3 thoughts on ““Please help anyone you know with a K2 addiction. I promise you, they need it.” – Brian Roberts

  1. Istuzu says:

    Stick with it mate, day 7 now? Gets better by the end of the second week. By a month you will feel likea new person. I was on it for 3 years, about 3 grams a day for the last two of that. Hated myself by the end of it. Mynwife was the same and by some miracle we managed to keep our marriage together, just!

    Forewarning, some pretty wicked cravings and anxiety kicked in at about 3 months of it. Pretty full on at times, fast heart, sweaty palms, all the good stuff. Stay strong, was a tough period, but now at 6 months clean, haven’t felt this good in years!!

    • This Guy says:

      I quit once before for a year. I was cleaning out my car, found a roach, smoked it and wound up in the same habit. It was always “Ugh, this withdrawal is terrible, I’ll try again tomorrow.” Next thing you know, you lost your house, car, and family.

      I’m done with it.

  2. Daniel Witt says:

    Stay with it man i was a 10 gram a day smoker for 3-4 years i smoked so much my stomache hurts every morning at first i had so much anxiety i would flip out … i couldnt eat but i could drink some stuff so ensures work well to help nutrition and smoke some bud it will calm you down and help you eat and drink.. the mornings will be the worst milk helps to sooth the stomache

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