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Over 5,500 Synthetic Marijuana Packets Seized By Police

According to, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in Bradenton, Fla. seized nearly 180 pounds of synthetic marijuana from 2 Shell gas stations. The stores are owned by the same people. Sheriff Brad Steube said the stores had been warned by letter on 3 different occasions to stop selling fake pot. Undercover officers purchased Spice […]

Synthetic Marijuana Tested For Dangerous Chemicals

A St. Louis, Missouri news crew had some packets of spice tested to see what was in them. While they didn’t find any illegal chemicals, they did find XLR-11 which is really close to one that has been banned. Just days after finding the chemical and reporting it to the FEDs,  the DEA issued an […]

Students Hear About The Dangers Of ‘Fake Weed’

“Spice” is hardly nice. In fact, the so-called “fake weed” is potentially toxic, yet has become a “designer drug” and “fad” amongst teenagers. Spice, also known as K-2, is being sold as a herbal incense. Although a warning — “not for human consumption” — is tacked to each label, the synthetic material produces two to five times the “high” as marijuana, yet in some cases, has been deadly.[…]

Mount Isa Police Seize Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabis haul seized in Mount Isa

Police in Mount Isa in north-west Queensland have seized what they believe to be a large quantity of synthetic cannabis. An operation has been targeting the sale of the drug, with officers yesterday searching a tattoo parlour. Superintendent Russell Miller says investigations are continuing in relation to identifying suppliers of synthetic drugs in the city. He says while they are often advertised as offering a legal “high”, synthetic cannabis can be extremely dangerous. “We’ll have contents analysed and charges possibly will be laid after that,” he said. “The compounds in the synthetic drugs are […]

Synthetic Pot Use Can Mimic Symptoms of Prenatal Disorder

Effects of this unregulated drug are unpredictable, researchers caution. TUESDAY, May 7 (HealthDay News) — Women who use synthetic marijuana during pregnancy can develop symptoms similar to those associated with eclampsia and preeclampsia, according to a new study. Although women with these serious prenatal conditions get better after delivery, researchers in California pointed out that pregnant women with a drug problem do not. Synthetic marijuana, also known as “Spice Gold,” is similar to marijuana, except the easily accessible drug can’t be detected with a standard urine drug test. The researchers also cautioned that the effects of this unregulated drug, […]

Synthetic Weed – The History

K2 is a form of synthetic cannabis first developed at Clemson University in the US more than a decade ago where the developers were creating synthetic cannabinoids not for the aim of getting high, but therapeutic purposes. What they created has become a clear and present problem. There is concern that it continues to be sold over the counter, fear of what it can do to the minds and bodies of some users and confusion over what is happening to get it off the shelves.[…]

Washington D.C. Deptartment Of Health: ‘Fake Weed’ Will Turn You Into A Zombie

Washington DC Zombies when you smoke spice

(K2 Zombie DC/D.C. Department of Health) A new D.C. government education campaign is telling city youth that using “synthetic marijuana” products will turn them into zombies, “Night of the Living Dead”-style. The campaign, sponsored by the D.C. Department of Health, includes print and broadcast ads, billboards, transit ads, social media accounts and a Web site […]

Extreme Side Effects From Smoking ‘Legal Cannabis’

Street Names for Synthetic Marijuana

People are suffering weeks of vomiting, memory loss and mood swings as they try to quit legal synthetic cannabis drugs, a Marlborough addiction counsellor says. Wairau Hospital addiction services youth addictions counsellor Francesca Bellingham said the service was seeing a big rise in the number of people reporting with problems from synthetic cannabis and wanting help. Clients reported psychotic episodes, seizures, severe vomiting, racing heart and feeling unable to stand after smoking the legal highs. One client reported “intense” memory loss and others had vomiting and feelings of intense emotions, crying and feeling overwhelmed while trying to […]