3 thoughts on ““I’m Nearly On My Way To Buy Some More” – Billy

  1. SpiceAddictionSupport says:

    Whatever you do, DON’T BUY ANY MORE!! You are only delaying the process of getting all of the toxins out of your system. Especially, if boredom is your main complaint. That is your mind playing tricks on you so you will smoke more incense. Don’t do it.

  2. domain says:

    Smoke weed bro. . I went threw that a while back.. weed won’t hit you cuz spice is way stronger but just smoke to kill the sensation and it helps with the sicknesse…. 100% natural is the way to go… f**k spice

  3. should be called synthetic cra says:

    I got hooked on the sh*t too! For 4 misserable years to avoid testing positive for weed while going through a nasty child custody case! After i won sole custody and lost everything i owned buying the sh*t i we nt to a doctor complaing of extreme anxiety of stress and said nothing of the synthetic addiction and got on zanex and started smoking weed again. After about six months i got off the zanex and smoked weed for about 3 months and never drank alcohol the whole time. I also got involved in a celebrate recovery program through a local church group which held me accountable from people who were truly genuine and cared for each other which i never found through aa or na.I have to admitt though i smoked weed for at least 25 years and if it becomes legal here in florida i will definettly be getting my medical card.

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