter how hard we tried, it kept going back to a daily thing. In the end, my personality started changing and where we had both had a very peaceful and happy relationship, I started becoming tense and irrational, my partner stopped going to work because he would sit up all night zoned-out and we began to argue a little. One morning I woke to find him still sitting passed out in the living room late for work, I lost it and screamed at him, had a panic attack and smashed the glass in a picture frame hanging on the wall with my closed fist as I swung my arm sideways in anger while screaming. I will never forget the look of distress on my partners face when I lost it then, and I will forever regret it. I frightened him so badly and I will never forgive myself. My anger and lashing-out came out of nowhere and was not justified, I never smash things no matter how angry I get at anything. I managed to get off the stuff, but my partner could not control the need for it and would sneak to the adult store and buy more. In the end our relationship fell apart and we decided that it was better for us to go our separate ways. But even though I had stopped smoking the stuff I was still being affected mentally and looking back, I could have probably sorted this out and we might have stayed together. But it was me who decided first that I could not live with someone who had no self control, and frightened, I decided that the only way forward was to split up. My perceptions were still being affected by the synthetic weed even though I had stopped and I was not seeing things clearly, I see that now. At the time I did not. He eventually moved out, we are still close, he continued to smoke it for many months afterwards in his new place, I stopped from then on, and as my head cleared I realized how toxic it really was and I did my best to convince him to stop using it for his own safety. I am happy to say he eventually did, he no longer smokes it, and he fully understands as I do, how toxic and dangerous it is. But that is not where it ends. After I stopped smoking it, I developed visual problems, I was seeing flashing lights, when I lay in the dark with my eyes closed or open, I would see flashes constantly, or moving bright light changing shape constantly like a lava lamp in my head. It subsided after a few years but never truly went away. Also, I now have permanent visual snow where there is static covering my entire vision 24/7, the synthetic weed did something to my nerves which damaged them permanently and I still to this day, several years later, have the same visual problems. I also had tinnitus before but nothing I couldn’t ignore, but it got a whole lot worse after this period, constant buzzing and whining, and I put that down also to the synthetic weed. So in the end what was supposed to be a fair trade for natural Cannabis, became as addictive as heroin, destroyed my relationship, changed my personality into someone I did not know and made me aggressive, and also gave me permanent neurological damage. It is just not worth touching.

      • alice says:

        Oh jeez… Im scared. Ive been smoking since 2011.. Today is my first day that I am giving it up entirely. I have quit before. Even for 8 months at a time. I don’t know how I ended up back on this stuff. I am once again short on rent. I have spent over 120 a night lately. Way above my means… Ugh.. Im worried about side effects..i also will be going back into the work force and out in public in general..i have been a hermit lately…very nervous..any advise?? Vitamins i should take?? Totally worried..ty

        • leee leee says:

          My advice is to tell one person. Also, going out in public while detox of this stuff sound hard. You’re used to a major endorphin boost so you might find yourself out of character and being really mean! I know I was out of character.

      • Marlene says:

        Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I pray to God, one day at a time, that I never touch this drug again. I have been reading so many different experiences, here, but your’s really scares me. I was in a coma for 7 days from this crap and had pneumonia at the same time. I am blessed to be ok and have all of my faculties. I am clean 3 months and so far I do not notice any residual effects. I believe it affected my short term memory, but that is improving.

    36. Montana says:

      Hey man what u said and what everyone else has said is helping me.. currently going through withdrawals as we speak

    37. Fake free says:

      I have had my own experience with it trying to stop a habit of prescription drug use after a surgery. It was like pouring Petrol on a bonfire. When I did finally realize my family was falling apart because of my habit, I had spent well over four thousand dollars on the shit, I decided to quit. I gave my husband my car keys, bank card, debit card and phone. I locked myself in my room with a bed pan and a case of water. The first issue is the shakes and the sweating, a warm shower really helps, just lay in the tub under the water till the anxiety stops. The second is the craving, I won’t recommend anything illegal but I will say a hit off real Mary Jane will relieve the craving but don’t expect to get high, you prob won’t. And don’t expect to eat for a week or more, try to get some food you really love that has a lot of flavor as you won’t be able to taste much and stay hydrated very very important. As I came off it I got huge boils and sores, the toxins leaving my body I guess. I dealt with those with Neosporin and hot washcloths. I wish you well I will pray for you to have strength and rid yourself of this devil drug.

    38. smokey says:

      i tried spice 1 time, and after that one time i can honestly say i was addicted to it. i began to order huge amounts of it off the internet, sometimes spending upwards of 500 dollars. i started to call it my “crackweed” because of the addictive grip it had on me. ive done cocaine, speed, numerous opiates, and many other illict drugs, and its safe to say this legal one is the most addictive. im not going bash spice, because i do love the high it gives me, and it hasnt given me any health problems, but im just want to warn those curious about it how much of a grip it has taken on me. if i could go back, i would have just stuck with the pot.

      • No name says:

        Very true. I’ve done it all n never was addicted to anything til this. N like u said I love the high. But before u know it, u lose it all. Just detoxed myself for 5 days. Worst experience ever. Never again…

        • leee leee says:

          My detox took longer. I’m glad you’re well. Never again for me too. It’s the worst in the world.

      • Marlene says:

        I’ve heard it called herbal crack. It’s true that as my tolerance rapidly grew, a hit wouldn’t last 10 minutes and I had to keep smoking and smoking. After a while, I couldn’t even get high anymore.

    39. leee leee says:

      Spice has take my entire life. Yes, I was a straight A student, had a 720 credit score, and a job making 40k for myself. I have no kids and no responsibilities. It’s all gone!!! Prostituting just to keep my smokes.I hate the boils that popped all over my body, the sweating when I do not smoke, my complete loss of appetite, I swear I hear voices, I might be standing then fall asleep standing in the spot where I am, and literally nothing is more important than purchasing this. It used to be on Ebay for easy purchase. One of my dates, I let the guy try my smoke. I warned him since it was his frist time to take a quick puff and let it out fast. He claimed he’d been on harder drugs. He didn’t listen to me and puffed it like it was mary jane. O.M. Jeepers!!! He completely forgot who I was and why he was there. I had to convince him not to get in his car and stay in the motel room. His body then became petrified!!!!!!! I held him petrified in the corner and told him everything would be okay. This is my life….

      • Meg Kelley says:

        I care about what you went through. I went through a very similar experience and just penned my words for this forum. I hope at least one person reads it and find some comfort or understanding from it. If that is your email below leelee, I will email you before days end. Please stay sober today. We can do it, just for today. We can worry about the rest of life later

    40. Jack says:

      I’m a 14 yr old kid. Where I live, trying stuff like this at a very young age is completely normal. I was addicted to it for about 2-3 weeks. Thankgod not more. I finally realized that it was ruining my life. I would ruin my whole future. The withdrawal symptoms right now are not just bad, there horrendous. I’m missing school so much just because I’m not physically active. I’m sweating. I’m depressed. and sometimes I just tic and go into a rage. I’m becoming so violent and I’m just craving, I lost 5 kg in 2 weeks. But I know this is only temporary and will go away soon. That’s what I keep in my head to not go back.

      • leee leee says:

        I’m happy you quit it before it could ruin your future. How you made that decision at such a young age, is so STRONG! Wow! I’m clean now. Yaaay!! I have all the withdrawal symptoms as you, so you are not alone, young man. I was driving the other day on everyone’s tail, honking, and I was literally talking out loud to myself in front of people like a maniac! We will be back to normal soon. I lost 30 pounds too. The weight is coming back fast even if I eat one meal. You will be well. I promise!

    41. marcus says:

      I’m a 12 year old boy who tried spice for the first time about a year ago. At first I thought it was weed. But then I found out wat it was. Then it kinda became a daily thing. It was normal. IG, dumbass kids doing dumbass shit is OK in shelbyville. I remember I went to my grandmas for 2 days and withdrawed just BC of this shit. Then I came home wit 40$ and got a 40 sack. But yesterday I quit I don’t even looking at it. I threw up almost everyday. And I got namonia from it. So tbh I hope u huts rlly stop this shit and just stick to pot like me.

    42. Blyss says:

      K2 ruins lives. My ex fiancee I hate the fact that he is my ex. Is a slave to that drug. I recently posted a story. And after the car accident that i was involved in I realize that trying to save him is not my job. It may sound selfish, and I love him. However he is trapped in the world of K2. If you know of someone smoking k2 you can try and help them. But if that person is violent and acting crazy put your own self worth above that.

      • ANTHONY says:

        I was addicted for 4 years. It’s worse if not just as bad as heroin meth. I lost many loved ones. But the ones who stuck around and supported me where the ones who truly cared. And I would do the same for them. I wouldn’t hesitate 1 second to help someone I cared about if they put their lives at risk. Even if it meant I was putting my own life at risk also. I hope you do the same for the person you care about and not just watch him kill himself and rant about it online. I wish you and your ex the best of luck

        • H says:

          Word ^

          Blyss, I’ve been struggling for 5 years…
          But my girlfriend never gave up on me.

          I pray you’ll not give up on him too,
          from one addict to another…

          One day at a time,
          It’ll only get better.

      • Nichole says:

        I had every intention of trying to stick by my fiance while he was battling this, but he snapped and tried to kill me. As much as I still love him and want to help him through everything, that was the line. To this day, if he called me for help to kick this I would do everything in my power. But letting him go to protect myself doesn’t mean I failed him or love him less. If your safety is at risk, you have to protect yourself. I believe you did the right thing, Blyss.

    43. Jess says:

      does anyone know how long it takes to pass a clean urine I’ve been clean going on day 8 and never wanna smokebthis stuff again I’m going thru hell plrase help

      • Marlene says:

        Synthetic marijuana does not show in a drug urine screen. Unless it is laced with something that does, but that is not usual.

    44. Rmn says:

      I don’t do drugs or weed , weed i tried 2-3 times in my life , may be just 1 or 2 puff each time . Only bad habit i have is I am smoker
      I tried this once just one week ago . Man I could not explain how bad it is. I just took only 1 puff and after in 30sec to 50sec First i felt like Someone throwing up down left and right (this is just starting) . Then I lost control of my whole body, my hand was acting like faulty robot movement ( sorry can’t get a batter explanation ) . Then everything I remember is just repeating same moment again and again (for example my friend was asking me ” are you alright ” I was seeing the same moment again and again, like actually seeing not dreaming !!! ) , i moved 1 room to another and keep seeing same moment again and again) . Al together 3 or 4 moment was repeating again and again. In one moment I took razor to hart myself). I was trying to get out that moments , trying so hard god, but could not. In one moment I was forgot I am human , I was thinking like what is human . The way I saw other people its like the same we saw a bugs or cockroach ( forgive me could not explain what is that feeling). One moment I was thinking may be I am dying and this is the real dying moment, on the other moment i was thinking may be i already died and The real god put me in hell and punishing me. Whatever I was thinking my moment repeating never stopped. I was lucky I was with my friends and they saw me the controlled me in that time . They said after continuos 1 hour or a bit more I was doing that things , I was never stopped moving my body including robotic uncontrolled movement .I was fall a sleep after that (around 11:40pm). And woke up after 3hour and 20min at 3am. And luckily I was alright and got second chance to live my life.
      I will never try any kind of drug in my whole life ever.
I Got only one life .
      Guys please don’t take it . I might be dead if my friends ware not there might hurt myself coz no control of my body all acting strange I was not doing anything it was doing by itself or may be heart attach brain damage stroke , brain dead or brain damage anything can be happens that time .

      • Dedra Slack says:

        I know EXACTLY what you mean. I kelt repeating this uncontrolled behavior i was using but i wanted it to stop when it kept repeating i could only think i was dying from it. Theres no clear way to describe it, im convinced that i went to hell. God has told me what not to do ever again in life im still in disbelief as i type this comment

    45. Hunter says:

      I’m not really having withdraws it’s more like side effects im relating too this time and it’s really starting too scare me I’m having these homocidal thoughts whenever I see a tool of some sort but I would never actually on these thoughts im having…idk what too do like go to a rehab or see a psychiatrist…at the moment anything would help me

      • ippy says:

        I would see a drug counselor if your already withdrawaling rehab won’t do much and in my area they won’t even allow you in if your already withdrawaling but I live in an area with a lot of heroin use so it hard already to find an empty bed my brother who is a heroin addict had to wait 3 weeks just to get in

    46. sbt says:

      I am hoping someone here can help me. I believe I may have unintentionally smoked spice the other day. I smoke marijuana as I have PTSD. I am not a heavy smoker. I will occasionally take 2 hits to take the edge off my anxiety. The other day a friend offered me two hits of what even he thought was marijuana. it was rolled so I could not see it. Within 15 minutes I could no longer sit up straight and I could barely talk, felt like I could barely move. I managed to tell him to take me home. My house is a ten minute drive and he had to pull over 6 times on the way so I could throw up. I slept for about 4 hours, woke back up and threw up off and on all night. It’s been 3 days and I still feel naseaous. I can eat soup and stuff but nothing solid. How long does the nausea usually last? Like I said, I have never smoked spice before but I had a cousin who was addicted to it and I remember it used to make her really sick so I googled it and the symptoms match how I felt and what happened. My friend got it from someone he does not know at a bar. It has not made him sick but he is over a foot taller than me and weighs over 100lbs more than i do. He did say it made him feel really messed up. I told him he needed to throw that stuff out. Anyway can someone tell me how long it can make you sick for?

        • sbt says:

          I did not see the email with the comment until now. It gets much worse. The friend I smoked it with, I told him to throw it away. he didn’t. he ended up suddenly dying in his sleep one night. That stuff is EVIL and anyone who would sell it pretending it’s just regular marijuana is a MONSTER

          • Te'Aundra Watson says:

            Some one gave me spice I had no idea it was spice now I am messed up . It’s been 3 months now and I feel it getting worst .will this feeling ever go away

    47. Briana Lacy says:

      I smoked k2 at a party 2 weeks ago and
      it was my first time. Ever since then I’ve been so sick to my stomach. Does anyone know why or how long this feeling last?

    48. Marlene says:

      I smoked for a year. At first it seemed really potent. I was even in a coma for 7 days from it in July 2015 on life support. I am very fortunate to be fine. Yet, I continued to smoke. After a while I developed a very high tolerance. I was up to smoking 5 packs a day and couldn’t get high enough. Some of those packs were considered very potent. Yet, at the end of my using it, I couldn’t even get high anymore. I was just chasing. It made me sick. I was running from every orafice. Nose running, tons of phlegm, hardly could make it fast enough to the toilet to pee and I had diarrhea. I was constantly coughing really deep and hacking. Many times I could hardly eat. It is an awful drug because God only knows what’s in it. I also became very depressed and suicidal on it. I finally decided it was time to quit. I detoxed for 4 days in my room and now I go to NA meetings. I have 3 months clean. If you want to quit, you can. If you think using this drug is cool, it will catch up to you.

        • Marlene says:

          I basically stayed home because of diarrhea and fatigue. I felt better after about 3 to 4 days. Sometimes, the withdrawal would cause me to vomit, lack an appetite, runny nose, copious thick phlegm, sweat, urinate a lot and cough very hard. Once I made the decision that I didn’t want to use it anymore, the cravings went away. I am now 10-1/2 months clean.

    49. Marlene says:

      This stuff reaches a level of tolerance that it doesn’t matter how much you smoke or the potency, you won’t get high. That is when it is time to quit and never start again.

    50. Marlene says:

      In 2015 I was living in a homeless shelter. A group of us got together at a friend’s house to smoke. I was still new at it. I smoked and then laid down on the floor in the bedroom. All of a sudden I thought I was on the floor in a hallway at the mission and that one of the friends was rubbing my breasts and then saying he’d be back for sex. It felt so real but it wasn’t really happening. Then, I stood up and smoked some more. The next thing I knew the friends were trying to wake me up. They were frightened that I was dying. But as addictive as this crap is, I kept using it.

    51. Marlene says:

      Be careful that it isn’t MRSA. A skin staph infection that is hard to treat and is contagious. This is such a dirty drug, it would do that.

    52. Marlene says:

      Amen! I hated myself on the crap and wanted to commit suicide. I am 3 months clean now and I am my old, intelligent, goal-directed, determined self. There is life after synthetic marijuana and it’s a good one.

    53. Veronica says:

      My 17 year old is doing some type of drug but I still don’t know what it is. His eyes r almost always red, he doesn’t smell like smoke, falls asleep alot, eats everything in sight, gained over 20 lbs in one month, slurred speech, reflexes r lightly affected. At times he sleeps alot, like 4 ti 6 hours at a time, wakes up to do his thing again, I thought it was a consistent pattern. He went through one week of this and now he has all tge same exact symptoms except that he is awake alot. Please, U would love to know what U all think it might be so that I can get him the help he needs…

      • kurt terry says:

        He is smoking spice no doubt about it and that from someone one that was one’s a user

    54. Lk says:

      It started a year ago when I got with my boyfriend, he smokes it and thought it an ok alternative to pot and liked that didn’t stay in your system as long, aka drug test. Yeah no, I soon became dependant on it as he was. It’s not cheap either. It got so bad we were going into debt real quick over it or fighting over it. We couldn’t sleep without, I couldn’t eat without it and lost so much weight in a short amount of time. Constantly felt horrible without, couldn’t regulate my temperature anymore, was constantly freezing. The withdrawals are bad, the night sweats, crazy mood swings, depression. I’ve been off it for a month and half cold turkey but during the first two weeks off, nearly killed my bf. While my appetite is back, my body is still in shock. Sleep is starting to get back on track and definitely feel much better without it. Luckily I wasn’t on it as long so feel the damage is minimal. My bf on the other hand has been on it for 8 years and refuses to quit. Makes every excuse in the world, sleep, relaxes me, blah blah. It’s going to kill him. He spents his whole paycheck on it, can’t sleep without, cant be happy without. Crazy mood swings, constantly walk on eggshells with him. He coughs up tar looking crap all the time cause once he’s out, he scrapes his pipes for every bit he can get. I’ve told him I can’t live this way and refuse too. His parents have tried for the past 8 years to get him to quit but yeah, he doesn’t want to. Can’t see the bad from it, cause when he’s on it, “He’s normal again”. If you are reading this and haven’t been on it long, stop now. Yes withdrawals are going to suck, but so does losing your sanity, money, friends, family and eventually your life.

    55. Niki says:

      Went to college and smoked weed the real stuff and still passed…weed didn’t hold me back it keeps me doing my daily activities I’m more energized to do things I can eat I’m not puking from my head injury I don’t take pain medication for my severe head aches I get every day I’m not taking other pills doctors prescribe when their just bull shit and cause more problems than fixing…

    56. Te'Aundra Watson says:

      A friend of mine gave me what I thought to be marijauna and I smoked it till this day I am not normal my vision has changed I am not just myself anymore.i have lost my job and most of my friends .please I need some one to talk to it’s been 3 months and I feel it’s getting worst can some one email me [email protected]

    57. Ex spicehead says:

      Dear Terrified mother,
      Without a doubt you have tried more than 100% to help your son and i can tell you love him wkth all your heart and soul. I admire and respect your mindset and the way you dealt with this. I have been on spice for about 7 months, and the decision to quit comes from within. We as humans hate to see the ones we love hurt, especially if it comes from themselves, so i can relate to your pain as i started spice with my friend also. After the research and stories i found, i had to quit. I just had to. So i told my friend, who i started smoking it with qbout all ive read and found out. I quit on my 7th month, alongside my friend. Im now 13 months clean, but my friend is only 1month clean. This speaks volumes. Its all about the individual so dont beat yourself up about not being able to get him to stop. This is going to be one of the harshest things i could tell you but please understand my intentions are pure, and pure for you.

      I witnessed withdrawals of spice after 7 months use and that felt like hell. I can only imagine the battle your son faces when he withdraws. I believe he is too deep in(4 years is crazy) to have any self control over this addiction. Your son has had a near death experience and still does it. The idea that is most likely to work for you is that Casey’s law scenario you described. However. HE ALMOST DIED AND STILL DOES IT. I know that is your son and you can never turn your back on family, however I dont think you should take out a mortgage to fund this. This could end up effecting you so harmfully and your familys financial situation, and god forbid you take that mortgage out and he passes, youd be in a ton of debt, with the outcome you paid not to have. So until he is ready to tell you ‘mum im ready’, let god do his work and stay supportive.

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