“My friends got scared; they said the devil got in me” – Alex G

Scary. Don’t try it.

It was Monday night 7/27/15, and I went to my friend’s job.

He was a manager at a Walgreens. So i waited till he got out.

We went to buy a 6 pack, but another friend popped out of nowhere in the store so we ended up buying a 12 pack, and we went to my place since my family was on a trip.

We went to the kitchen to get food and we started drinking. Then my friend that was at the store called us to pick him up, and when we did he smelled like k2.

I had tried it before, but after that night everything was changing.

We got home and the food was ready. So he said,  “I got a whole gram left. Let’s light it up”

As an idiot I went to try it, since last time I was alright.

But when we started smoking, he said to hit it good.

I overdosed and puffed it like a vacuum. I took 4 huge hits.

After i was done, it hit me so hard I forgot my name.

My friends sat down and ate, and i tried eating but something kept holding me back.

They made fun saying, “damn boy you high as fuck”. And they kept saying, “wtf are you doing? chill out”.

And all of a sudden i got into this crazy stage where time kept repeating, and I lost control of my body and everything.

They said I kept repeating over and over again and i was like lost in this cycle and i couldnt break out.

I looked at my friend that brought the k2, and he started saying over and over, “the devil wants you, the devil wants you”.

He said it 10 times, and i started doing symbols of the cross.

But no matter what i did, my high wouldn’t go away.

Everything repeated, and i started to put my hands in a position to pray.

I kept looking at my hands. As i got them close and away from my face as if i was begging God to take me away.

After i did that, i was fixing to run to my neighbors house because I felt the house was hot-boxed and i needed air.

After that, my friends started to get scared because they said the devil got in me.

I grabbed my phone to look at the time. Everything happened in only 5 min but it felt like an hour.

I put on the stopwatch and watched time go by so i could get back into reality.

It wasnt long till i told my friends to leave as soon as i snapped out of it, so i can go into bed because i was so scared.

I was going to call the cops on myself.

When they left, i locked the door and managed to go to my parents bed and went to sleep.

I was terrified! My face was burning, and i kept hearing demonic voices.

I’ve been so scared since then.

Now I’m looking at the side effects – and so far, i’ve had them all.

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  • I got hooked and so out of it, I felt like the devil got in my mind, which it was probably a demon. And one night I wasn't even high and I got a evil ass thought. And I did not act on it. And years later I had a dream of i was standing beside a man driving a tour bus while he looked normal but had a evil grin and red eyes and laughed while saying you we're almost mine. Spice is true evil! I also would get a hold of some spice that had a scary effect of causing me to stay awake but some how my eyes would close and it would feel like someone was dragging me down like a black hole.

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