2 thoughts on ““My message to all you people going through the withdrawal: it will get better” – Darryl

  1. Flip says:

    I to somke spice and I want to quit! It does ruin yo life I have read all the story’s about people smoking spice. But I thought that is int me and it’s true it’s not I’m much worse. I e been smoking for about 4 years now I have stoped one time for a month I felt good then stared again and this time it’s killing me I need HELP please I lost my house I’m o. The verge of loosing my job , I fight with my family everyday where I feel that there not going to be around much longer if I countiue to be like this I’ve been hospitalized for it for three days had a seizure because of it and almost died. Soon after I left the hospital I went to buy some spice I guess I didn’t learn anything because I was right back in the same boat I just do t know how to stop I think I do. It it seems much harder then it looks I pray everyday to help me quit I hate this and I don’t want it in my life I’m just having trouble letting lit go because I can get when I want it and I get it for the low low price as much is I want 1,2,5,10 or hat ever I tell them I need (bags) and the more I buy the cheaper I get for so that’s a mother reason I can’t stop because it’s just there I. Front of me not also that my friends ask me to get them some so even if I wNt to stop it’s like I’m always around it and it makes it hard on me I JUST WANT TO STOP Please HELP ME !!!! I don’t wNt to die or loose any more in my life I just want go be back toy old self I’m dieing slow and I been sick because if it I have anxity depression and bad modes all the time if I don’t have it I jones for it I just want it out of my life for ever.

    • billy says:

      Stop smoking it.check your self into a hospital tell them yoiry smoking fake weed.. Keep telling them

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