5 thoughts on ““I Quit Cold Turkey No Problem” – Kyte

  1. disappointed says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad to hear that you didn’t experience what 90% of the users have or currently going through. Some people have a stonger resistance to the chemicals, however please don’t undermine the dangers of this drug. I am currently helping my husband who has smoked this poison for the last 4 years. There are many variables that cancause such severe symotoms and withdraws. It is very dangerous. The chemicals are not regulated or tested. That alone IS dangerous. Hopefully for your sake you will not touch the sh*t and not promote the use of it as well.

  2. YJ the soberman says:

    glad to hear the demonic vice grips didnt choke you out, but some stuff in this post could make some people relapse. this stuff is an epidemic, because young people are jumping on the spice train head first thinking everything is o.k. people are dying about this spice!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    sure im glad you happened to be lucky enough to not have the negative side effects but reading this actually made me kind of mad because it sounds like you are trying to make it sound slightly ok. its not, I am currently trying to get off of the stuff and having a rough time i dont sleep for days at a time when i do its only for an hour maybe two and its not good, i havent eaten in days because everything i eat i vomit. So for me this post is completely inaccurate and actually miss leading for those who are suffering and are here because they are looking for genuine help. Spice is extremely dangerous and needs to be taken much more seriously than it is.

  4. pete says:

    On and off four years usually quit bc at first i didnt lose motivation but it slowly turned me into a zombie. Would start back up again because i never experienced any negative side effects when quittin. However the last time i stopped it def effected me mentally with the lack of app and no sleeping. Fish oil, st johns wort, 5-htp, fiber+ b vitamins gummies ,vitamin c, this stuff will help with the emotional state you might end up in and the nutrition youll need. Youll feel better off it for sure tho

  5. Anon says:

    You are trying to generalize the use of something that isn’t standardized. It is different everywhere you go and is contantly changing. I too used it as long as you. Slowly I noticed how it changed. The last brand I used was what caused the problem. I was so addicted, I refuse to even speak of it, due to my own sever disappointment in myself. I’m a very sucessful 30 something, and to have succumbed to something so stupid makes me feel less than human.
    When I finally quit for good, due to opening my eyes and realizing what I was doing, how much money I was spending, how I couldn’t not be on it, … Not even 2 days after I stopped my blood pressure shot from 120/80 with a 90 pulse to 186/156 with a 135 pulse, with eyes dialated. I should have stroked out or had a heart attack. I was then put through the pharma industry, which actually made it worse. I was out of work for two weeks due to my BP not stablizing, even while on heart meds. I was lucky. Had full testing done and heart is good. Blood pressure returned to better then where it was at (110/75) when it was all done.
    Again, your statement assumes it is all the same, when it is not.

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