Is Spice Bad For You?

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Spice is legal, so it can’t be that bad. Right?


When you are using a drug like Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) , you are dealing with a lot of unknowns.

Due to the recent introduction of the product and the ever-changing chemical components, you can never be 100% sure you are using the same product today that you did yesterday. This is a risk that will always be associated with a synthetic drug like herbal Incense.

The manufacturers are constantly changing the ingredients to stay ahead of the law. The fact that these people are likely to be using crude measurements when producing it, you can’t be sure it will have the same amount of the synthetic cannabinoids in every batch.

This is why it is so hard for researchers to give you an exact answer when it comes to the health risks associated with smoking herbal incense. They know spice is bad for you they just don’t know how bad. They could be researching a chemical right now that might not even be used next week. This makes things very difficult when testing the risks.

John W. Huffman, PhD., who is a Clemson University researcher and the creator of the some of the very first research chemicals or synthetic cannabinoids says, “It is like Russian roulette to use these drugs. We don’t know a darn thing about them for real,” in an interview with WebMD.

He has also been quoted as saying

  • “These compounds were not meant for human consumption”
  • “Their effects in humans have not been studied and they could very well have toxic effects. They absolutely should not be used as recreational drugs.”

Dr. Huffman’s statements are quite disturbing for me., because the drug JWH-018 is named after him. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to these designer drugs.

So, what do we really know about Spice?

While the information on fake pot is always being updated, there are many health risks that we DO know because they are reported by emergency rooms treating patients who have been using Spice.

  • Risk of heart attack
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Overheating of the brain
  • Reduction of the blood supply to the heart (myocardial ischemia)
  • High potential of addiction
  • Kidney failure
  • Death

And these are just the risks that have been documented.

In addition to the short-term health risks, most government and health authorities now agree that synthetic marijuana can be highly addictive. Getting off the drug may require days or weeks of painful withdrawals.

Often, people addicted to spice need to enter a spice rehab facility or an outpatient treatment program to get clean.

Need Help Quitting Spice/K2?

If you or a loved one is addicted to spice, call our hotline at (855)447-7024 to find a treatment program near you. NOTE: these programs accept HMO or PPO insurance only.

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  • World Health Organization

    Spice is worst than meth, heroin, and painkillers all combined. Quitting spice RIGHT NOW greatly increases you chances for survival. Di-ethyl-ketone is a chemical used in the curing of spice, it is nail polish remover, it is extremely fatal when taken in higher amounts and can cause aneurysms.


    WHO: How can you say it is worse than anything when the scientist here clearly states “we don’t know a darn thing about them for real”. So how can you justify your claim that it is the worst drug in the world when the drug is never the same and there are no case studies concerning the drugs in question?

    Now, I can agree that putting an unknown substance in unknown quantities into your body has the POTENTIAL to be extremely dangerous….and certainly isn’t the smartest thing to do but your claim is not supported by facts. As far as the chemical you mentioned, well, that’s also not completely true. Diethyl ketone is a byproduct of mixing sugar and lime. It has a TWA of 200ppm, which is not as toxic as Heroin or even alcohol. (Water, if taken at high enough doses can be fatal.) Your ignorance about the toxicity of drugs and blatant misinformation in an attempt to create fear is disgusting. You say it is in nail polish remover to try to add to that fear…..but water is in nail polish remover as well, but that’s not all that scary now is it?

    Moderation is key, information and education saves lives. Not this crap you are spewing.

    • janie lee

      Most people smoke spice because there on probation and take piss test . Pot should be legal or this wouldn’t be as big of a problem

      • julia McDonald

        wtf are they on probation for nimrod? People on probation need to be str8.Being high probably got them on probation to begin with.

    • blim6969


      • Jimmy Birer

        you did all of that to yourself retard

    • Donesmoking

      Dude I’m Pukin and shitting along with it being midnight. I’m done with that shit. I don’t ever wanna be around it again, I urge everyone who may be reading this to please stop, it’s killing me

  • croft

    I smoked spice for the first time a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, that shit hits hard as fuck. When we first started smoking it was all good, i was laughin at everything, after the first 10 hits we climbed into the hot tub. Thats where we fucked up. The heat combined with the amount we smoke completely fucked us up. We went through at least 6-7 grams and by the time one of us had the sense to get us out of the tub, i could barely stand up/ walk. My vision was shit. Throat and mouth drier than death valley. I downed about 3 glasses of milk bc water was to disgusting. Ate about 7 cherry danishes ( judging from the wrappers i found on the ground the next day). and slept until 6 pm the next day. The next day we smoke again. we didn’t smoke nearly as much. just enough to make everything funny as fuck. It went good. The moral of the story being that in large amounts and in the wrong conditions, that shit will fuck you up. But know ur limit. If ur dying from laughter after one hit u should slow down and take maybe 4-5 hits only. Spice is very potent. one g has me high as fuck. one g of weed never had me as high as i have been on k2.

    • julia McDonald

      I know what you mean.I ran out of vodka so I decided to drink a gallon of bleach.You gotta know your limits with bleach.Never mix it with amonia.I was so messed up from the bleach wow.I poohed vanilla soft serve for a week.

    • David Caves

      I just saw one guys limit through my job. He was messed up so bad he had been crawling through the woods all night. He was found and could not speak a rational wor, mostless a sentence. In less than 30 seconds of being loaded on the ambulance, he was DEAD! CPR was not effective. An autopsy will spell out the why, but spice was the cause, since he had smoked some the night before.

    • Jax

      Please don’t listen to this idiot. I’ve smoked pounds of spice but that doesn’t make it safe under any circumstances. One strain will kill you instantly where another might give you cancer. Please use your brains people. Don’t destroy it.

    • Jimmy Birer

      then people wonder why they die, there are dumbasses out there that do 7-8 grams without tolerance of a chemical that takes 10mg to have strong effects