5 thoughts on ““I Was Addicted To Synthetic Weed” – Noura

  1. Soup says:

    I have quit once before for about a year before I relapsed ( I am about to quit agin after 8 months of smoking) and I found the sleep deprivation the hardest thing to cope with so I went to the docs and got some temaze (sleeping tablets). I was like a new person after a couple of night of 6 hours solid sleep. I suggest going to the docs and get something for sleep. You will feel so much better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am also wondering when the mental fogginess will go away, I am afraid I’m about to go back into a depression because I can barely talk correctly and I can barely come up with the words to say. I’m paranoid, of course, and think that this is going to stay forever. Does anyone know if the “mental fogginess” will go away over time?

    • sunshine says:

      Yes it does I’m going on a month and I’m working now which brings a smile because I thought I would never be back to myself. The only thing I’m struggling with is eating. My weight has gone down but day by day. I will never touch spice again.

    • G-rat says:

      One thing I might suggest is alpha brain from onnit labs. It’s nootropic cognitive enhancer. It’s got brain food. Not a sales person. I’ve been battling this just like all you guys. But, onnitlabs has some great stuff for the body and brain. Give it a look.

  3. sunshine says:

    Yes it does..i have been clean 3weeks now and no more sweating my mind is clear. I know its hard now but be strong for u..its been 3 weeks and i dont crave it. U can do i will be praying for you.

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