“Synthetic weed made him black out and his foot slipped off the brake”- Mcwesley

mood swings - synthetic cannabis spice k2 side effects

I am telling this story of my husband, Joel. His story starts in Wausau, Wisconsin where he had a typical childhood. He grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and frequently used marijuana mostly to self-medicate. He was a carpenter, and it was tough on his body.

In 2012 he started working on the pipeline between the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. His Ex son-in-law and some of their friends introduced him to synthetic marijuana or what most people called K2 or spice. He smoked it instead of weed because it was undetectable in a urine test which frequently happened on the pipeline.

Spice makes life hellIt was sold as incense or aromatherapy in tobacco shops. He tried to quit a couple of times but between 2014 and the day of his accident he got very addicted. The day of the accident I could tell he had been smoking spice again when he called me. I could always say his demeanor would change.

I hung up and said I am done. Then about 3 hours later, a Texas highway patrolman was knocking on my door he had my husband’s driving license. He told me that my husband hit a train. They weren’t sure what happened the synthetic weed made him black out and his foot slipped off the brake on to the gas pedal causing his truck to go through the barrier and hitting the train that was going 70 mph.

He coded for 10 min in the ambulance. He is alive, but he has TBI traumatic brain injury and is a quadriplegic our life changed that day forever. I hope that anyone thinking about trying synthetic marijuana feels about my husband’s story and doesn’t start. If you are all ready addicted to synthetic weed I would please ask you to get help. It changes everything and not for good.

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