People Having Bad Trips While On Herbal Incense

After watching this video of a guy having the worst trip on Spice, I wanted to see just how many of these experiences have been recorded and posted to sites like Youtube.

What I found was pretty alarming. There are thousands of these videos. People having seizures, becoming violent, yelling, crying…

I have seen a couple people trip out like this when I smoked herbal incense with them and it is no fun for anyone.

In most cases, these bad trips are caused by a “hot spot” in the spice where the synthetic cannabinoids are concentrated due to lack of thorough mixing. It also happens to people new to smoking the drug. The user smokes far more of the chemical than their bodies can process and they feel like they are losing their mind.

Been there, don’t want to ever again. It’s a really scary experience that I wouldn’t want anyone to go through.

If you haven’t smoked spice, don’t ever smoke it. If you have smoked it, quit right away. It’s poison and can mess you up pretty bad.

If you are still on the fence about Spice, watch some of these videos.

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  • billy

    Mate this put me on a dif planet it horrible whe u get a bad trip i experienced it not good

  • User

    I’ll try and give an objective perspective of spice. Smoking this stuff way above your tolerance level can get you pretty fazed out; however, if you smoke even more–past when you want to stop–you may very well just flat out hallucinate. I don’t believe in addictions, i just think people choose to indulge repeatedly. If anybody said that they were addicted to spice, then don’t let them drink alcohol or gamble, because there is nothing addicting about spice but people with weak willpower are susceptible to abusing this substance in the same way that people abuse alcohol and gambling.

    • CLong

      If you think there is no such thing as addiction, you are showing your lack of knowledge on the subject. Obviously you’ve never been in the shoes of someone who has lost everything to their addiction. Hope you never do.

  • Nathan, bad trip experience

    i got my first ever bad high from this last night and i can say honestly i’m done with. i couldn’t see, i freaked when someone touched me, and was shaking for nearly 10 minutes after. please people put this shit down guys i beg you

    • Not important

      Never try this shit i first hit a blunt wih a freind and i took 6 big hits wich messed me up pretty bad i passed out the first 15 seconds and i was hallucinating so bad i had questioned my existence i tought i…… we were nothing just grass on a pice of dirt flooting in space felling massive pain I experienced that for 20 straight minutes i cant tell you how much pain I felt and ever 10 minutes i keep slipping into conscious just to se my freind saying the same thing over and over for 5 times in a row i wish i could tell you the rest but it just hurts thinking about the one after it witch i heard my freind talking over and over and his voice getting higher and deeper at the same time i can’t explain… Just don’t do this drug I don’t want anyone to go thru this pain and the worst part im just 14…….stay off drugs

      • User

        I did the same exact thing..