8 thoughts on ““I was stuck in an endless loop of Hell for an hour, but it felt like days” – Anonymous 85

  1. Micah B. says:

    Oh my goodness.
    I have had the same exact experience.
    I don’t know what type of weed I smoked. It was very old and given to me from my sister. I’m not a regular user. I had probably smokes 5 times before.

    One morning I decided to smoke in my garage before starting my day. I didn’t have anything to eat or drink before and it was a big bowl that I packed all to myself. Maybe 7 hits in, I started to feel it hard. Everything became buzzy and my legs wobbly. I started to become scared and stood up to shake off the feeling. But when I did, I just stared off into the distance and I could not move. Then everything around me became unfamiliar. I didn’t know where I was and I thought my soul was put into a random body. It was like I was looking through the eyes of a stranger because I didn’t know myself.

    Then I just passed out. But when I fell, I didn’t black out completely. I was still aware of everything around me.
    The radio in the garage was playing but when I passed, the last song I heard played on a loop. “Tide is High”, by Blondie. There was no end, and I kept rolling on the floor slowly not having any control and nothing was real. I had all these emotions too. I was asking God why I went to hell? What did I do and how do I stop it? Then I kept asking myself this question, “Am I happy? Is this what they call a happy?” For 20 minutes I was in this hell loop, but it felt like forever. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that’s what hell really is. It is the most horrifying thing to experience.

    Anyway when I finally started to come to, I recognized everything around me. But I still didn’t feel in control. I was shaking uncontrollably, my heart was racing and my saliva was thick. The first thing I did was get up and walk to the bathroom. Said my name over and over to make sure I was myself and I put my head in cold water.

    The rest of the day I was in this confusion. Trying to remember my life and the people in it, trying to make sure my life existed. Even now 2 weeks later, I still have moments of being unsure about myself. I have this anxiety and panic attacks that I’ve never experienced before and I’m depressed. I don’t know what else to do. Everything to me is bullshit and I feel like I’ve given up.

    But yes, it is hell. Something I pray no one ever experiences.

    • Lasha says:

      Hi. I had exectly same situatuon couple years ago. Did anything help you with anxiety and depression after that. Please share your experience. Thanks

    • cakez says:

      I smoked in my garage as well. and i kept wondering why i had got sent to hell too. worst experience

  2. Lina says:

    I heard the death metal growling on one trip. I thought it was coming from the taps. Then the faucet joined in.
    Sounds funny but it was scary as hell.

  3. cakez says:

    Dude, im not kidding i know exactly what you’re talking about i went through the exact same thing ! well very similar. I saw my grave and everything.

    • Ramses Osirus says:

      I’ve also had these “death trips” due to the stuff. Absolutely terrifying. I felt what it will be like to be stuck in your coffin, physically dead, feeling your body dry up and erode, all while being conscious of it.

  4. Mark B. says:

    I went there last night. At first I thought I was feeling like I smoked a joint, but it kept becoming more and more intense. It then felt ‘wrong’. Reality was wrong, my reality was. I started falling physical space and time totally twisted and changed into a timeless spaceless twisting looping unending hell. It was hell because it was me in it. There was no escaping it because I was somehow an integral part of it, I was part of the equation that was making it happen. It was so scary because it was real. It’s so hard to put into words but I know a lot of you know what I’m saying, I can tell we were in the same same place. It was wrong, it almost feels like all my sins, everything bad about me, was manifested and was pulling me into this twisting desperate despair of a reality that I was trapped in. Omg I wish I knew what that was, where-like was that actually hell? I think it may have been, and I didn’t even believe in hell! I honestly am rethinking that now. It’s the only word in my vocabulary that most describes it. For everyone else that went there, I think it could be a good thing, because now we’re out, we’re back, and maybe if we become more loving accepting, compassionate people, whatever the opposite of that hell was, we won’t ever go back there. Because I’m convinced that that was more than a drug induced event. That was transcending space and time and going to a place that was what evil is. That was hell. Hell isn’t fire and a red devil guy, it was being trapped in that twisting loop of despair. It was hell because it was outside of time, it didn’t have an end, no solution no way out. Wtf was that

    • Jackson says:

      Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Probably the worst thing I have ever gone through. Smoked maybe a hit or two waiting for my pal to pick my friend and me up. The synthetic kicked in worse than ever before. I slowly went through (maybe 3-4 hours) of what I would have been doing while high on this shit. When I say slowly, I mean *slowmotion*. It was like something told me that this was what my life had come to. A perma-trip of some sort. And for those four or so “hours”, I was scared to death. I “came back to reality” sitting on some stairs in a store zoned out looking down a hallway. My buddy had no idea what had happened to me. And neither did I. Been re-living that same trip for a long long time. <– (when I smoke weed).

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