Kid Is Mentally Tortured By His “Buddies” During Bad Spice Trip

This apparent teenaged kid is having a horrible trip on spice.

Instead of trying to help him through it, like a normal group of friends would, they scare him so bad he is in tears.

Screaming at him, threatening to punch him in the face, pretending to hit him with a baseball bat.

All things that would be scary even when you are completely sober but would be a thousand times more scary if you were having a bad spice trip.

The worst part about the whole video is there is a baby crying in the background. A baby. So they are smoking spice around the baby? Absolutely ridiculous.

Obviously, these guys think this is funny but the kid is lucky that he didn’t have a heart attack and die.

Hopefully, this is a life changing experience for this guy, he quits smoking spice and finds better friends, too.

I also hope that the baby wasn’t subjected to any of the smoke and they are taking better care of him/her than it appears.

[notice]Warning: Contains Explicit Language[/notice]



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