One thought on ““I’ve Been Wasting Away On My Privileged Health By Selfishly Smoking K2” – Ryusei Arai

  1. crazy worried says:

    Thank you Ryan for sharing your spice life story. I have a son that’s 22 living with me, just out of jail and on probation. He is normally a pot smoker, but will violate his probation if he smokes it, so last week he started smoking spice. He is naturally a person with a lot of energy, some had said he has ADHD, hence why he smoked weed. His routine since last Saturday has been, smoke spice, pass out for an hour, wake up eat, smoke a cig, smoke some spice and pass out. Over and over and over again. He cant even form words. When I told him “I hope you end up in Jail and NOT the hospital from this stuff” he said Nothing. It didnt even phase him. normally a comment like that would set him off. He knows how bad it is for you but doesnt seem to care.

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