One thought on ““This is my pledge to myself that me and my friends will kick this sh*t.” – TrippySama

  1. Ryusei Arai says:

    Hey brother, thanks for sharing your story as I have gone through the same exact downfall from spice addiction myself . I’ve smoked spice for 6 years ever since I was 15, quiting and relapsing was a monthly habit. After a near death experience while I was high on that shit early this year, I spent days on the Internet doing research on what this stuff I was putting into my body actually was, and it disgusted me the core of what I found out. After my last hit on October 11th 2014, I went through an agonizing 3 week recovery period where I’ve suffered intense headaches, abdominal pain, lethargy, lack of sleep, vomiting, coughing, dizziness, paranoia, weakness, fatigueness and hell even the inability to pass bowl movements (means that I couldn’t even take a single shit). When I was able to get some sleep it would only be for a brief moment until I get waken up by the same reoccurring nightmare and an intense pain in my stomach. Now I’m happy to say that I’m completely sober without a sense of argency to even go near the smoke shop I was buying it from, all thanks to this website and it’s supporters. The most important thing that you need to know in order to kick your habit along with your friends is to bear through the withdrawal symptoms with all the strength and determination you have set in your mind and don’t give in to smoking again. I know it’s tough, but having those trembling episodes isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually your brain telling your body “hey something is wrong, we need to figure out what we’re missing and fix it”. as days goes by your body will begin to rejuvenate itself as the body’s immune system gets rid of all the harmful chemicals you’ve been inhaling into your body, that is why your body suffers withdrawals because your brain is adjusting itself without the dependency of the drug. Ultimately restoring your body back to how it was before the foreign invasion of the spice chemicals. If your strongly fixated on finally being clean once again, to get your life back to normal, it’s truly possible to manage through the symptoms.

    Here are crucial factors that helped me through my withdrawals:

    -Get rid of all the spice and paraphernalia you have and don’t ever go buy another set. The scent of the spice will just make you even sicker during the withdrawal phase so its best to not have anything that has the odor.

    -Form a temporary habit that is healthy in a way that isn’t another form of drug interactions. Play video games, go fishing, go for a walk, watch tons of YouTube videos, take a lot of hot baths, workout. Keeping your mind preoccupied with another task will help you cope with the urge to go back to the shop. (ONE thing I will say is avoid driving a motorized vehicle whenever you can. While your withdrawing, it tends to distract your motorskills).

    -Eat Healthy! Consuming vitable food that contains rich vitamins is an important factor towards your body’s ability to recover quickly and efficiently. Eating can be challenging during the first days of your recovery, especially with real solid foods that are dense and hard. You can start off your first days meal with soft and thin foods like bananas and noodles. Once you feel that you can keep the solids down in your stomach without feeling to vomit, order your favorite food like pizza! That will get your metabolism going. After your able to keep the delicious food inside without the feeling of vomiting, you can go ahead and start eating some greens for those important nutrients needed by your immune system.

    -Lastly stay positive and stay determined. Never give in to the addiction. Help your friends out when it seems like their about to relapse. Be honest to how you feel about the suffering to anyone you can, loved ones who truly loves you will understand the mistakes you’ve made and will hopefully help you cope with the withdrawal as much as they can. The more support you have, the higher chance you’ll see the day when you can breath normally again.

    Know that their are many of us going through the same hell and back to whom some that made it through and to whom that are still strifling in hell to make it back. It only takes the will of the person to be strong enough to make it through to the very end without collapsing to his demons. I believe you can make a full recovery if you pledged yourself to it. Be strong and remember what the administrator quoted “If your going through hell just to recover from an illness, keep going”.

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