• Marlene

    I am clean 3-1/2 months now. That’s a miracle. It is not easy getting off this crap. When I would try, the level of anxiety would drive me back. I finally reached a point that no matter how much I did, I couldn’t get high anymore. I read someone describe it as herbal crack. I’d smoke and 10 minutes later the high was gone and I could never get as high as I wanted to. I finally decided enough was enough and found this site. I spent 4 days in my room and come hell or high water refused to use. I go to 12-step Support meetings. I have thoughts of using when I am stressed out but I immediately remember what this crap made me feel like. I fear if I use it again, I will never be able to stop this time, and it will definitely kill me. I have come too far along in my life to go back to this insanity.