3 thoughts on ““I’m 17… and addicted. My body is itchy all the time, to the point where I have scars” – Erica

  1. Rachel says:

    please, please, please i cannot stress enough how bad this spice is. I truly hope that you find the strength within yourself to decide to stop. I am 22 years old and have been smoking spice since i was your age, so this is going on five years for me and i am struggling with it every day. My mother has told me that she doesnt know who i am any more, that i have become more aggressive in the way i speak to people and especially my family. I recently stopped smoking it about 4 days ago and its hell i haven’t been sleeping, cant eat and when i do i rarely keep it down, i am suffering from anxiety through the roof and the night sweats. I recently did more research in to it and there are reported cases that
    people have died from just smoking it once weather it caused a heart
    attack, or it caused something inside them to snap and they killed them
    selves. I will tell you that i would rather deal with the withdrawals from this for months then to have my parents come home to find my lifeless body. I know what its like to be told that you are a disappointment to your family and it completely tore me apart, but i want you to know that there are people out there rooting for you, I know i am! I believe that you can kick this all you need now is to believe in yourself, because i do!

    “when your going through hell, keep on going” – Winston Churchill

  2. Tammy says:

    I Really need Help from Anyone who will Listen, who has been or is addicted to this. My stepson has been smoking Spice and Claims he is “Not Addicted. and It doesnt Affect him Like EVERYONE else.His Father BELIEVES him and does not understand what this drug is and Thinks it is Ok, for him to do it , As He only smokes FAKE weed and ONCE in A while. I know Differently As I have watched the Behaviors and Patterns And Have Found it in the room He is staying in. I have Made it clear, That I do not Want him Living in this House , but his father is in denial , or just doesnt understand the Horror this Drug Actually Brings with it. Please can Anyone help…

    • SpiceAddictionSupport says:

      One way to break through to your stepson is to record a video of his bad behavior using your smartphone; then, have someone he loves and respects show him the clip during a calm & sober moment. Intervention also works, but you’ll need a professional to guide you.

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