3 thoughts on ““I don’t want to lose my son to spice. Can anyone give me advice?” – Aimee

  1. Ronald W. says:

    If you get the chance to sit your son down and ask him how important life is to him ask him if he wants to live a long sane and healthy life he must stop smoking it because as time goes on it’s gonna become a dependence more stronger than any other drug can cause and it will kill him just think about how you can approach it so he will listen tell him to save his on life because it’s at stake

  2. guest says:

    I was addicted to Spice for over 2 years. The only reason I quit, was because I hit rock bottom. I lost my job, my family and almost my home. If I were you, I would call the police when you know your son is at home smoking spice, with the lady he rents the room off of. I would tell the police that your son smokes spice, and that you want him arrested. Walk in with the police and let your son know you will not tolerate him smoking spice, because you love him too much to see him destroy his life. This drug is so addicting, that mentally you feel as if you have to have it. It was the only thing I thought about 24 hours a day. Get the police involved. Let the police know that your son is an addict, and that he is illegally smoking it at a home where an adult allows teens to smoke there. Let the police know about this lady and her involvement with these teens. Your son will “hate” you at first, but that is his addiction talking. I used to tell my dealer that I do not want to buy anymore, and when I call you, do not sell it to me, because that is the addict talking.” Of course, he continued to sell it to me. I will keep you and your son in my prayers.

  3. Blastoisexxd says:

    I’m sorry but for one.. If you smoke k2 and you like it, then you’re not quitting..simply because u can buy it at the store lol for those who are buying k2 off of street dealers..well dam get some help.. Its one thing to walk into a store and buy it which I’m still not promoting to do so..but if youre actually buying k2 off a drug dealer you must be retarded.. I see all these posts about how baaaad this stuff is for you but I’ve never had any bad experience from this.. I will say though it may vary from person to person because you just don’t know what you’re actually smoking with this stuff its a gamble.. Good luck to you

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