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Orlando Area Man Arrested For Selling Spice Near School

Lake County Man Arrested For Selling Spice Near School

The Sheriff’s Department in Lake County, Florida, served a search warrant to find the illegal drug called “Spice” on Tuesday. The search was conducted at the F&M Foodmart located at 16927 Lakeside Avenue in Montverde, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Police seized more than 100 packages of synthetic marijuana…

Synthetic Marijuana Bust Nets $4 Million Operation In Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, AL – A joint effort by US Postal Inspectors and agents from Alabama ABC Drug Task Force brought down a $4 Million per year synthetic marijuana business near the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) last week after a 15 month investigation.

The agencies had been observing a company called Ninja Foot, LLC receiving orders…

$610K Worth Of Synthetic Pot Seized In Connecticut

Connecticut Police Seize $600K worth of Synthetic Marijuana

The State Police Department in Connecticut seized over 30,500 bags of synthetic pot on Friday and around 6:30pm.

While executing a search warrant on a storage facility in Manchester, the police found the packages commonly referred to as K2 or Spice. With a street value of over $610,000…

Houston Area Synthetic Cannabis Warehouse Raided By DEA

DEA Busts Houston Warehouse With Synthetic Cannabis

In Houston, Texas, almost $700,000 worth of synthetic cannabis was confiscated by Federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents.

According to Chron.com, the agents seized around 6,500 packages of herbal incense with names like Mr. Nice Guy, Mega Buzz, Serenity Now, Head Trip and Klimax.

Parents Found Passed Out In McDonald’s Drive-Thru With Synthetic Weed And Baby In Car

22-year-old Alejandro Rodriguez and 22-year-old Ashley Moreno Areested With Spice At McDonalds

Police were called to a Raymondville, Texas McDonald’s at around 3:30 am when employees found people passed out at the drive-thru window. When the officers arrived on the scene, they found Alejandro Rodriguez and Ashley Moreno, both 22 years old, asleep in their vehicle with their 1 year baby on the passenger side floor of […]