5 thoughts on ““My Spice addiction gave me the worst form of anxiety there is: Panic disorder.” – Rebekah

  1. Atk says:

    You are having panic attacks because i believe you are trying to count on another drug to release the panic. You need to stop everything and drink water and take vitamins and green smoothies. You need to go to the sauna and sweat it out of your system. I hope you get sunlight thats a natural vitamin that will brighten up mood. Look to yoga and meditation for your recovery.

  2. Emma says:

    I was using spice daily for 2 years. Starting at the age of 14. While I was high I used to hear things I would think the people around me were talking to me but they weren’t. I would see things. I would go into like a daze of delusions seeing things in my head weather it be things I never saw before or things I’ve seen. It was weird. But now I am experiencing really bad effects from it and I have been off it for almost a year. My biggest one is paranoia. I feel like people are plotting against me, talking about me, laughing at me. I have really bad social anxiety, I can’t hold a conversation. When I feel like someone is looking at me I have uncontrollable body movements. I walk weird when I’m in public. It’s been almost a year and I still am having these effects. Every day is a battle for me. I’m a teenage girl, just trying to finish high school and fit in. But I just simply can’t, does anyone have these side effects? Does anyone have advice for me? I hope it stops. I don’t know if I can take it much longer.

    • 320 says:

      I only smoked like 2 or 3 zips of this shit in a week and I am experiencing everthing just said I hope it don’t last that long my main problems are a constent panic attack and walk funny twiches

  3. Jon says:

    Same thing happened to me. I did all sorts of drugs all the time and was never afraid of anything. Spice gave me panic and anxiety disorder. It helps to know your not alone.

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