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Information On The Drug Called Spice (Synthetic Marijuana, K2, Herbal Incense, Fake Weed)

List of Known Synthetic Cannabinoids

common synthetic cannaboids

There are more than 120 known chemical variants of synthetic cannabinoids, the active ingredient in synthetic marijuana, Spice and K2. About 50 of these chemicals are regulated or outlawed in the United States. Manufacturers in China continue to produce new molecules every month in order to bypass existing laws. On this page, we are attempting to catalogue all […]

People Having Bad Trips While On Herbal Incense

After watching this video of a guy having the worst trip on Spice, I wanted to see just how many of these experiences have been recorded and posted to sites like Youtube.

What I found was pretty alarming. There are thousands of these videos. People having seizures, becoming violent, yelling, crying…

71% Use Synthetic Cannabinoids To Avoid A Positive Drug Test

Synthetic Cannabinoid Use

More than one-third (38%) of adult patients in a Midwestern substance use disorder residential treatment program reported ever using synthetic cannabinoids. Nearly all of these patients reported multiple reasons for use, with the most common being “curiosity” (91%) and “to feel good or get high” (89%). A substantial number also reported that they used synthetic […]

Symptoms Of Synthetic Marijuana Use

Smoking A K2 Joint

Synthetic marijuana use has grown in popularity. Eleven percent of high school students have used some form of synthetic marijuana. There are many symptoms of synthetic marijuana use and both physicians and counselors need to be aware of the signs of use. More and more teenagers are ending up in hospital emergency rooms due to K2 and […]

What Is Synthetic Marijuana? The Deadly Drug Is Explained

Synthetic Marijuana - K2 Brand

While marijuana gains its mind-altering effects from a chemical known as THC, the chemical that synthetic marijuana is coated with (synthetic cannabinoid) is completely different. It happens to fit into the same chemical receptors that THC latches onto in the brain, though, so it has a similar effect. However, synthetic cannabinoids also have a number of significant […]

Vaping Spice & K2: More Dangerous Than Smoking?

vape pens with bottle

The Rise of Liquid Synthetic Marijuana: New Brands, New Risks The popularity of vaping synthetic drugs – inhaling them in a vapor form, rather than smoking – is increasing in the US and UK. Vaping is accomplished using an e-cigarette or “vape pen”, an electronic device that atomizes liquids and makes the vapor available for inhaling. Users load a […]

Only One-Fifth of Physicians in an Urban Emergency Department Felt Prepared to Treat Patients with Synthetic Marijuana Intoxication in 2010

Only One-Fifth of Physicians in an Urban Emergency Department Felt Prepared to Treat Patients with Synthetic Marijuana Intoxication in 2010

During a period of growth in the use of synthetic cannabinoids, emergency department physicians were unfamiliar and inexperienced with the nature and effect