“It got so bad I almost died from hyperthermia.” – Harry

I’ve been smoking this shit for five years now. I wished I never touched it; I wished my body chemistry would reject it the first time I felt it. I wished I never embraced the devil’s high… I wished…

I’ve tried coming off time and time again only to relapse in the end. The withdrawals are the worse, and yes it is comparable to heroin or not worse because you never know what’s inside with every new batch.

From JWH-10 known as K2 back in the 2009s to newly synthesized chemicals so as to avoid urine detection to having this drug mixed with mephedrone, BZP and now FUBINACA and God knows what the fuck else.

The pukes, the sleepless nights, the anxiety, the spasms, cold and hot flashes, sweating through your sheets every fucking minute, loss of appetite how every fucking food tastes like cardboard or not worse, the intense cravings, depression, suicidal thoughts, defecating on my kitchen floor cause I never made it to the toilet, you name it. This is the Devil’s incense. It got so bad I almost died from hyperthermia.

I just want you to know whoever’s reading this, that you’re not alone I swear you’re not. I’d turned my room upside down, I’d smoke my roaches till I could taste filters in my lungs, searched every corner just for a speck of spice, I know the struggle believe me.

Rock bottom became my foundation to getting sober. Take the first step, seek help, and find ways to detox. Watch some comedy, light-hearted stuff, go for a run, ride a bike, read your favorite book, heck I’d masturbate even if it derives no pleasure from doing it, the list goes on. The key is to let time fly.

From where I come from, CBD oil is impossible to get, and I’d never want to resort to benzos, DXM or any other form of prescription drugs because I know my body all too well I’ll proudly exchange one drug for another. All I had was sage tea, melatonin, Macklemore music and a fuckload of motivation.

Remember, you are the most important person in your recovery. You’re young, beautiful and have people who still care and love you.One day at a time. It’ll only get better.

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