One thought on ““My New Collection Of Cars Turned Into A Used Car And A Bicycle” – Ralf

  1. Joyce says:

    My brother is always nodding off. He is here, but gone. The things he says are either inappropriate or do not make any sense. His kids and his wife have almost given up on him. I believe his wife would be done with him if she didn’t depend on him so much financially, and that is now beginning to suffer. He will not find another job (he works construction as a pipe-fitter) He doesn’t sleep for more than an hour, yet when he is awake he nods off and burns himself with cigarettes. His daughter just asked me to go outside and tell him to come inside. She was afraid that he was going to set himself on fire. He thinks everyone is on his case and will not discuss things with us, he cannot stay focused long enough to have any kind of a discussion about anything. All he does is make crude inappropriate wise cracks (Even in a family meeting after being told not to. He cannot stop himself) I am so worried about him. His wife says that they cannot afford to put him in rehab becuz they will lose their home, etc… But they are also fixing to lose him, and their home. This is hard for me to watch. idk what to do. someone please help.

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