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Information On The Drug Called Spice (Synthetic Marijuana, K2, Herbal Incense, Fake Weed)

What Is Spice / K2? Get The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana (2019 Update)

It’s Not What You Think!

Many people have heard about Spice, also known as synthetic cannabis, fake pot, synthetic marijuana, legal weed, K2, herbal incense or potpourri. They know exactly what it is and, maybe, have been tempted to try it. But, some people think it is a seasoning for…

“I felt it hard, I got so paranoid”- Christine

friends getting high on spice

I was 16, got invited to go camping with my boyfriend who was older than me at the time. We were camping with his friends, I didn’t know anyone, and they were passing around a joint. It was K2, but I was told it was the weed. I smoked weed a few times before that […]

Spice / K2 Drug Tests Provide Peace Of Mind

Annihilation Herbal Incense By Mary Joy

Just like clockwork, once our children reach a certain age, they are going to start rebelling against the good examples we try to set for them day in and day out. They are going to feel invincible like we once did. Our children are not going to think about long-term consequences. Just like we did, […]

How To Tell When You Need Spice Rehab

Road To Recovery From Spice Addiction1

There’s one tell-tale sign that it might be time to get help for an addiction to Spice or K2. If you are actively seeking to learn whether or not you need treatment for addiction to synthetic marijuana, then you probably need help. If you are questioning whether or not you need help, then you may want to […]

700 Street Names for Synthetic Marijuana (Spice, K2, etc.)

Street Names for Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is sold under a wide range of names and brands around the world. We are attempting to catalogue every brand and street name. If you’d like to add a new brand or nickname to our list, please touch “Submit a Name” below. For a list of 120+ known synthetic cannabinoids (the active ingredients in the […]

Side Effects Of Spice Use

heart issues due to using synthetic marijuana spice k2

Is Spice Safe?

There are many side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana that can be the same or worse than those of real weed. Reports indicate the side effects of Spice use may be similar to marijuana such as elevated mood, relaxation and altered perception – these being the more…

Spice Withdrawal Symptoms

spice addiction look in the mirror

How Bad Is It?

There are many withdrawal symptoms people experience when they stop smoking synthetic marijuana for an extended amount of time. Some might even have some withdrawal hours after their last hit. Other people are lucky enough to never experience any at all.

While they…