One Of The Worst Spice Trips I Have Ever Seen

Bad Spice Trip Youtube Video

In this video posted to YouTube,  several people go through very bad experiences while on Spice. Probably some of the worst I have ever watched. And I have seen a lot of these.

They exhibit quite a few of the side effects from the drug.

  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Fear
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Seizures

Having been through this before, I can tell you: it is not pleasant.

[notice]Warning: Contains Explicit Language[/notice]

I know when I had bad trips on the stuff, having people make fun of me and yell at me probably would have sent me over the edge. I had such horrible thoughts running through my head, screaming would have been the last thing I needed.

Here is another video that shows how much you can lose control of your body, after just one hit. This guy is sitting in his friends car, puking all over himself uncontrollably. His friend can’t do anything to help. Hard to watch.

These are just two of thousands of these types of videos on media like YouTube.

Quite a deterrent from smoking synthetic weed, I would say.


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  • shlater

    hyperventalating is the worst

  • Inspector tech

    A steaming hot bath partially suppresses the spice withdrawal symptoms. but be aware that shortly after you get out of the tub, they usually kick back in moments later. I think the hot water and being in a prone position helps even out the blood flow and the heat helps speed up vital cells. one symptom being loss of appetite is one of the worst ones. your entire day and ability to do everything you do in it depends on what you eat. or if you ate. let me tell ya, just putting a cracker up to my face makes me nauseous. even if you cant eat.. oranges work pretty good, gatorade, ensure or anything healthy. maybe even soup.

    if you smoke cigarettes beware that they intensify the withdrawals. BUT if you use marijuana you might be in luck. depending on the grade of the marijuana, it can be used to treat or suppress your spice withdrawals, just keep in mind that marijuana is also very addictive, still not even half as dangerous as Spice.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    That fat women has a problem, that guy is having mental break down and your yelling at him.

  • barely hanging on

    I can’t even watch this, being a hardcore alcoholic I have sympathy for those suffering from this disease. My girl does the exact same thing when she hits it too hard and I really don’t know if I should show this to her. I guess this is payback for all my bullsh*t I’ve caused thru the years but it really sux to watch her go thru this time and time again. She says she wants to quit so if anyone has any tips your advice would be appreciated. I’m guessing a daily vitamin and push plenty of fluids. Maybe benedryl for restlessness and anxiety??? Someone please come thru for me. This is the love of my life and if I can help her in anyway I’m gonna be there. I do realize this has gotta be all her and I cannot push.

    • Chris Gentry

      the way i started my detox is when i stopped smoking and the withdrawals hit me i just started my 3rd day today of going through withdrawals my advice is to keep telling her to quit and to be mentally strong i know its hard but it is possible to quit i hope she realizes this drug is tailor made to destroy and not benefit for you….benedryl will ease some use 7up for the nausea and vomiting..also be strong for her cause she really needs to get off this stuff i hope i helped some also use fruit for nutrients it’s the only thing i can keep down

    • MyaSavage

      I dunno where you’re at now… Remember how it is though. Getting straight is very tough even when you want it. It’s not going to happen for your girl because you love her so. You know the deal and the odds. I hope that you both are sober and happy at this point. Take it easy.

  • This is horrible… I will never do drugs

  • arean

    this is crazy … spice for me nope

  • MyaSavage

    People were using this as an educational/prevention video. There are hundreds of “Spice” videos on YouTube, but they end on a note of “fun”. Why delete ONE that discourages Spice abuse?

    • Thanks for pointing this out. We fixed the bad link and added one more video.

      • GrandAndreasK

        The video is deleted again.

  • Sager

    Seriously i regret the time that i had inly one puff it was today few hrs ago at the beach out and hot weather i thought its just like weed didnt know the guys didnt tell me i took smoked one puff within sec i swear that was out of reality my heart was beating sooo fast like stages it was horrible n i felt like i m dying n this s will be my last moments n i started calling god n then didnt trust the guys next to me it was a dfucked up experience it took long time to be back and thank god that im alive i got a dilated cardiomyopathy already with that puff was horrible now i just want to forget that worst day or minutes in my life and im gonna try quit smoking its like hell u see hell u feel ur death is coming dont ever try that i felt my self that i was on the edge of death during that my freind was like come back look at me with ice n water fuck that shiTt there was no joy nothing at all no control of anything the fear is terrible im sharing what happend n i thank god again because its a must to be aware and dont ever trust any one 4 a pot n a puff

  • Kiki420

    I’m quitting today. I keep having experiences that feel like my late mother is communicating with me and it isn’t always a positive feeling. It’s warping my perception of reality. I haven’t had money for weed and smoked with my neighbor. It has been having a “creepy” reaction to me and I’m regretting smoking it.

  • Marlene

    I found that when I was smoking spice, I was slipping into a fantasy world in my mind and was losing touch with reality. I was isolating from everyone.

  • Marlene

    Once you start doing spice, weed seems so weak to the point of being worthless.