3 thoughts on ““I get mad even when I hear someone mention it to me” – Katina Gunn

  1. izzy perez says:

    The same thing happened to me! I was extremely wasted high and was reclined on a chair next thing i know someone is pouring the liquid in my mouth laughing, I could barely open my eyes and couldn’t stand up before the liquid so i knew i was done! I ended up passing out and all I remember was looking at the earth from up top for what seemed forever until eventually i woke up in the corner and the 3 guys staring at me eyes wide open and trying to hurt me but thank God I was able to run out.Don’t trust anyone I felt so inclined to tell you my story because God is The Most High and if it wasnt for him we would be dead because there are many evil people in this world you are correct!!!

  2. jamey says:

    Stop blaming others..that denial will kill everyone involved. …also 15 and 17 aren’t “little men”

  3. Marlene says:

    Can the administrators of this site please take that picture of spice above off the site? Those of us recovering do not need to see that. It is really in bad form.

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