2 thoughts on ““I Was So Determined To Get Off Of This Hell Spawned Drug”

  1. Sober ogre says:

    Wow my story exactly. I have a page on facebook called p.a.s.s. (People against synthetic substances) I have a support group and some strong advice I was a zombie hooked four years I just posted my story under sober ogre. Feel free to join thank you and I thank this site for trying to spread awareness. I hope all gets better

  2. Will says:

    Gosh. I was on this stuff for months, realised I had a problem, got off it without the horriffic wthdrawal and am now terrified of the stuff. Really don’t think I’ll go back to it but having read the horror stories on here realise how lucky I’ve been to have only been mildly addicted. It really is evil

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