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Videos Of People Having Bad Experiences (Trips) While High On Synthetic Marijuana.

People Having Bad Trips While On Herbal Incense

After watching this video of a guy having the worst trip on Spice, I wanted to see just how many of these experiences have been recorded and posted to sites like Youtube.

What I found was pretty alarming. There are thousands of these videos. People having seizures, becoming violent, yelling, crying…

Kid Is Mentally Tortured By His “Buddies” During Bad Spice Trip

This, apparently, teen aged kid is having a horrible trip on spice. Instead of trying to help him through it, like a normal group of friends, they scare him so bad he is in tears.

Screaming at him, threatening to punch him in the face, pretending to hit him with a baseball bat.

One Of The Worst Spice Trips I Have Ever Seen

Bad Spice Trip Youtube Video

In this 13 minute video posted to YouTube, a man has a very bad experience while on Spice. Probably, one of the worst I have ever watched. And I have seen a lot of these.

He appears to be going through phases of emotions and side effects from the drug.