“I will probably suffer from for the rest of my life”- Gizmo

Cannabis smoking

As I suffered a brain injury in the past, you would think I should never touch any of this kind of drugs. As I was in a relationship with a person who had a fondness for being high (hippie type) I was easily convinced to try some weed.

smoked weed

No problem as I had smoked some in the past. As I smoked weed, no problem, not long after smoking these synthetic drugs I developed seizures, which I will probably suffer from for the rest of my life. Now because of their chemical mixtures, my life has changed, and I have  now no proper ability to hold a job.

As my seizures were sometimes happening even on medication, I find that clean smoking cannabis helps to reduce or also help me to stop having seizures as cannabis slows a lot in your mind, can give me that extra second or two to get some epileptic medication into myself.  So should I still smoke weed or is this a horrible idea?

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