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Just like clockwork, once our children reach a certain age, they are going to start rebelling against the good examples we try to set for them day in and day out. They are going to feel invincible like we once did.

Our children are not going to think about long-term consequences. Just like we did, they’re going to want to question authority and unfortunately for a lot of youth, that means trying drugs like synthetic marijuana. They are going to use it even though there are many side effects and they’ve been warned about drug use for years by every authority figure in their lives.

We would be lying to ourselves if we pretended that the same thing doesn’t happen each generation, so we need to take that knowledge and do something with it. These days there are drug tests for synthetic marijuana which are easily affordable and readily available. This makes it much easier for parents to tell if their children are using illegal drugs, and in turn it, makes it much easier for caring parents to get their children the help they need.

In order to understand the pitfalls of spice drug tests, however, it’s important to understand how the people making and selling spice are able to get away with it.

Why must lawmakers jump through hoops to keep our children safe?

It seems like every time we turn around there are dangerous new fads that we need to warn our children about. Designer drugs like “bath salts” and “herbal incense” have been in the news recently and are serious cause for concern. These are the newest drugs and parents need to be on alert for.

“Spice” and “K2”, two popular brands of synthetic marijuana, contain herbal material that is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. The products are marketed online, in convenience stores, and in head shops (stores that specialize in selling drug paraphernalia).

Lawmakers are desperately trying to keep up with the changing compositions of the drug in order to keep spice and K2 off of the streets and away from our children.

You see, by the time lawmakers are able to climb through the bureaucratic hoops of government and the court system to get the current iteration of spice added to the list of illegal narcotics, the people making millions of dollars off of the production and marketing of K2 have already got a slightly-modified version ready to hit the shelves, and the entire process must repeat itself in order to get said new version off of the shelves.

Know where you stand with a spice / K2 drug test.

The people making fortunes off of synthetic cannabis don’t care that their products are dangerous and they don’t care that they’re hurting people, they’re just looking to make a quick buck.

In fact the labels will always say “not for human consumption”, but everybody knows that’s what they’re for.

Don’t sit around and wait for lawmakers to get this all sorted out, find out definitively if your children are using spice or K2. You can’t rely on the storekeepers to keep your kids safe, you’ve got to take action for yourself.

Until recently, the same reason that spice makers are able to keep their products on shelves by slightly changing the composition of them is also one of the reasons that spice / K2 drug tests wouldn’t necessarily be effective. How can you have a test for something that’s made differently every month or two?

Luckily, spice and K2 do show up on a drug test now. thanks to the latest drug test kits which test for the whole spectrum of variations.

Before you order a test kit…

Before you order any synthetic marijuana test kits, make sure they are able to test for multiple compounds to increase the likelihood of finding the drug.

Here are two spice / K2 drug tests you can order online that test for various compositions and variations of spice.

The Devon Medical K2 Test Kit

Devon Medical K2 Spice Urine Drug Test Laboratory ConfirmationThis spice test kit can pick up four different variants of spice. This particular test kit provides laboratory results – the entire kit comes with shipping materials, chain of custody papers and instructions, and a urine vial with a seal and a label. After collecting the urine, you send it off to the lab and you are emailed the results.

Learn more about the Devon Medical K2 Spice Test Kit on Amazon.

The USAINTEL Spice Test Kit

USA Intel K2 Drug Test KitThe USAINTEL test says that it detects up to nine different compounds of Spice, and the results are instant. The test is of the variety that you collect the urine and dip a card in the cup to read the results. It takes five minutes for the results to come back. The test only costs about 30 dollars and you get five dip-cards. It is perfect for the workplace; this rapid spice test can detect spice for up to 72 hours after use. Bear in mind that due to body chemistry there may be more or less time required to pick up an accurate result so do your homework if you suspect you’ve waited too long.

Learn more about the USAINTEL Spice Test Kit on Amazon.

Advantages Of Ordering A Spice / K2 Test Online

Discretion and price are two of the prime reasons that people choose to order a synthetic marijuana drug test online.

It can be embarrassing to go to a doctor’s office or a lab to get drug tests done, and if you’re wrong about your suspicion it can also be humiliating for your kids, and they may resent you for it initially. It’s a much easier cross to bear when you’re simply doing an at-home test.

Also, it can be very expensive to get these tests done by doctors, but all you’re really doing is paying the doctor to perform the same tests you can do at home for a fraction of the cost.

These types of tests generally aren’t covered by healthcare, either, so many people choose to order them online instead of paying huge amounts out-of-pocket to have the tests done at a clinic.

The disadvantage is that unless you opt for next-day shipping, it might be too late for the test to detect drug use. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get the tests ahead of time and to have them ready, instead of waiting until you’re suspicious, because it might be too late by then. If you suspect your kids are using synthetic marijuana on the weekend, the best time to test is early on Sunday.

If you suspect that your children, perhaps one of your employees or someone else you know is using spice, you can detect it with a spice drug test. Specialized tests will detect it, and you can then decide what avenues you want to take.

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  • Cody

    The goverment doesnt understand! If marijuana was legal there would be
    less people buying and using this potentually deadly alternative. They should simply put an age limitation like tobbaco and alchohol.

    • rolltide

      colorado and washington state!

      • And yet we still have a spice problem. Weed and Spice are two very different drugs.

        • Dunk

          The only reason “Spice” and other marijuana analogues exist is because cannabis is prohibited by law.

        • Paul Davidson

          Escapism is the name of the game. Once you have experienced an effect from any drug, whether its alcohol, weed or Spice, some like it, and addiction can take place almost immediately.
          Some kids, no matter how well parented, will experiment with some of the above and some will become ensnared if the right treatment is not available.

    • Matt

      I wish it was so i can get off this shit

  • Bradlee Bien

    I just quit two days ago, I have uneasiness, hot and cold flashes, pulsing in left abdomen, weird itching, diahrea, nausea, coughing out brown phlegm (no blood), body soreness, wired arm feeling, lack of full appetite, vivid nightmares(when i can actually sleep) Please help? I need to know if this is normal withdraw symptoms

    • Felix Cheyne

      This is absolutely normal. Many “artificial cannabinoids” are much more active at the CB2 site than at the CB1 site; this is involved with digestion, immune response, spleen function… you have been experimenting upon yourself with a series of basically untested substances, which are firstly usually of technical grade or so, not the “three nines” you would want to be seeing in a good pro-made drug, and then it is actually _cut_ by _hundreds of thousands of times its weight_ of various plants, some toxic. Don’t be surprised if, when you remove what was making you feel so good (but altering your body function in unpredictable and poorly-understood ways), you feel bad, okay?

    • Paige

      Perfectly Normal, drink lots of water so you are notbdry heaving when you throw up, and lots of jello, it’s about the only thing you can keep down.

  • Susan

    How do I know If my grandkids are ok, if their dad does his spice in the house. I have confronted him but he will not seek help I am worried about my 3 Grandkids

    • CPS.

    • ZeJonni

      You are worried about your three grandkids while thier dad is getting high on spice infront of them, god damn why are you on the internet complaining about that instead of taking proper actions?