“The f…… thing destroyed my life.” – Marko

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Hi. First of all sorry about grammar, I am not an English speaker.

The f…… thing destroyed my life.

I was hospitalized twice in closed section of mental institution with full blown psychosis and I am currently medicated, if I don’t use medication things get bad pretty quickly.

Oddly, only now with some time passed by I can see that Spice (in it’s many names), was a culprit behind all of that. My higher education went  mostly down the drain, I lost the only girl I ever loved and who was the best thing that ever without any doubt and close second happened in my life. Among other things, stealing became a regular thing for me.

I am going cold turkey, I lasted four days and then had a two day relapse. I don’t intend to make the same mistakes again.

If someone see this and it incline him/her to stay away from stupid decision then great. Also, if someone has some useful tips it will be great.

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