Synthetic Drugs Are Deadly But Still Legal?

This is an excellent video about synthetic drugs done by ABCNews. While the beginning of the story is covering Bath Salts, the last 6 minutes do a great job explaining Spice and shows how lives are impacted by the drug.

Nathan, a 17 year old from Los Angeles, says he smokes incense because he was able to pass the standard drug tests his mom made him take every week.

David, a baritone player in a high school band in Iowa, tried some K2 at a graduation party and a few hours later, he killed himself.

Dicky Sanders had a second psychotic episode, less than 24 hours after attempting to slit his throat, and was found dead by his parents. There was a rifle next to his body.

These are just a few of the stories about people who smoke herbal incense.

Nathan is lucky that he can still talk about his experience with the drug.

Unfortunately, David and Dicky can not.

Jump to 3:05 if you want to bypass the bath salts portion of the story

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