Kid Is Mentally Tortured By His “Buddies” During Bad Spice Trip

This apparent teenaged kid is having a horrible trip on spice.

Instead of trying to help him through it, like a normal group of friends would, they scare him so bad he is in tears.

Screaming at him, threatening to punch him in the face, pretending to hit him with a baseball bat.

All things that would be scary even when you are completely sober but would be a thousand times more scary if you were having a bad spice trip.

The worst part about the whole video is there is a baby crying in the background. A baby. So they are smoking spice around the baby? Absolutely ridiculous.

Obviously, these guys think this is funny but the kid is lucky that he didn’t have a heart attack and die.

Hopefully, this is a life changing experience for this guy, he quits smoking spice and finds better friends, too.

I also hope that the baby wasn’t subjected to any of the smoke and they are taking better care of him/her than it appears.

[notice]Warning: Contains Explicit Language[/notice]



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  • JuicyJ

    So crazy!! I don’t know why they did that stuff to him. I had a bad trip on spice one time and I thought I was going to die. I was so scared that someone was going to break into my house. I hid in the bathroom and was in tears for like an hour but it seemed like a week. I know I would have tripped the hell out if I would have been that kid with those idiots yelling at me.

  • AJ

    I want to kill them pricks

  • Zach

    These people are going to hell… this is SO wrong I want to cry right now.

  • aaron

    I wish I could come face to face with these assholes. I’d put them in a living hell, a bunch of losers who feel masculine by picking on someone completely out of a normal state of mind. I guarantee they would never act like that towards anyone sober. I hope yall all feel tough, little pussies, karma will come around and yall will all get what’s coming to yall, prolly in prison, where yall will know what it’s like to get tortured by real genuine criminals and psychos.

  • Terra

    Poor baby… What a messed up bunch of loosers doing that to him.. If I was that kid I would be gone out the house and never comming back.. Those people man make me want to lace their shit with some hardcore hallucinogenic and get a grip of people with costumes on go in there and start tying those people up lining them up on the couch while someone crawls out the side of the couch with scarey ass costume on and starts video taping their ass’s crying and scared then I would make them say some imbarressing stuff or the evil monster will eat their skin off.. Man wish I knew who these people were.. Who the heck do they think they are.. I can’t stand pu**y a** b*tches that pray on the weak and helpless that can’t defend themselfs

  • Jerry Johnson

    I’m not a user of that crap I never will be. I just can’t wrap my mind around the thought of getting high off of something that at the peak of the high you have zero control of what you are doing. It’s bad enough that this person is having a bad trip and the people that are there I will not call them friends because a friend would never do something like that. I have seen so many of my friends have there lives torn apart by this shit. I mean the transformation that you see in a person from prolonged use reminds me of before and after pics of meth addicts. See that’s the problem with a lot of society. They have no clue what a person is going through that causes them to become addicted to drugs. They have no freaking clue of the mental pain a person goes through being addicted to drugs. I’m not making excuses for addicts because I used to be one. This year will be 11 years clean from drugs. I’m just saying before people judge someone walk in their shoes for a day. And these little assholes in this video need the shit knocked out of them for what they did. They don’t give a shit what is going through that person’s head or the long-term damage they may have caused. I would love to have five minutes alone with them and have them sniveling and crying and see how they like being terrorized. FU**ING BULLIES ARE WHAT THE ARE AND THE DON’T DESERVE TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR I DO. SORRY ABOUT THE STRONG LANGUAGE BUT SEE ING PEOPLE TREATED LIKE THAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF

    • Not jerry

      calm down jerry