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  1. CKE says:

    I believe my boyfriend is currently dealing with the same feelings as you. He has quit and relapsed several times in the past 6 months and I believe the biggest issue in terms of relapse is…boredom. Not knowing what to do when he has no responsibilities or pressing issues or things to do! He lost a GREAT job a month ago and is lucky he didn’t lose it earlier. I personally can’t understand what this stuff does to you physically or mentally, but from an outsider’s perspective, and from what I have read from others perspectives …
    -You need to find something to keep your mind active. They say a body in motion stays in motion… same thing with your brain. Keep it active. Make lists. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish. Big, small, simple, complex, it doesn’t matter. Give yourself goals and write them down. As you cross them off, you are succeeding. You are accomplishing things. It will hopefully give you a sense of direction.
    -It’s great that you can admit that you are addicted. It sounds simple but it’s a big step. Act on it. Try to find a support group. This forum is amazing, but the support from people you can actively talk to and see can mean even more.
    -Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t feel “pathetic” .. addiction is real. But you are capable of overcoming it.

  2. Kyle H says:

    Hey, I know exactly what you’re going through. Your story sounds sooooo similar to mine, it’s crazy! I stopped cold turkey about a week ago, and the first couple days were absolute hell. Constant sweating, shivering, throwing up, not sleeping, all of these were terrible, but the hopelessness was the worst. I have good news though! As the days pass, my mind is getting noticeably clearer and thing are starting to go back to normal! I’ve found a renewed sense of value for my life, and am starting to look forward to the future! I’ll keep you in my prayers. Just stay strong and you can beat it! = )

  3. Marissa says:

    I was in so deep I thought I’d never stop. I smoked spice for 6 years, every day all day. It ruined my life. While my friends were getting married and having kids, I was holing myself up in my room smoking synthetic weed. It damaged me. It damaged me physically, mentally, and socially. You truly don’t know what you’re ingesting. I’d love to help you anyway I can. When I needed the help I had no one. You have to replace that addiction with something else. If you want, we can exchange contact information for whenever you need help. It’s always nice to know someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.

  4. CiCi says:

    I’ve been smoking this stuff for a year now. I feel like that’s my whole life. I need it to function its like heroin. I’ve been trying to quit the past few days I feel like I’m dying I’ve lost 20lbs I can’t eat I just keep throwing up .ugghh I just want it to stop. I said I would never do heroin because I watched my ex go thru it and the withdrawals. Now I feel like that’s what’s I been doing. I really hope I can’t stop.

    • Annie Reily says:

      You can cici!!!!!!!!!!!! My advise to you is to get as much info on this stuff and the withdrawls so you can have a idea of what may happen. It is rough but it will be over and then yo ucan have a normal life without that stuff. I understand what you are saying about being your whole life I was unable to stop on my own I did have to get help with it. I lost a lot while doing it and now havin to get my life back and make amends to all that I have hurt or stole from. It hasn’t been easy and yes there are times I still want to get high but there are many ways to beat it . I was able to go to a free rehab after the worst anxiety attack ever. I felt like I was havin a heart attack and called 911. I told the paramedics what was I was doin and they put me in a free rehab that was truly a lifesaver. Check in you area for rehab or support groups like NA or if you would like to just talk to me I will listen cause I know what you are going thur. Best of luck to you and always remember that God never puts more on you than yo ucan handle at a time.

  5. Annie Reily says:

    Whoever said this stuff doesn’t have withdrawls is either in denial or never smoked it. This stuff makes you have terrible withdrawls to the point it wasn’t even about getting high anymore it was to avoid getting sick not to mention the horrible cough I gained from smoking it off a can.

  6. Annie Reily says:

    I would advise anyone who wants to quit to gather as much information that you can about the withdrawls just so you have an idea of what you may go thru. It is tough but getting out of it is worth it .

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