5 thoughts on ““Please never start (using Spice). I just want this to be over. I want to die.” – A Broken Shell

  1. Supermum, says:

    Please don’t give up on yourself, I’m a mum with a daughter who won’t admit she is addicted I can see first hand what it is doing to her, but somewhere in that shell is a wonderful person desperate to get back on track, you know your not well it’s not your fault , you can’t do this on your own get help please get help someone will listen eventually, someone cares I care you made me cry and I don’t even know you it’s not going to be easy but don’t let your life be a wasted one, live it for someone who had no choice. May your God bless you. x

  2. me says:

    Mix the synthetic with dried lemon balm herb. Work your way down to having no synthetic in the lemon balm. My husband did this two weeks ago. He went through one small bag of synthetic mixed with lemon balm and he was done. His only withdrawal symptom is loss of appetite and an occasional stomach ache. When he tried to quit cold turkey he was scared to death. He had migraines, vomiting and sweat constantly. Please try this and get yourself of of this horrible stuff.

  3. Supermum, says:

    Hi again, I was wondering how you were, you have me worried, my husband says to say ” As an ex boot neck (RM) from one military to another you can climb out of this, remember your old friends who gave everything to you like a family, to waste it is to turn your back on all your comrades” Take the persons advice in the comment below, there are people out there who care and they are worse off than you, I don’t know you but I am reading this out to my husband and cried while doing so, speaking as a wife of an ex Marine and a mother of a Petty officer I would be heartbroken if one of my boys was going through what your going through I assume your a boy forgive me if I’m wrong, but I am a mother of a daughter who is addicted and she is lucky because she has a loving family to support her no matter what, if you aren’t that fortunate please let us support you, we aren’t nut jobs with a religious motive we are just parents who want to help.

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