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Parents Found Passed Out In McDonald’s Drive-Thru With Synthetic Weed And Baby In Car

22-year-old Alejandro Rodriguez and 22-year-old Ashley Moreno Areested With Spice At McDonalds

Police were called to a Raymondville, Texas McDonald’s at around 3:30 am when employees found people passed out at the drive-thru window. When the officers arrived on the scene, they found Alejandro Rodriguez and Ashley Moreno, both 22 years old, asleep in their vehicle with their 1 year baby on the passenger side floor of […]

Synthetic Pot Dealers No Different Than Crack Dealers

Spice Sellers Compared To Crack Dealers

The Pasco Sheriff’s office busted 3 different stores for selling synthetic pot at the same time on Tuesday. One of the stores was a Boost Mobile.

Sheriff Chris Nocco says that people who sell synthetic marijuana are the same as crack cocaine dealers. The only difference is the K2 sellers operate out of a store.

Here is the video of the original news report.

Man High On K2 Get’s Violent, Police Called

Things got pretty dangerous for a family in Oklahoma because of a man high on Spice.

When the family came home, they found a man they hardly knew passed out in their daughters bed. When they asked him to leave, he got violent.

Police was called to the scene and he struggled with the officers before being arrested.

After he was arrested…

Convenience Store Found With 600 Bags Of Spice

basheer mustafa

  In Sweetwater, Florida, an owner of a convenience store was arrested after police discovered his store selling synthetic marijuana. This was the second time Spice was found in his store. reports the owner as a Basheer Mustafa who is 26 years old. According to police, the Quick Pik convenience store was under surveillance […]

Man Convicted Of Selling Synthetic Marijuana In Virginia Beach

According to, a 33 year-old named Robert Charles Beatty, was arrested in August when he was found with 136 pounds of synthetic marijuana. Police raided his home and found 62 kilos of Spice in packages named “G-13”, “Mr. Happy”, “California Dreams” and “Hypnotic”. Beatty admitted to police that he had been selling the synthetic […]