2 thoughts on ““I’ve tried to help him, but he doesn’t want it” – Mara

  1. Samantha T says:

    Oh my god… This was almost exactly to what im going through with my boyfriend of a decade… Im fucking tired of it… Its so sad…

  2. Charisse Woods says:

    This is day 3. I’m soooooo sick. I have thrown up every day. All day. So much that I’m dehydrated. My urine is bright orange. Which is not good. Dehydration can cause your organs to shut down. I can’t hold anything down though. This is the worst thing I’ve ever done to myself. The withdrawals are terrible and I am scaring my family because they have no clue. I will never touch this stuff again. The pain of going through the withdrawals are enough. I actually thought about dying.

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