Symptoms Of Synthetic Marijuana Use

Smoking A K2 Joint

Synthetic marijuana use has grown in popularity. Eleven percent of high school students have used some form of synthetic marijuana.

There are many symptoms of synthetic marijuana use and both physicians and counselors need to be aware of the signs of use. More and more teenagers are ending up in hospital emergency rooms due to K2 and spice usage.

This article describes the signs to keep an eye out for when spotting synthetic marijuana usage.

Common Symptoms When Using Synthetic Marijuana

• Excessive sweating
• Paranoia
• Inability to speak
• Aggression
• Euphoric and psychoactive effects

Lots of drugs display one or more of the symptoms above, but with synthetic marijuana use, psychosis and hallucinations are very common.

This is especially true for a patient who has become addicted to synthetic marijuana and increases their consumption, as many will tell you.

As with most drugs, intolerance is built and eventually the person needs more synthetic marijuana to get high. Since many patients are misinformed on the damage synthetic marijuana can cause, they often feel comfortable increasing their consumption in a short period of time. Some patients do not feel they are breaking the law or do not realize the harm they are doing to their bodies.

Psychosis, mimicking the effects of schizophrenia, can also happen as a result of using synthetic marijuana. These symptoms may include bouts of euphoria, extreme anxiety and hallucinations.

The chemical compounds in synthetic marijuana can never be fully known to the user. The chemicals in synthetic marijuana vary from brand to brand, so there’s no way to know what is in the product you’re putting in your body.

Because of the “marijuana” name given to the product, many people think they are ingesting a natural substance as they would with traditional marijuana.

In reality, synthetic marijuana is likely more dangerous to a person’s health because there is no way to know what is in the substance. It’s for this reason that synthetic marijuana is now ruled a Schedule I controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Those found using, selling or holding synthetic marijuana face the same consequences as other drugs of the same class.

Currently synthetic marijuana is most popular with teens, who report it is the second most commonly-used drugs under traditional marijuana. It is more common for boys to use synthetic marijuana with almost double the numbers compared to girls in 12th grade.

The drug is known as spice, K2, Yucatan Fire, fake weed, skunk and moon rocks.

Once upon a time spice was sold in head shops, gas stations and corner stores, which is why people have the misconception that it is not damaging to your health.

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    One thought on “Symptoms Of Synthetic Marijuana Use

    1. KUSH says:

      I wish there were a place where the physicians could talk with past users so they could help explain just what the effects and withdraws are like since we know the truth and the doctors are often left with guesses at best. Truth is this stuff is very potent and addictive but can be beaten. The side effects last for a while after subsiding but they do pass. I just hate the sweating I get on my face and I feel like everyone knows something is wrong but they truly have no idea… If your struggling get help please… I know too many guys who have ruined their lives due to fake weed. One is serving life due to robbing for money to get it as the chase is as bad as any other schedule 1 drug.

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