2 thoughts on ““I Just Got Released From The Hospital A Couple Hours Ago” – Chris

  1. trevor says:

    Man I was on Active duty for five years and me and my buddies smoked all kinds of spice 7H,diablo,twilit, bizzaro, basically everything. When i left the military i was about 5 hours away from base with no spice wen I started having the worst kind of withdrawls I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t get any spice in my home town. same thing couldn’t eat,sleep,constant puking. I was miserable for days.

    I know you said you got legal trouble ut what i had to do was go on a C**E. and as crazy as it sounds it was way easier for me to get myself off that then spice.

    Dude evrytime u open a bag ur gonna have to start over. and it sucks every time. If you already went three days id tops that bag or get ready to buy another one in a duple days.

    good luck bro.

  2. Bobby says:

    I have been clean for over a year now. It definitely wasn’t easy. You just gotta be strong. I still feel weird from time to time and its been a year. The sooner you get off that sh*t, the better. Get people around you to help. Tell family about it, tell your friends. You can’t do it alone. People may be mad at you at first, but they will help you. Talking about it also spreads the word so more people don’t end up like we did.

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