6 thoughts on ““I am a parent of a synthetic addict. Spice destroys everyone in comes in contact with.” – Tammy

  1. devante says:

    Im sorry for all your misfortune maam i was recently addicted to k2.. psychotic episodes,i hate d myself,loss of appetite,muscle spasms,vomiting,sweating,and every night i cried to my girlfriend asking her why was i so stupid to pick up this habit
    . Your son will have to want help like i wanted help to better myslef, its never to late as long as he is still alive so dont give up on him.. your story touched my heart ma’am
    .. and I feel for you. I believe the best day for you son is to put him in a inpatient program and let him work the 12 step program.. you son needs help.. and most likely he can’t do it by him self.
    I just recently quit k2.. I only been smoking it for one month and a half and it felt like I was smoking it for 3 years my withdrawals were so serious.. talk to you Sun I asked him if he wanted live asking me if he ask him if he care about his life

  2. Mrar Dudre says:

    That is a horrid story…. I hope you are able to find your son and ger him the help he needs.

    He will need an inpatient unit. Do not let anyone in the medical industry talk you out of it as everyone in his case will try to clean their hand of the situation after sending him off somewhere else. Really though if he is not ready to get off not much can do.

  3. Kevin Jones says:

    STOP HITTING HIM! Ur husband is breaking the law. Ur son needs u. He doesn’t need to be yelled at he needs an intervention. Sit him down with everyone who loves him and give him the reasons u want him to stop. Make him break down and cry. Just so u know u have openly admitted that your husband has committed three felonies “assult on a family member” so who is wrong

  4. Sienna C says:

    You seem to not care that your husband “beat the tar” out of your son? If that is the sort of upbringing he had no wonder he sought to escape from the abuse…and please, don’t invoke the Lord after implicitly condoning this sort of thing. God is a loving God.

    Help yourself if you want to help your son. Be someone he can turn to, not someone he fears.

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