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Resources For People Who Are Struggling With Addiction To Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)

“I will probably suffer from for the rest of my life”- Gizmo

Cannabis smoking

As I suffered a brain injury in the past, you would think I should never touch any of this kind of drugs. As I was in a relationship with a person who had a fondness for being high (hippie type) I was easily convinced to try some weed. No problem as I had smoked some […]

Spice / K2 Drug Tests Provide Peace Of Mind

Annihilation Herbal Incense By Mary Joy

Just like clockwork, once our children reach a certain age, they are going to start rebelling against the good examples we try to set for them day in and day out. They are going to feel invincible like we once did. Our children are not going to think about long-term consequences. Just like we did, […]

How To Tell When You Need Spice Rehab

Road To Recovery From Spice Addiction1

There’s one tell-tale sign that it might be time to get help for an addiction to Spice or K2. If you are actively seeking to learn whether or not you need treatment for addiction to synthetic marijuana, then you probably need help. If you are questioning whether or not you need help, then you may want to […]

Counseling for Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Find A Substance Abuse Counselor

Synthetic marijuana addiction affects nearly 30% of patients seeking treatment for marijuana addiction. Because there are several forms of synthetic marijuana with various active ingredients, counselors must pay attention to treatment, as it will vary by patient. Individualized treatment is a must and fortunately provides much better results. Many patients with an addiction to synthetic […]

How To Quit Using Spice & K2 (Safely)

russian mob burns spice drugs

Need to Stop Using Spice or K2? You’ve come to the right place. This site is dedicated to helping people learn more about spice, the street name for synthetic marijuana, and how to quit using it – for good. You Are Not Alone Spice is a real, growing drug problem in the US today. Synthetic marijuana is the […]

Tips For Finding A Treatment Facility For Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Synthetic Marijuana Rehab Facility

The way that drugs like Spice and K2 (also known as synthetic marijuana and herbal incense) are being marketed has lead many people to believe that they’re some sort of safer alternative to street drugs, but that’s not the case. The companies making these drugs can put anything they want in them, just like street drugs that […]

5 Types Of Rehab For Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

5 Types Of Rehab For Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

The old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks” – and rehab for synthetic marijuana addiction is no exception. What works for one person might not necessarily work for the next. A key part of succeeding in synthetic drug rehab relies on ensuring that you’re in the appropriate type of rehabilitation center for you. The best […]