2 thoughts on ““My Little Brother Smokes Spice Daily” – Kate

  1. Scotland87 says:

    Hi Kate your brother sounds exactly like i was when i smoked spice i would forget what i was talking about half way through the conversation with someone or just sit and stair at my computer screen not knowing what i was about to do. i have stopped for 4 days now and i am not going to lie its the worst i have ever felt i just really hope its not going to last long. Your brother wont stop unless he really wants to or gets a wake up call like myself i physically felt like i was going to die i was getting heart palpitations and a stabbing pain in my right lung. Am not stupid i know the damage i have done will not be fixed. i really hope your brother stops before its too late but with family and friends like you who really care i am sure use will get through it. i wish use all the best, David

  2. Richard says:

    Hey my names richard im from stockton california and ive been smoking diablo incense for about 2 years now. Idk if its the blend other ppl are smoking but the one i usually buy has no negative effects or side effects that are a cause for alarm FOR ME. I usually smoke one bag a day and about three baggies on sat and sun each. Only one time I had a bad trip my brother said that I started to react extremely bizarre while starring at a trash bag being carried by the wind like if it was magic or something. I dnt remember anything about it he says it lasted about 2 and a half min but I have no recolation of it. Other than that never had a bad trip. I experienced NO withdrawl sympoms. When rent comes up and bills I pay those first! If there is no money left for spice I just play video games or watch tv with NO cravings at all and remember Ive been smoking daily for the past 2 years. Its my only guess that some ppl are more strong minded than others today alone I smoked 4 baggies and that will be it till next payday wich is next friday. The only advice I can give is play video games if YOU feel anxiety listen to ocean noises online laying down Id tell you to lets kicki it because I personally kicked my meth addiction cold turkey same with weed and halcohol. Ive succsefully helped 3 friends quit meth all just by kicking It. I guess I have way with ppl

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