“It was like the guy we knew and loved had became someone totally opposite”

A week ago today, my family and I went through a tragic event.

My cousin (more like a brother.) killed himself.

His death took us all as a shock and disbelief.

My cousin had four beautiful babies who he loved dearly.

Anyone who knew him would tell you that he could walk through hell and back for his babies.

A few months before this happened; he started smoking “mojo”, he lost weight and became very depressed.

It was like the guy we knew and loved, had became someone totally opposite.

He gave up on everything.

He started fighting with his mom and step dad, cussing at them.

He would take pictures holding guns and looking very crazy, he was not our Justine.

The day before he killed himself, he got into a huge fight with his mother.

The next morning he was found dead by a friend.

This tragic event hurt my family so much.

To watch my aunt go through this and those sweet babies missing their dad.

I couldn’t even recognize my own cousin lying in that casket.

He helped raise me, this mojo stuff is harmful and I wish I could get rid of it all.

I’m sharing my story hoping that someone will read it and see that this stuff is no joke.

My cousin left behind four beautiful girl ages 1-10 and his mother, father, brothers, and sister.

He changed our life forever.

We will love him forever and always! He will always be our Justine, the Justine he was, before this devil of a drug took him away from us.

Please if you are reading this get help, stop using this stuff. It’s the devil in a package.

Your family loves you for you. God loves you for you! You don’t need drugs to be happy!

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  • So sorry to hear this made me cry... i hate spice and that fkn creator from New Zeland i wish some one would remove his cancer spreading ass

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