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“It felt like my soul was leaving my body” – Luke

Hey, I’m 15, and I’m glad I found this website because I really could have fucked up and still could growing up. I was taken to leave with my aunt that was just last year, but my parents were addicts, and I swore not to ever be like them, and well I’ve done good till like a month ago.

I was hanging out with a lot of kids from school in this parking lot, and this kid had a vape and asked if I wanted to hit it.  It was good, so I made the big mistake he just keeps letting me hit it and then he says dude your about to be fucked up.

Then suddenly it hit me it was quite funny at. First, I was laughing but then I was scared, felt like my heart was about to explode, but a lot of kids just kept telling to calm down, and eventually went away, but everyone at school is saying it’s CBD well.

I thought I just did too much, later on, that week I bought some of this CBD. I had to get an idea what I was thinking but did it at school that day.

I felt good then I went home, and my friend was there, and we were doing it.

Then he leaves that night, and for some reason, I just keep hitting this stuff till I thought it was just hitting me, and it was, but it hit hard.

I suddenly thought I was going to die; it felt like my heart was going to explode again but this time a loud ringing sound.

Then it felt like my soul was leaving my body, but all I could think was not like this. I thought of all the people I love, and I keep fight this feeling till I came back to reality and looked at the time it was only 30mins that felt like a year.

This scared me, I did some research and not CBD at all, but I guess K2 before finding this information. I started smoking pot and definitely would have done the CBD again but finding this just helped me a lot.

Now, like I swore I’m done with it all I can’t believe this is a thing going around at my school, and I changed as the person, but now I just had a big eye opener and will go back to when I was doing great, and everything was happy.

I hope I can do it so far I had mild withdrawals symptoms, but that was the first time I did it. I thought I was just sick, but I got over it until the second time but hope nothing takes over my mind so far so good.

Need Help Quitting Spice/K2?

If you or a loved one is addicted to spice, call our hotline at (855)447-0724 to find a treatment program near you. NOTE: these programs accept PPO and HMO insurance only (for now).

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